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last update, November 19, 2017. 

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Tank! Tank! Tank! (Twin machine) TANK! TANK! TANK! (TWIN MACHINE) Driving-Riding Games

A tank game with simplified controls. Instead of standard tank controls, you have forward pedal, a backwards pedal and a steering wheel with 2 fire buttons.

  Location: Great Britain (UK)   Available: 7~14 days
$6950.00 USD
$3450.00 USD
Save 50.4%
Hopping Road HOPPING ROAD Sport Games

Taito's newest arcade game is called Hopping Road. Player act as a rabbit and jump up and down on a pogo stick controller to advance in inter-rabbit racing championships.
Hopping Road has a function for cabinets to be linked together, that is 4 players whom can go for hopping races, jumping frantically in the arcade and have lots of fun.

  Location: Great Britain (UK)   Available: 7~14 days
$4595.00 USD
$2495.00 USD
Save 45.7%
Guitar Hero Arcade GUITAR HERO ARCADE Music-Dance Machines

Guitar Hero Video Arcade Guitar Machine - Konami, Activision and Raw Thrills are proud to announce the new release of the first-ever coin-operated Guitar Hero Game !
Guitar Hero Arcade (GHA) is based upon the top hit game "Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock.", and this arcade model can be described as a "hybrid-mashup" of both "Guitar Hero III" and "Guitar Hero World Tour" guitar games.

  Location: Great Britain (UK)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$6995.00 USD
$1695.00 USD
Save 75.8%
The Grid Sega driving game (52 inch single DX) THE GRID SEGA DRIVING GAME (52 INCH SINGLE DX) Driving-Riding Games

The Grid Sega driving game (single) is a simulate racing game from Sega, features with 32 inch high definition screen, fastest cars, famous racing road, and which that can be played as a single machine or linked up to 6 machines for multi players' competition.

  Location: Europe   Available: 2~4 weeks
$7995.00 USD
$6995.00 USD
Save 12.5%
Dirty Drivin Racing Game DIRTY DRIVIN RACING GAME Driving-Riding Games

Dirty Drivin is the driving racing machine with Raw Thrills games, featuring with a large 42 inch high definition LCD screen, 1080p display and against a CPU rival in individual plays or can be linked up with eight machines for competition play.

  Location: China   Available: 10~18 days
$4850.00 USD
$4495.00 USD
Save 7.3%
Dead Heat Street Racing (42 inch single DX) DEAD HEAT STREET RACING (42 INCH SINGLE DX) Driving-Riding Games

Dead Heat is an exciting competition driving game with thrill of tight races, special digital camera design by Namco.

  Location: Great Britain (UK)   Available: 10~18 days
$5550.00 USD
$4750.00 USD
Save 14.4%
Dark Escape 4D Shooting Game DARK ESCAPE 4D SHOOTING GAME Shooting Games

Dark Escape 4D is a zombies and types of horror theme video arcade game released by Namco, features in mounted light-guns, with tent in theater-style cabinet and in auto stereoscopic 3D graphics display in realism and more exciting terrify feeling.

  Location: Japan   Available: Coming Soon
$38500.00 USD
$11450.00 USD
Save 70.3%
Aliens Extermination (42 inch LCD screen) ALIENS EXTERMINATION (42 INCH LCD SCREEN) Shooting Games

A mounted gun shooting game, It's been years since the Colonial Marines left planet LV-426 and the Alien population behind. It's time to go back to finish off the Alien monsters and more!

  Location: Great Britain (UK)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$4750.00 USD
$3758.75 USD
Save 20.9%
After Dark Shooting Machine DX AFTER DARK SHOOTING MACHINE DX Shooting Games

After Dark Shooting machine DX is a steering wheel control and 4D monsters shooting machines, with tent and fully motion platform installed, 4D game play display on a 55 inch high definition LCD screen, spectacular appearance and exciting levels game play attracts any player.

  Location: Great Britain (UK)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$6950.00 USD
$5995.00 USD
Save 13.7%
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