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last update, June 24, 2017. 

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Totoro Bus Crane Machine (6 players version) TOTORO BUS CRANE MACHINE (6 PLAYERS VERSION) Crane Machines
Totoro Bus Crane Machine (6 players version) is a cartoon bus shape and lovely totoro locomotive crane machine, feature with the machine design for 6 players, left side and right side distributed 3 control consoles. Machine with a large spaces can be arranged in different kinds of toys which within 17 cm, and the cabinet with the bright lights to make the machine eye-catching. The game play simple and easy, control the claw direction by the joystick, decline in the claw by the push button, suitable for the players of all ages.

Final Arch software FINAL ARCH SOFTWARE STV Titan
A realistic baseball game, also known as Super Major League in the US. Final Arch is the Japanese version name.
$58.80 USD

Winter Heat software WINTER HEAT SOFTWARE STV Titan
A range of Winter Olympic-type sports, with three-dimensional graphics and sound.
$58.80 USD

Virtua Fighter Remix software VIRTUA FIGHTER REMIX SOFTWARE STV Titan
The same game as the original Virtua Fighter, but with lower resolution and texture mapped polygons.
$75.60 USD

Decathlete software DECATHLETE SOFTWARE STV Titan
A sports simulator using 3D polygon graphics to represent the players. Alternate pressing the run buttons as fast as possible to increase the characters' speed or power.
$58.80 USD

Columns 97 STV Cartridge COLUMNS 97 STV CARTRIDGE STV Titan
Columns 97 is a sets of colored jewels fall in random order. The object of the game is to arrange the jewels vertically, horizontally or diagonally in rows of three or more to make them disappear.
$57.12 USD

Fist of the North Star (Hokutou no Ken) full kit FIST OF THE NORTH STAR (HOKUTOU NO KEN) FULL KIT Atomiswave System
A fighting game based around "Hokutou no Ken", or "Fist of the North Star" as it is known in the english speaking world.
$336.96 USD

King of Fighters 96 cartridge KING OF FIGHTERS 96 CARTRIDGE Neo Geo
"FATAL FURY" and "ART OF FIGHTING" series unite! Together with new characters to create over 2,900 teams with the TEAM EDIT MODE.
$92.40 USD

King Of Fighters 94 cartridge KING OF FIGHTERS 94 CARTRIDGE Neo Geo
King of Fighters '94 features the best fighters of "Art of Fighting" and "Fatal Fury" go up against new comers.
$73.44 USD

King of Fighters 2001 cartridge KING OF FIGHTERS 2001 CARTRIDGE Neo Geo
This year's tournament is 4 on 4 team fighting and sees the introduction of new fighters and moves. The Striker system will once again play a key element in the game.
$77.76 USD

King of Fighters 2003 cartridge KING OF FIGHTERS 2003 CARTRIDGE Neo Geo
The King of Fighters 2003 maintains its traditional format of a three-on-three battle. This versions sees 6 new characters and 4 returning ones.
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A space shooting game from Namco.

A fighting game with digitized graphics of weird Japanese fantasy creatures.

A world war 2 styled vertical shooter. The player can choose between 4 selectable planes and 3 different game modes. Each differs in difficulty.
$1192.32 USD

12V Illuminated Joystick for Fishing Game Machine 12V ILLUMINATED JOYSTICK FOR FISHING GAME MACHINE Joysticks
12V Illuminated Joystick for Fishing Game Machine is a fully built Illuminated Arcade Joystick in 2-4-8 way, especially designs with two 5 pins out connections, the joystick bubble ball top is illuminated by a ring of 12V miniature LED's that illuminate the clear cover on the joystick shaft as well as the base and ball top.
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Hero of Robots Transformers Go Card Machine HERO OF ROBOTS TRANSFORMERS GO CARD MACHINE Medal Games
Hero of Robots Transformers Go Card Machine is a robot series body motion sensing fighting game from Hero of Robots series, features high sensibility sensor to make player's motion to be real transformers to fighting with enemy to protect the world peace; Feature with a 42" LCD screen for the player to interact with the game, player standing on the play area fight against the enemy. After the battle, players can choose game card and take souvenir picture as a result.
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Key Master Skill Test Prize Machine KEY MASTER SKILL TEST PRIZE MACHINE Prize Machines
Key Master is prize vending game machine, features with 3 win prize levels, and test player's skills to unlock prizes by a special pusher assembly mouthed with key, plays by a joystick to control pusher left or right movement and push button for up movement.
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Black Hole Bouncy Ball Redemption Machine BLACK HOLE BOUNCY BALL REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Black Hole Bouncy Ball Redemption Machine is an exciting skill test ticket redemption machine, pull the plunger and shoot the ball to the center circle point targets to win the jackpot for corresponding tickets. Watch the brilliant light show as the ball circles the play field.
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Taiko No Tatsujin Matsuri de FEVER ( 4 players arcade) TAIKO NO TATSUJIN MATSURI DE FEVER ( 4 PLAYERS ARCADE) Music-Dance Machines
Taiko No Tatsujin-Matsuri de FEVER ( 4 players arcade) is a 4 players video arcade ticket redemption with music rhythm from Konami, featuring on a table type with four drums around, the middle with 42 inch high definition LCD screen display, players pick up the drum stick to beats a drum face in time with the rhythm rewards, to match the corresponding role of the screen corner of the props, which will jump up or random display, players will win related tickets output.
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Sweet Land 5 Prize Machine SWEET LAND 5 PRIZE MACHINE Prize Machines
Sweet Land 5 Prize Machine is a hot selling skill test prize game machine design from Namco, players to scooping the prizes/candy up by buttons control, comparing to previous Sweet Land, it’s enough bright and illuminated by full color LED. This machine designed for multiple players to single play simultaneously, and the control panel with buttons control type. The cabinet with a large clear dome, clearly show all exquisite and all kinds of prizes, attract the attention of everyone.
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Top Star II Music Rhythm Multi-touch Arcade Game TOP STAR II MUSIC RHYTHM MULTI-TOUCH ARCADE GAME Music-Dance Machines
Top Star II Music Rhythm Multi-touch Arcade Game is an upgrade video music multi-touch game, is using double screen display effect to increases the potential of the cool music game machine, with the 32" multi-touch infrared touch screen, play and follow along with the song by touch the screen as a variety of musical notes, cursor from reach the screen.
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Super Alpine Racer Video Arcade Skiing Game SUPER ALPINE RACER VIDEO ARCADE SKIING GAME Sport Games
Super Alpine Racer is an arcade skiing sport game machine, which back in this new version of alpine racer, advanced with new characters and completely redesigned courses, displays exciting skiing racing game on a 55 inch High definition vertically LCD screen, and attractive with multi-colored LEDs infused into t-moldings of the cabinet.
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The Walking Dead Crossbow Controller Shooting game THE WALKING DEAD CROSSBOW CONTROLLER SHOOTING GAME Shooting Games
The Walking Dead Crossbow Controller Shooting game is an arcade video crossbow gun shooter game developed by Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix, features with a theater sit-down cabinet, a 55 inch high definition LCD screen, with bench seating, RGB lighting effects and Raw Thrills patented Thrill-D sound system, featuring two crossbow-styled controller as its main weapon, along with the ability to use a hammer, pipes, dynamite and other items found as you progress through the story.
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Police Car Crane Machine (6 players version) POLICE CAR CRANE MACHINE (6 PLAYERS VERSION) Crane Machines
Police Car Crane Machine (6 players version) is a cartoon police car appearance crane machine which design for 6 players. Play the game very easy and simple only by the joystick and the push button, the joystick with 4 control directions of claw: left, right, front and back. Feature with the claw strength can be adjustment according to the weights and shapes of toys, and the claw can grab difference types toy which the size range from 7cm to 10cm. Fashionable and unique design, decorate with bright LED lights, appeal to every player.

Happy Travel Crane Machine (6 players version) HAPPY TRAVEL CRANE MACHINE (6 PLAYERS VERSION) Crane Machines
Happy Travel Crane Machine (6 players version) is a cute train shape crane machine which design for 6 players, increased entertainment and interactively for the players. Game play only by the joystick and push button, easy to use, simple and fun, suitable for the players of all ages. Feature with the whole machine is assembled with LED lights, cartoon and bright appearance will attract everyone.

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