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last update, October 19, 2017. 

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Mario Kart Arcade GP MARIO KART ARCADE GP Driving-Riding Games
A joint production of Nintendo and Namco, but produced with the Namco brand name with the Triforce hardware comes Mario and friends in a crazy racing game.
$1949.52 USD

Mai Mai Music Arcade Machine MAI MAI MUSIC ARCADE MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
Mai mai is the new rhythm arcade machine from Sega released in 2012, features with a round front facing touch screen around with eight LED lights buttons, and equipped with a camera, which can record the player moves and the screen display at the same time.
$6948.32 USD

Let's Go Jungle LET'S GO JUNGLE Shooting Games
Ben and Norah, have found themselves in this excursion-gone-a-wry within the heart-pounding Lets Go Jungle theater cabinet.
$2294.47 USD

Hummer - DX HUMMER - DX Driving-Riding Games
Hummer is an off-road racing game from Sega and licensed by General Motors and puts you behind the wheel of a Hummer SUV. Players must navigate a variety of different terrains including snow, mud, and dirt. The super deluxe cabinet is modeled on the rear end of an actual Hummer, and features a motion base.

Hummer makes use of a new gameplay system called the Driver Change System, which requires that both players cooperate to finish the race. The cabinet includes separate steering wheel, break, and accelerator sets for each seat. Every now and then, the game calls out "Driver Change," and the controls switch over to the alternate player.
$8948.09 USD

H2 Overdrive SD (37 inch LCD screen) H2 OVERDRIVE SD (37 INCH LCD SCREEN) Driving-Riding Games
H2 Overdrive SD is a standard version with a large 32 inch high definition LCD screen that plays with next-gen graphics and is an exciting powerful water-boat simulation racing game.
$2894.31 USD

Ghost Squad Evolution GHOST SQUAD EVOLUTION Shooting Games
A new crop of top dogs has evolved into the next generation of high security Special Forces, that is the G.H.O.S.T. Squad. With more skill and brawn than their predecessors, the new squad has been called for higher threat missions with bigger guns and bad ass threads.
$1395.00 USD

F-Zero AX F-ZERO AX Driving-Riding Games
A futuristic racing game which utilises the player card system, this machine will also enable the data to be exchanged with the Game Cube console version of the game.
$2249.45 USD

Fast and Furious: Super Bikes 2 FAST AND FURIOUS: SUPER BIKES 2 Driving-Riding Games
Fast and Furious: Super Bikes 2 is the upgrade motorcycles game inspired by the hit movie franchise.
$3181.72 USD

Fast and Furious: Super Cars FAST AND FURIOUS: SUPER CARS Driving-Riding Games
Fast and Furious: Super Cars is a powerful car racing machine released from Raw Thrills, features with 32 inch high definition LCD screen, 10 all brand new and popular cars, over 27 different race tracks, drives in excellent tricks and stunts, with exciting rush speed experience.
$3833.89 USD

Fast and Furious: Super Bikes FAST AND FURIOUS: SUPER BIKES Driving-Riding Games
Fast and Furious: Super Bikes is the second game inspired by the hit movie franchise.
$1643.13 USD

Elevator Action Death Parade ELEVATOR ACTION DEATH PARADE Shooting Games
Elevator Action: Death Parade a few more details on how the game is turning out. From what I can garner from the text, they state that the storyline is similar to Resident Evil, with some bad guy creating monsters from biological experiments.
$2982.39 USD

Percussion Master 3 PERCUSSION MASTER 3 Music-Dance Machines
Percussion Master 3 is the advanced drum simulation game of percussion master series from IGS, with more than 115 popular songs from Chinese, English, Japan and Korea songs, new online competition function and speediness game play in unique drum challenged mode.
$989.26 USD

D1 Grand Prix Arcade Machine Single machine D1 GRAND PRIX ARCADE MACHINE SINGLE MACHINE Driving-Riding Games
A video based on the actual D1 Grand Prix, which is a racing car series in Japan. Being Japan, the D stands for drift. So of course the version the races require a lot of drifting.
$1441.60 USD

Dirty Drivin Racing Game DIRTY DRIVIN RACING GAME Driving-Riding Games
Dirty Drivin is the driving racing machine with Raw Thrills games, featuring with a large 42 inch high definition LCD screen, 1080p display and against a CPU rival in individual plays or can be linked up with eight machines for competition play.
$4821.88 USD

DeadStorm Pirates DX with 50 inch LCD screen DEADSTORM PIRATES DX WITH 50 INCH LCD SCREEN Shooting Games
DeadStorm Pirates DX is a slightly smaller SD version of Dead Storm Pirates series.
$10887.00 USD

DeadStorm Pirates DX with 55inch LED Screen DEADSTORM PIRATES DX WITH 55INCH LED SCREEN Shooting Games
DeadStorm Pirates DX is a rail shooter game which surround you in the theater cabinet.
$11433.43 USD

Dead Heat Street Racing DEAD HEAT STREET RACING Driving-Riding Games
Dead Heat is an exciting competition driving game with thrill of tight races, special digital camera design by Namco.
$2679.39 USD

Dance Core Machine DANCE CORE MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
Dance Core is a hottest dance machine, with large 55 inch LCD screen, plays with unique dancing platform with body in gravity sensor system, allowing performance with entire body instead the traditional foot step dance sensors.
$4195.00 USD

Kids Cartoon Train (6 players) KIDS CARTOON TRAIN (6 PLAYERS) Train
This Cartoon Train is specially design for small kids. The train comes with 1 locomotive and 5 carriages in bright color. The special effective music button at the locomotive will give player great joy.
$5165.82 USD

Crazy Bowling CRAZY BOWLING Bowling Machine
Crazy Bowling is single lane bowling machine designs for kids which delivers fast paced excitement of a real bowling alley.
$5162.23 USD

Sonic Blast Heroes Punch Machine SONIC BLAST HEROES PUNCH MACHINE Hammer & Punch machines
Sonic Blast Heroes is a new punch machine with improved safety features, 5 advanced video stages for player punches the pad as hard as possible to knock any enemy from VS Bank Robber, VS Trailer, VS Dinosaur, VS Kraken, VS Meteor.
$4510.03 USD

Beat On With Pump It Up Infinity 2017 Dance Game Machine BEAT ON WITH PUMP IT UP INFINITY 2017 DANCE GAME MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
Beat On With Pump It Up Infinity 2017 Dance Game Machine is an upright music video game machine, mounted with the 15th chapter of the international Pump It Up PRIME 2 2017 Arcade Edition Game Software of Pump it up series from Andamiro, similar as Pop'N Music, plays with 10 colorful buttons to using hand to instead of foot, easier operation and it is ideal for game center, amusement park,family restaurant and shopping mall.
Please Ask

Transformers: Human Alliance Upright Arcade Shooting Game (with 55 inch LCD screen) TRANSFORMERS: HUMAN ALLIANCE UPRIGHT ARCADE SHOOTING GAME (WITH 55 INCH LCD SCREEN) Shooting Games
Transformers: Human Alliance Upright version is one of shooting game from Sega's latest action adventure game, Transformers Human Alliance series, that partners players with one of three of the movie's stars, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or Sideswipe. It features with a deluxe upright cabinet and a 55" LCD monitor with HD graphics, exciting with two cannon type gun shooters for two players, and attractive with 5 regions for player to defend;
$4882.42 USD

MotoGP Video Arcade Racing Machine (with 42 inch LCD screen) MOTOGP VIDEO ARCADE RACING MACHINE (WITH 42 INCH LCD SCREEN) Driving-Riding Games
Moto GP Video Arcade Racing Machine is an official licensed MotoGP motorcycle simulator arcade game with authentic “MotoGP-style” motorcycle mounts. MotoGP video motorcycle racing game play is displayed on a stunning 42” HD LCD display equipped with a front-facing face camera that puts players and their friends or competitors into the game, with Online driver stat tracking, and the front-mounted fan simulates wind speeds. Feature with local & online multiplayers for up to 8 riders, and the motorcycle color are red, blue, yellow and green for option.
Please Ask

Classic Car Kiddie Ride CLASSIC CAR KIDDIE RIDE Kiddie Rides
Classic Car Kiddie Ride is a classic vehicles designs kiddie ride for two kids, adjust with modern and spectacular lighting effects, features with lighting wheels and colorful base, available for four attractive color base, including blue, yellow, pink and red color.
$2418.58 USD

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