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Music-Dance Machines
Product Name Price Qty Category Condition Manufacturer Year Location Availability
3D motion-sensing game consoles Machine$4685.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewGolden Dragon-GuangZhouChinaStock
Beat On With Pump It Up Infinity 2017 Dance Game Machine$2950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKorea2~4 weeks
Beatmania II DX 18 Resort AnthemPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2010China2~4 weeks
Beatmania II DX 19th Lincle$6250.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2011Hong KongPlease Ask
Beatmania II DX Tricoro Version 2$13500.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2014China2~4 weeks
Bishi Bashi Channel Arcade Machine$2850.00 USD8Music-Dance MachinesUsedJapanStock
Candy Jump Dancing Machine$15295.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewChinaStock
Chunithm Music Arcade Machine$6995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedJapanStock
Crossbeats REV Music Machine$1950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedCapcom2015JapanPlease Ask
D Dance Master Dancing Game machine$9950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Dance Battle Machine$15495.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewChinaStock
Dance Cube 2 Dancing Machine$13495.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewChinaStock
Dance Dance Revolution (2013 video game)$9995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
DanceRush Stardom Video Dancing Machine - Single player Chinese Version$14995.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2019ChinaStock
DJ Club (DJ game)$4431.91 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChinaStock
DJ Max Technika 3: Crew Challenge$7993.02 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2011China2~4 weeks
Dragon Boat Racing Video Drum machineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dream of Piano Music Game Machine$2995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2014China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Drum Mania 9th Mix$6500.00 USD1Music-Dance Machines
Drum Mania GitadoraPlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Drum Mania VTBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesKonami2005Coming Soon
Drum Mania V3TBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesKonami2006
Drum Max Arcade Game$7044.39 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2012China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Drum Party for kids$3595.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)14~20 days
Drummer Kids Drum Percussion Redemption MachinePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
E5 - dance super station$13950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2011China2~4 weeks
EZ 2 DJ Azure Expression machine$2795.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedAmuse World2012Korea2~4 weeks
EZ2 AC Final Machine$4495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKoreaStock
EZ2 AC Night Traveller Game Machine- Arcade Version 13Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKorea2~4 weeks
EZ2 AC Time Traveller Game Machine - Arcade Version$3950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsed2017KoreaComing Soon
EZ2DJ Azure Expression Game Machine - Arcade Version$3495.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedKoreaStock
Finger Dance Arcade (DJ game)$6995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Future TomTom Drum MachineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Go Go Drummer Babe music machine$3495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2008China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Groove Coaster Arcade Machine$1950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedTaito2013JapanStock
Ha-Ha Drums Music Game MachinePlease Ask
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewAsiaStock
Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade Machine$1850.00 USD5Music-Dance MachinesUsedSega2011JapanStock
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone Arcade Music Machine$3495.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedSega2013ChinaStock
Hot Drum Ticket Redemption Game (kids version)$4995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Jamping Man 2 Dancing Machine$15295.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewChinaStock
Jazz Hero 2 Drum MachinePlease Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewAsiaStock
Jazz Hero Drum Machine$4712.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2010China (ex factory)7~14 days
Jubeat Festo Saucer Machine$2995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Jubeat Knit machine$8950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2010JapanPlease Ask
Jubeat machine (Ubeat)$2250.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami20087~14 days
Jungle Drummer$4995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewIGSChina
Mai Mai Green Music Arcade Video MachineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesUsedSega2013JapanPlease Ask
Mai Mai Music Arcade Machine$6950.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedSega2012China2~4 weeks
Mai Mai Music Arcade Machine$4495.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedSega2012ChinaStock
Mai Mai Plus Music Arcade MachineTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewSega20132~4 weeks
MUSECA Arcade Music Video Game$3495.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedJapanPlease Ask
Nostalgia Arcade Machine$1850.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonamiJapanStock
Pump it up LX with XX software Dance Machine$8495.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedAndamiroKoreaStock
Pump It Up Prime 2 2017 Dance Machine ( LX 55 inch LCD screen)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2016Asia2~4 weeks
Pump It Up PRIME 2 2018 Arcade Edition Dance Machine (CX cabinet)$6695.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2018Korea5~10 days
Pump It Up XX 20th Anniversary Edition Dance Machine$9995.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2019Hong KongStock
Pump it Up Zero Dance MachineTBA
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewAndamiro2006Asia7~14 days
Reflec Beat Music Arcade Machine$1850.00 USD5Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2010JapanStock
Rotation Of The Charm Drum Machine (120 inch projector screen)$11995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Rotation of The Charm Drum Machine (22 inch screen)$9995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Rotation Of The Charm Drum Machine (42 inch screen)$10995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina2~4 weeks
Sound Voltex 4 Arcade Machine offline$3495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2012JapanPlease Ask
Sound Voltex 5 Vivid Wave Arcade Machine$4950.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2018JapanPlease Ask
Sound Voltex Booth II - Infinite InfectionTBA1Music-Dance MachinesUsedKonami2013JapanPlease Ask
Speeding Hands Music Machine$2950.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNewChinaStock
Step ManiaX Dancing Machine$8800.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesNew2019China30 days
Super Finger Dance Arcade Machine$1295.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedUniversal2014ChinaStock
Synchronica Arcade Game$2995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedJapanStock
Taiko No Tatsujin 10 Drum Machine$6450.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedNamco2007Japan2~4 weeks
Taiko no Tatsujin 12 Arcade Music Machine-Asia Version$2395.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedNamco2017ChinaStock
Taiko No Tatsujin 14 Machine$3495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesUsedNamco2010JapanStock
Taiko No Tatsujin Matsuri de FEVER (4 players arcade)Please Ask1Music-Dance MachinesNewKonami2016China2~4 weeks
Tama Tama Drum$5994.73 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewSeisakushoAsia7~14 days
Top Star Multi-Touch Music Game Machine$1350.00 USD
Please Ask
Music-Dance MachinesUsedWahlap2012ChinaStock
V-Drum 2010 DX$7495.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2010China (ex factory)14~20 days
V-Drum 2010 SD$5995.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNew2010China (ex factory)14~20 days
V-Drum 2012 DX$9130.00 USD1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
V-Drum 2012 SDTBA1Music-Dance MachinesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks

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