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last update, January 19, 2022. 


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   Atomiswave System (2)
Using Sammy's Atomiswave system, you can upgrade your motherboard through cartidges for shooting, driving and joystick games.
   Capcom CPS III (2)
Software cartridges, motherboards and complete game boards using CPS3.
   Chihiro (4)
Intel Pentium III 733MHz (133MHz FSB) CPU, NVIDIA XChip 200MHz (based on the NVIDIA GeForce 3) with NV2A architecture graphics, NVIDIA MCPX2 system chipset, 128MB DDR SDRAM at 200MHz RAM, 125M polys/sec polygons.
   Fish Machine Gameboards and Software (31)
A series of Fish hunter games, to shooting variety of fish targets or other cute swinging characters to catch as more as fish to win more tickets/points, included in this section are complete games motherboards and software Boards, IO board for option, can be upgrade your 6 players, 8 players, 10 players cabinets;
   Kit (19)
Games normally including accessories such as steering wheels, guns, joysticks, can be located here.
   Lindberg (1)
Sega's Arcade system made with computer hardware. 3 gig cpu, 2 x 512 ddr ram, 256mb nvidia graphic card.
   Multi game system (9)
This section includes various type jamma pcbs which setup with many different arcade games in one system
   Music PCBs / Upgrades (34)
Dance Dance Revolution, Ez2 DJ, EZ2 Dancer, Pump it Up, Beatmania and other music upgrade kits
   Naomi I / II GD Rom (10)
This section includes complete Naomi I and II games, software CDs, and upgrade kits.
   Naomi I / II Rom Board (4)
A full range of Naomi I and II game boards, including motherboards and software rom boards.
   Neo Geo (2)
A wide range of new and used neo geo cartridges including different 1 - 6 slot motherboards.
   PCB (26)
A full range of game boards and software which is not listed in the other sections.
   PGM (1)
Motherboards and software cartidges from manufacturer IGS can be located here.
   RingEdge (1)
A based on computer hardware Sega's arcade system: Intel Pentium E2160 CPU @ 1.8 GHz, Graphics : A “NVIDIA GPU” with 384MB of GDDR3 RAM and supports shader model 4.0, Memory: 1 GB DDR2 PC2-6400 SDRAM, and a 32GB SATA SSD Hard disk
   Sega Model III (1)
Game boards using Sega's model III system include Scud Racer & Ocean Hunter.
   STV Titan (1)
Includes STV motherboards and game software cartridges.
   System 246 (1)
This system include PCB, DVD Driver, DVD rom, IO board and cables. Games on this product includes Tekken 4, Soul Calibur 2 etc.
   System 256 (1)
Contains such games as Tekken 5, Time Crisis 4 & Soul Calibur III.
   Taito Type X (1)
This hardware is upgradable and changable per game. Games on this system include Raiden 3, Shikigami No Shiro Episode 3.
   Taito Type X2 (3)
Taito's Type X2 runs on PC architecture. It also runs a modified Windows operating System. Which allows for easier 3rd party game development.

Latest Offers

Deadstorm Pirates Arcade Machine Game Board DEADSTORM PIRATES ARCADE MACHINE GAME BOARD Kit
Deadstorm Pirates Arcade Machine Game Board is an original and completely System 357 game board which from Namco Bandai Games, the part number is DP05-13042-00, English version, applicable to Deadstorm Pirates and Deadstorm Pirates DX Arcade Machines.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$1595.00 USD
Nirin Motorcycle Racing Arcade Machine Game Board NIRIN MOTORCYCLE RACING ARCADE MACHINE GAME BOARD Kit
Nirin Motorcycle Racing Arcade Machine Game Board is a complete original Namco game board for Nirin Motorcycle Machine, which a street racing game from Bandai Namco. The game board is used but in excellent condition, there are Japanese version and Chinese version are available.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$740.00 USD
Software Device for the Sega Outrun 2 SP Game Board SOFTWARE DEVICE FOR THE SEGA OUTRUN 2 SP GAME BOARD Chihiro
Software Device for the Sega Outrun 2 SP Game Board is one set device which come with the Outrun 2 SP game software program and used on Outrun 2 SP Sega Chihiro Game Board. Full set include CF card, CF card black plug, Dongle and Dongle connect board, these are original and used parts, but in excellent condition, and will run and work well on the Outrun 2 SP Sega Chihiro Game Board.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$180.00 USD
Sega Microsoft Chihiro Xbox Arcade Motherboard SEGA MICROSOFT CHIHIRO XBOX ARCADE MOTHERBOARD Chihiro
Sega Microsoft Chihiro Xbox Arcade Motherboard is an original Chihiro Motherboard manufactured by SEGA and Microsoft. It can be used on multiple SEGA arcade machines that use the Sega Chihiro arcade system, such as Outrun 2, Ghost Squad, The House of the Dead III and so on.

  Location: USA   Available: Stock
$170.00 USD
SEGA RingEdge Game Board for Virtua Tennis 4 - Part No. 846-0001D SEGA RINGEDGE GAME BOARD FOR VIRTUA TENNIS 4 - PART NO. 846-0001D RingEdge
SEGA RingEdge Game Board for Virtua Tennis 4 is a sports game developed and published by Sega, an arcade version which runs on Sega RingEdge, part number is 846-0001D. It is a SEGA original game board, English version, second-hand but works well on the original Virtua Tennis 4 machine.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$599.00 USD

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