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Cut Prize Skill Test Machine - British Style
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last update, August 19, 2017. 

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Vewlix VS Taito jamma cabinet VEWLIX VS TAITO JAMMA CABINET Cabinets Only
Vewlix VS Cabinet design by Taito Corporation, two set Vewlix cabinet place back to back, two players enjoy the gameplay face by face but only one set "twin play game kit" requires.
$3252.12 USD

Arcade LCD Cabinet ARCADE LCD CABINET Cabinets Only
Arcade LCD Cabinet set up 32inch LCD screen which can display all games (15Khz, 25Khz, 31Khz).
$1007.17 USD

32 inch LCD Game Machine ( 2 players) 32 INCH LCD GAME MACHINE ( 2 PLAYERS) Cabinets Only
32 inch LCD Game Machine ( 2 players) is a new durable metal cabinet with a 32 inch high definition LCD screen and available to setup over 600 different games system, easy operation with one player or twin player control panels, setup with famous and durable brand joystick and push buttons.
$1299.82 USD

ZIPPY Microswitch for Push Button ZIPPY MICROSWITCH FOR PUSH BUTTON Microswitch
Official ZIPPY microswitch with button actuator is 3 terminals with UL, CSA safety certificate. It is suitable for most arcade push buttons.
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American Style Push Button AMERICAN STYLE PUSH BUTTON Push Button
Single high-quality arcade pushbutton, comes with a securing nut and a pre-installed horizontal microswitch, made of durable nylon plastic, withstands 10,000,000 moves at least.
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Meteor Shower Redemption Machine METEOR SHOWER REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Meteor Shower is the turntable ticket redemption machine, features with beautiful star group evening, stably scores brand turnplate.
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Monster Drop machine ( 2 players) MONSTER DROP MACHINE ( 2 PLAYERS) Redemption Machines
Monster Drop machine ( 2 players) is an advance slam a winner game play, designs for two players in one time, a drop of the high energy ball, it will fall through the Jackpot hole, the mystery value hole, or ticket win values hole......then win corresponding tickets.
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Baby Bear Crane Machine BABY BEAR CRANE MACHINE Crane Machines
Baby Bear Crane Machine is the latest model of light transmittance crane machine which install the strong and durable toughened glass material, feature with install the gold electromagnetic claw, can catch up the prizes of within 25CM ranges. The cabinet with uniquely shaped, and can change different colors of LED lights, it has a beautiful appearance and attracts people's attention.
$1350.94 USD

Baby Boy 2 Crane Machine BABY BOY 2 CRANE MACHINE Crane Machines
Baby Boy 2 Crane Machine is a series of hot - selling crane machines, inclue the Crazy Toy 2, Crazy Toy 3 and Transformers. The cabinet is made of plastic and tempered glass, sturdy and durable. The machine body flashing the bright light, and constantly change the different LED light colors, it is enough to attract the eye. A large and transparent area be use for place and displays all kinds of interesting prizes, the claw can catch up various prizes of specific size, players will happy to play this game, harvest the fun and surprise.
$747.61 USD

Telephone or Bus Station Crane machine-London style TELEPHONE OR BUS STATION CRANE MACHINE-LONDON STYLE Crane Machines
British style telephone booth or London style Bus station Toy Catcher Machine are most attractive for every market, features with bright outlook with running side led lighting, tradition cabinet but with good quality metal construction, suitable for 3"~5" plush toy, and come with LCD screen display clearly shows the operation adjustment;
$695.50 USD

London style Coin operated Toy Catcher Machine LONDON STYLE COIN OPERATED TOY CATCHER MACHINE Crane Machines
London style Coin operated Toy Catcher Machine is in classic Hamburg House and Bus Station design, features in new fashion England style gifts crane machine, with an all-steel cabinet, attractive running side led lighting, compact structure for different prizes storage, great with prize detection and LCD screen display clearly shows the operation adjustment, demo experience and error code.
$695.50 USD

Shining Color Changing Crane machine SHINING COLOR CHANGING CRANE MACHINE Crane Machines
Shining Color Changing Crane machine is a color changing and chasing on each side, bright outlook with different LED colors crane machine, special attractive design. The claw can garb various kinds of exquisite prize which within the specified size and weight range, and the machine is with a large area present all kinds of prizes, attract the attention of players.
$1250.00 USD

Baby Color Changing Crane machine BABY COLOR CHANGING CRANE MACHINE Crane Machines

Baby Color Changing Crane machine is a single player crane machine, appears bear cabinet design, is a very unique crane with special LED color changing cabinet lighting of different colors, the bright lights attract everyone. Simple and interesting play, only need to operate the joystick and the button, have a chance to get the favorite prizes, suitable for players of all ages.
$795.53 USD

Run & Gun 2 ( Slam Dunk 2 ) PCB RUN & GUN 2 ( SLAM DUNK 2 ) PCB Konami GX
A five-on-five basketball game. Compete for the championship either by yourself or team up with a friend. The game offers both joint and competitive play.
$145.95 USD

Cut Prize Skill Test Machine - British Style CUT PRIZE SKILL TEST MACHINE - BRITISH STYLE Prize Machines
Cut Prize Skill Test Machine - British Style is a great prize redemption machine, try to cut prizes by putting the scissors with the right time in the string, which hanging with prize, features with new British footprint and innovative design, having an unique style.

CPU Comparable Electronic Coin Selector- Drop type CPU COMPARABLE ELECTRONIC COIN SELECTOR- DROP TYPE Cash Handling
CPU Comparable Electronic Coin Selector is a drop entry and anti-string electronic program coin mech that can be setup to work with your arcade game machine, features with CPU program control and with reliable and precise for coin entrance, integrated anti-stringing "S" coin race and adjustable spring coin entrance design prevents coin jams from occurring. Select coin based on diameter, thickness and metal content.
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4 Inch Soft Capsule 4 INCH SOFT CAPSULE Capsule
The capsules are made by soft plastic material. Round acorn designs which are made up of two parts.
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King of Hammer KING OF HAMMER Hammer & Punch machines
A carnival styled test of strength, it can be into a redemption or prize machine. Player use the hammer to whack the pressure pad as hard as possible. The machine with rate your strength.
$1962.32 USD

Stackerless Bill Validator - 4 way acceptance STACKERLESS BILL VALIDATOR - 4 WAY ACCEPTANCE Cash Handling
A Stackerless design Bill Acceptor with low maintenance and it's very easy to install on your machine. Software can be quickly updated through the built-in connector (Flash ROM).
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A space shooter where the faster the player fires, the larger and more powerful the shots become.
$642.33 USD

Vic Viper is at it again although the player can choose lots of different ships.
$347.24 USD

This is a space shooter with terrific bosses including a giant crab with a city on its head.
$583.03 USD

An interesting combination of a racing game and a vertical shooter. Players try to win a race while avoiding obstacles and shooting down enemies. Enemies even include giant flying boss vechiles.
$583.03 USD

A warrior, riding an immortal dragon, shoots at a variety of attacking enemies. Hold the fire button down longer for more powerful shots.
$758.99 USD

A 4 buttoned vertical scrolling shot them up. The 4 buttons being shot, ability switch, full auto, Hyper mode.
$1630.43 USD

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