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 Warlord 32 inch Arcade Cabinet
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last update, June 25, 2019. 


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Music-Dance Machines
Product Name Price Qty Category Condition Manufacturer Year Location Availability
Beat On With Pump It Up Infinity 2017 Dance Game MachinePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewKorea2~4 weeks
Beatmania$1370.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami1998JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania 6th Mix$955.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania Club Mix$750.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania Complete Mix$1495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami1999JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania Complete Mix 2$1233.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania Core Remix$1105.44 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000United States1~2 days
Beatmania II DX$2995.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonamiJapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 10th StyleTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2004JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 11 IIDX REDTBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2004JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 12 Happy SkyPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGood2005JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 13 DistortedTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2006JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 14th GoldTBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2007JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 15th DJ TroopersTBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2007JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 16th EmpressPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2008JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 17th Sirius$7950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2009JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 18 Resort AnthemPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2010China2~4 weeks
Beatmania II DX 19th Lincle$6250.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2011Hong KongPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 20th TricoroPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2014JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 2nd Style$3675.57 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami1999JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 3rd Style$5550.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000Hong KongPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 4th Style$6013.34 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000Hong KongPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 5th Style$6611.84 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 6th StylePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 7th StylePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonamiJapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 8th StylePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2002JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX 9th StylePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2003JapanPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX Tricoro Version 2$13500.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2014China2~4 weeks
Beatmania: The Final$999.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonamiJapanPlease Ask
Big Star Rhythm Beat Game Machine (single player)$5495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Big Star Rhythm DX Version (2 players)$8209.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Bishi Bashi Channel Arcade MachinePlease Ask
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodJapanStock
Chunizum Music GamePlease Ask
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodJapanStock
Cool Music Cube 2 Deluxe Game Machine (2 players)$7515.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Crackin' DJ$1295.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodSega2000JapanPlease Ask
Crackin' DJ 2$1750.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesSega2001
Crossbeats REV Music Machine$1950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodCapcom2015JapanPlease Ask
D Dance Master Dancing Game machine$9950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
D-Tech (Dance station DS5)$6695.50 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2010China (ex factory)1~2 weeks
D-Tech dancing machine$6950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2007China2~4 weeks
D-Tech dancing machine (Dance Station 3DDX)$4995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2011China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dance 86.4$6500.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesKonami2000
Dance Central 2 Dance Machine$5950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dance Central 3 Dance Machine$6675.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dance Core Machine$4195.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dance Cube Arcade Game$6175.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Dance Dance Revolution (2013 video game)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix$2950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami1999Japan3~7 days
Dance Dance Revolution 8th mix - Extreme$3450.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2005Hong KongPlease Ask
Dance Dance Revolution A$7950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2016JapanPlease Ask
Dance Dance Revolution SOLO 2000$2747.47 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000JapanPlease Ask
Dance Dance Revolution SOLO Bass Mix$2095.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami1999JapanPlease Ask
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA$3295.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2006JapanPlease Ask
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2$3950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2007JapanPlease Ask
Dance Dance Revolution X (DDR X)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2009JapanPlease Ask
Dance Dance Revolution X2 (DDR X2)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2010JapanPlease Ask
Dance Dance Revolution X3 VS 2nd Mix DDR X3$3950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2011JapanPlease Ask
Dance Evolution Arcade$3950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2012Japan2~4 weeks
Dance ManiaXPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000Asia7~14 days
Dance Station DX$2450.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesFair2000Korea3~7 days
Dance Super Station: Super Dance 5$5495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
DanceRush Stardom Video Dancing Machine - Single player machineTBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2019China (ex factory)7~10 days
Dancing King (DX)$7850.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dancing King (SD)$6199.79 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dancing Stage featuring Disney's RAVE$3350.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000JapanPlease Ask
Dancing Stage Fusion$12500.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesKonami2005Europe7~14 days
Danz Base Machine$8995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewIGS2013China2~4 weeks
DJ Beat music machine (4 x 4 grids)$4429.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
DJ Beat music machine (single screen)$4269.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
DJ Club (DJ game)$4431.92 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
DJ Dynamic (beat mania game)$5495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
DJ Master (beat mania game)$2895.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)7 days
DJ Max Technika$1910.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodJapanPlease Ask
DJ Max Technika 2TBA1Music-Dance MachinesNew2010Korea7~14 days
DJ Max Technika 3: Crew Challenge$7993.02 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2011China2~4 weeks
Dragon Boat Racing Video Drum machineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dream of Piano Music Game Machine$2995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2014China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Drum Live Station$5995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKorea5~8 days
Drum Mania$2850.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami19993~7 days
Drum Mania 10th Mix$4250.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonamiKorea7~10 days
Drum Mania 3rd Mix$3995.00 USD2Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania 5th Mix$5450.00 USD2Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania 6th Mix$2663.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2002JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania 7th Mix$5499.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2002JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania 8th Mix$9900.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2003JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania 9th Mix$6500.00 USD1Music-Dance Machines
Drum Mania GitadoraPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania V2TBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodJapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania V3TBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesKonami2006
Drum Mania V4TBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesKonami2007Please Ask
Drum Mania V5 Rock to Infinity$2950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami20085~10 days
Drum Mania V6 Blazing$3250.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2009Korea7~10 days
Drum Mania V7$4745.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2010JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania V8$5950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2011JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania XG2TBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2011JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania XG3TBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2012JapanPlease Ask
Drum Max Arcade Game$7044.39 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2012China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Drum Party for kids$3595.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)14~20 days
DrumMania XG$10145.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2010China7~14 days
Drummer Kids Drum Percussion Redemption MachinePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
E-Dancing Star Machine$15950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
E5 - dance super station$13950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2011China2~4 weeks
EZ 2 Dancer$1995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAmuse WorldKorea7~14 days
Ez 2 Dancer 2nd MoveTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKorea2~4 weeks
EZ 2 DJ - MiniTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGood2003Korea3~7 days
EZ 2 DJ 1st TraxTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAmuse World1999Korea7~14 days
EZ 2 DJ 1st Trax - Special Edition$1595.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAmuse World1999Hong KongStock
EZ 2 DJ 2nd TraxTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAmuse World2000Korea3~7 days
EZ 2 DJ 3rd Trax$1350.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAmuse World2001Korea3~7 days
EZ 2 DJ 4th TraxTBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2002Korea7~14 days
EZ 2 DJ 5th Trax PlatinumTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAmuse World2003Korea14~20 days
EZ 2 DJ 6th Trax - Self EvolutionPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAmuse World2004Korea3~7 days
EZ 2 DJ 7th Trax$1450.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAmuse World2007Korea7~10 days
EZ 2 DJ Azure Expression machine$2695.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedAmuse World2012Korea2~4 weeks
EZ2 AC Night Traveller Game Machine- Arcade Version 13Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKorea2~4 weeks
EZ2 AC Time Traveller Game Machine- Arcade VersionPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGood2017KoreaComing Soon
EZ5 Dance Game Machine$3495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Finger Dance Arcade (DJ game)$6995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Flash Beats$1976.00 USD2Music-Dance MachinesGoodSegaJapanPlease Ask
Future TomTom Drum MachineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Go Go Dancer machine$5995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Go Go Drummer Babe music machine$3495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2008China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Groove Coaster Arcade Machine$1950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodTaito2013JapanStock
Guitar Freak V6 Blazing$3995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2009JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks$1938.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami1999KoreaStock
Guitar Freaks 10th MixPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2004JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks 2nd Mix$2500.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami1999JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix$3249.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000United StatesStock
Guitar Freaks 4th Mix$2280.20 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks 5th Mix$3509.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks 6th Mix$3686.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks 7th Mix$3918.74 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2002JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks 8th Mix$4614.93 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonamiJapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks 9th Mix$6850.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2003JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks Gitadora Arcade Game$1995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks VTBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2005JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks V2TBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodJapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks V3TBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesKonami2006
Guitar Freaks V4TBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2007Coming Soon
Guitar Freaks V5 Rock to InfinityTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2008Coming Soon
Guitar Freaks V7$4745.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2010JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks V8$2570.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2011JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks XG2TBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2011JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Freaks XG3TBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2012JapanPlease Ask
Guitar Hero Arcade$1695.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2009Great Britain (UK)2~4 weeks
Guitar Hero Arcade Machine$7379.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Guitar Jam$2680.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodNamcoJapanPlease Ask
GuitarFreaks XG$10145.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2010China (ex factory)1~2 weeks
Ha-Ha Drums Ticket Redemption Arcade MachinePlease Ask
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewAsiaStock
Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade Machine$4495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodSega2011JapanPlease Ask
Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Version BTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodSega2012JapanPlease Ask
Hip Pop Dancer Machine$6849.30 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2012China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Hit The Beat Music Game MachineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiroKorea2~4 weeks
Hot Drum Ticket Redemption Game (kids version)$4995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Jazz Hero 2 Drum MachinePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewAsiaStock
Jazz Hero Drum Machine$4712.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2010China (ex factory)7~14 days
Jubeat Copious Append machinePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonamiHong KongPlease Ask
Jubeat Copious MachineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2011JapanPlease Ask
Jubeat Festo Saucer Machine$2995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Jubeat Knit machine$8950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2010JapanPlease Ask
Jubeat machine (Ubeat)$2250.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami20087~14 days
Jubeat Qubell MachinePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonamiChina2~4 weeks
Jubeat Ripples MachinePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2010China2~4 weeks
Jungle Drummer$4995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewIGSChina
Karaoke House DX$4995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Karaoke House SD$3995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Karaoke Machine$4950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Karaoke Mini House$3500.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Keyboard Mania$1650.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000JapanPlease Ask
Keyboard Mania 2nd Mix$1475.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000JapanPlease Ask
Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix$1648.40 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001JapanPlease Ask
King Dancer Master Game$6995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
King of Dancer$6450.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
King of Dancer 2$7950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)4~6 weeks
King of Dancer 3 Video Dance machine$12795.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
King Of Dancer Video Dancing Machine$6995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
King of Dancer X$5909.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Let's Go Dance machine$4490.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Magic DJ music machine (2 players)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNew2009China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Magical Music Multi-touch Arcade GameTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodTaito2012JapanPlease Ask
Mai Mai Green Music Arcade Video MachineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodSega2013JapanPlease Ask
Mai Mai Music Arcade Machine$6950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodSega2012China2~4 weeks
Mai Mai Plus Music Arcade MachineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewSega20132~4 weeks
Mambo A Go Go$2350.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesFairKonami2001Japan
Manbo A GoGo$1750.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodJapanPlease Ask
Martial Beat$2400.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2002Hong Kong1~2 days
Momi Danz Dancing Game Machine (2 players)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNew2017China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Momi Danz Dancing Game Machine for Kids (1 player)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)Stock
Mozarc II DJ Game$5679.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
MUSECA Arcade Music Video Game$3495.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodJapanPlease Ask
Music Combo touch game$4995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2009China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Music Combo Touch Screen Music Arcade Game$2995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Music GunGunTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodTaito2009JapanPlease Ask
Music GunGun 2$8795.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodTaito2011JapanPlease Ask
Music Marble Battle Stage Game (2 players)$5995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Music Marble Touch Game Machine (2 players)$7995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Muzibox DJ Game$7519.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewIGSChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Neon FM Music Video Arcade GameTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro20162~4 weeks
Para Para Dancing$1995.00 USD3Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000Korea3~7 days
Para Para Paradise$2725.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000Korea7~14 days
Para Para Paradise 1st Mix Plus$2995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001JapanPlease Ask
Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix$3495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001JapanPlease Ask
Percussion FreaksPlease Ask
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami1999Korea3~7 days
Percussion Freaks 2nd MixPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami1999Asia7~14 days
Percussion Freaks 4th Mix$1950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2000Korea7~14 days
Percussion Freaks 5th Mix$4271.30 USD2Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2001Asia7~14 days
Percussion Kids$6450.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodIGSHong KongPlease Ask
Percussion Master$5265.79 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewIGS2004China (ex factory)7 days
Percussion Master 3$995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewIGSChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Pop n Music 8th Mix$3950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2002JapanPlease Ask
Pop' N Music$1995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodNamco1999JapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 12 IROHATBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonamiJapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 13 CarnivalTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2005JapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 14 Fever!TBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2006JapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 15 Adventure$3350.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2007Korea7~14 days
Pop'n Music 16 Party Machine$4950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2008JapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 17 The Movie Machine$1595.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2009JapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden$2460.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2010JapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 19 Tune Street$2900.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2010JapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 20 FantasiaPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2011JapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 21 Sunny ParkTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2012JapanPlease Ask
Pop'n Music 9Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2003Japan3~7 days
Pop'n Stage Ex$2252.09 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonamiJapanPlease Ask
Pop’n Music éclaleTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2~4 weeks
Pump It Up (DX)$1950.00 USD3Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2000Korea3~7 days
Pump It Up (SD)$1495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2000Korea3~7 days
Pump It Up 2010 FIESTA (42 inch screen)$7995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2010Korea10~18 days
Pump It Up 2010 FIESTA (50 inch screen)$10995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2010Korea10~18 days
Pump It Up 2011 Fiesta EX (42 inch screen)$7995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2011Korea2~4 weeks
Pump It Up 2011 FIESTA EX (50 inch screen)$10995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2011Korea7~14 days
Pump It Up 2015 Prime Dance Machine (52 inch screen)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNew2015China2~4 weeks
Pump It Up : Extra (DX, Korean version)$2200.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2001Korea3~7 days
Pump It Up : Extra (SD, Korean version)$1550.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2002Korea7~10 days
Pump It Up : The Premiere 2 (DX)$2650.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2002Korea3~7 days
Pump It Up : The Premiere 2 (SD)$2550.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2002Korea3~7 days
Pump It Up : The Premiere 3 (DX)$3495.00 USD2Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2003Korea3~7 days
Pump It Up : The Premiere 3 (SD)$2795.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2003Korea3~7 days
Pump it Up Exceed 2$5500.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2005Stock
Pump It Up Fiesta 2 2013 (43 inch screen)$7995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro20132~4 weeks
Pump It Up Fiesta 2 2013 (52 inch screen)$7515.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2013ChinaComing Soon
Pump It Up InfinityTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2012KoreaComing Soon
Pump It Up Infinity 2017 Dance Machine ( LX 55 inch LCD screen)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2017KoreaComing Soon
Pump It Up JUMPTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2009Korea2~4 weeks
Pump It Up New Xenesis$3650.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2006Asia2~4 weeks
Pump It Up NX Absolute 32 inch LCD dancing machinePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesAndamiro2010Korea14~20 days
Pump It Up NX Absolute Dance Machine$7995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2009Korea10~18 days
Pump It Up Prime 2 2017 Dance Machine ( LX 55 inch LCD screen)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2016Asia2~4 weeks
Pump It Up PRIME 2 2018 Arcade Edition Dance Machine (CX cabinet)$6695.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2018Korea5~10 days
Pump it Up Zero Dance MachineTBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2006Asia7~14 days
Pump It Up: New Xenesis (NX2) machine$6950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodAndamiro2007Korea7~10 days
Reflec Beat ColetteTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2012JapanPlease Ask
Reflec Beat LimelightTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2011JapanPlease Ask
Reflec Beat Music Arcade Machine$1850.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2010China2~4 weeks
Reflec Beat Volzza TBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2~4 weeks
Rhythm Tengoku Music video game$1895.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodSega2007JapanPlease Ask
Rock & Roll Music Video GameTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Rock Fever 3.5 Max$4340.06 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewIGS2005China
Rock Fever 5$2850.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewIGS2005China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Rotating Elegant Demeanors Percussion Game$9995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Rotation Of The Charm Drum Machine (120 inch projector screen)$11995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Rotation of The Charm Drum Machine (22 inch screen)$9995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Rotation Of The Charm Drum Machine (42 inch screen)$10995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Rushing Rhythm Music Game (3D version)$7995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Samba De Amigo 2000$1640.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesFairSega2000Hong KongStock
Samba De Amigo 50 inch DX$1950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodSega1999JapanPlease Ask
Shakatto Tambourine$2895.00 USD2Music-Dance MachinesGoodSega2000JapanPlease Ask
Shakatto Tambourine 2 (Power Up)$3495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodSega2001JapanPlease Ask
Sound Voltex 4 Arcade Machine online$3495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2012JapanPlease Ask
Sound Voltex Booth II - Infinite InfectionTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Super DJ Game$2693.90 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Super Finger Dance Arcade (DJ game)$7044.39 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Taiko No Tatsujin 10 Drum Machine$6450.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedNamco2007Japan2~4 weeks
Taiko No Tatsujin 11 machine$6995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodNamco2008JapanPlease Ask
Taiko No Tatsujin 11 Machine Asian VersionTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodNamco2008JapanPlease Ask
Taiko No Tatsujin 12 machine$7595.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodNamco2008JapanPlease Ask
Taiko No Tatsujin 13 Arcade Machine$3495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodNamco2009JapanPlease Ask
Taiko No Tatsujin 14 Machine$5950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodNamco2010JapanPlease Ask
Taiko No Tatsujin 5 (Drum Master 5)TBA1Music-Dance MachinesGood2003JapanPlease Ask
Taiko No Tatsujin 8 Arcade Machine$2595.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesGoodNamco2006JapanPlease Ask
Taiko No Tatsujin Matsuri de FEVER ( 4 players arcade)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2016China2~4 weeks
Taiko no Tatsujin Sorairo VersionTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodNamco2013JapanPlease Ask
Taiko Tatsujin 12 Machine (China version)$7495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewNamco2008China2~4 weeks
Tap Dancer$4950.00 USD1Music-Dance Machines2002Korea2~4 weeks
Thermal Dance Partner VR Dancing Game MachineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Top Star II Music Rhythm Multi-touch Arcade GamePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Top Star Multi-Touch Music Game Machine$7995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Toy's MarchTBA1Music-Dance MachinesGoodKonami2005JapanPlease Ask
Toy's March 2TBA1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2005Japan2~4 weeks
V-Drum 2010 DX$7495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2010China (ex factory)14~20 days
V-Drum 2010 SD$5995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2010China (ex factory)14~20 days
V-Drum 2012 DX$9130.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
V-Drum 2012 SDTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Vibraphone First Movement Star EditionTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewIGS2010China2~4 weeks
Zzang Music Recording Studio$6995.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNew2005

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