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Fantasy Space Holographic Style Redemption Game machine
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last update, October 21, 2018. 

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Candy Fall Skill Test Redemption Machine CANDY FALL SKILL TEST REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Candy Fall Skill Test Redemption Machine is an exciting game that drop the balls into the buckets to win the tickets. Feature with a 32" LCD screen for real-time the video and physical ball synchronization. In the game play, player try to drop the balls into the rotating buckets to win the scores, when more than 50 balls drop into buckets, player win the JACKPOT awards. Machine appearance with colorful candy and cartoon style scenes as the design theme, sweet and beautiful. The game play is simple and exciting, only by the push button to enjoy the funny game time.
$3393.07 USD

Pirate's Kingdom Redemption Machine (4 players) PIRATE'S KINGDOM REDEMPTION MACHINE (4 PLAYERS) Redemption Machines
Pirate's Kingdom Redemption Machine (4 players) is a coin game which player seize the opportunity press the button to launch coins to win scores, machine design for 4 players play the game at the same time, increase the entertainment of the game. Feature with the rotating turntable, design the ticket-number region and the JP chance area, make the game full of challenges, surprises and thrills. Strong and brightness cabinet design easy to catch player attention.
$5991.71 USD

Mystery Island 3D Shooting Game machine (2 players) MYSTERY ISLAND 3D SHOOTING GAME MACHINE (2 PLAYERS) Shooting Games
Mystery Island 3D Shooting Game machine (2 players) is a 2D mode and 3D mode switch freely double cooperation shooting game. Features with a high-definition large screen, 2 luxurious guns installed and the sensitive steering wheel, the comfortable double seats and vibrant three-dimensional surround sound, gives the players the unusual experience.
$5991.71 USD

100mm Jumbo Illuminated Push Button 100MM JUMBO ILLUMINATED PUSH BUTTON Push Button
Jumbo Illuminated Push Button is approximate 100mm in diameter. It comes with LED light, securing nut, and a pre-installed long life horizontal microswitch.
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Start Push Button For Mai Mai Music Arcade Machine START PUSH BUTTON FOR MAI MAI MUSIC ARCADE MACHINE Push Button
Start Push Button For Mai Mai Music Arcade Machine is a standard size push button. Great replacement for Mai Mai series music game machine. It is easy to operation, durable material made, works in high efficiency and great reliability.
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Multi Coin Validator (front insertion) MULTI COIN VALIDATOR (FRONT INSERTION) Cash Handling
An intelligent multi-coin selector can sets 6 groups of coins in different denomination with different signals. It can be connected to computer by RS-232 interface.
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The Walking Dead Crossbow Controller Shooting game THE WALKING DEAD CROSSBOW CONTROLLER SHOOTING GAME Shooting Games
The Walking Dead Crossbow Controller Shooting game is an arcade video crossbow gun shooter game developed by Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix, features with a theater sit-down cabinet, a 55 inch high definition LCD screen, with bench seating, RGB lighting effects and Raw Thrills patented Thrill-D sound system, featuring two crossbow-styled controller as its main weapon, along with the ability to use a hammer, pipes, dynamite and other items found as you progress through the story.
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Transformers Human Alliance Arcade Theater Shooting Game TRANSFORMERS HUMAN ALLIANCE ARCADE THEATER SHOOTING GAME Shooting Games
Transformers Human Alliance Arcade Theater Shooting Game is partners players with one of three movie's stars: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or Sideswipe game. Feature with the cabinet was designed to seat 1-2 players, contained in a huge and highly attractive bumblebee-theme, designs with a large 55″ HD Monitor and 5 regions for player to defend. Players must battle their way across America, Africa and Europe destroying the deceptions before they find the all spark, a material capable of bringing any mechanical or electronic object to life.
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Time Crisis 5 twin machine (Asia version) TIME CRISIS 5 TWIN MACHINE (ASIA VERSION) Shooting Games
Time Crisis 5 twin machine (Asia version) is the fifth installment in the popular Time Crisis series of shooter arcade video games by Namco and new arrival in Year 2015, is with a deluxe cabinet that uses two 55 inch high definition screens, playing across three challenging stages, advanced with a brand new dual foot pedal system, players can now attack from two different positions by stepping on either the left or right foot pedal. The game also features a new weapon-toggle button where players can change weapons during play and a newly designed gun recoil mechanism.
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TeraToma: The Last Rebellion Video Shooting Game TERATOMA: THE LAST REBELLION VIDEO SHOOTING GAME Shooting Games
TeraToma: The Last Rebellion Video Shooting Game is a new mounted light-gun shooter game, with blue color as basic tone cabinet design and mounted with a 42 inch high definition LCD screen, with over five science-fiction game themes, with two motion cannon guns with realistic thrilling shooting feels for exciting shooting game challenged.
$6300.00 USD

Storm Rider Motor Driving Game STORM RIDER MOTOR DRIVING GAME Driving-Riding Games
Storm Rider Motor Driving Game is a motor racing game with 3D effect game play, the novelty design featuring with 42 inch high definition LCD screen, and comfortable motor seat with controllers enable players to feel immersive motorcycle racing experience.
$6100.00 USD

Power Truck Special Driving Machine POWER TRUCK SPECIAL DRIVING MACHINE Driving-Riding Games
Power Truck Special Driving Machine is an advanced version from power truck video driving game machine released by IGS, with brighten new cabinet design, add new bulldozers truck and hovercrafts truck for selections, with car transforming systems, more realistic driving fun with vibration gaming seat, can be linked to 4 players competition game and exciting with "booster VS woofer" game play.
$7799.00 USD

Derby Champions Horses Racing Sport Game machine DERBY CHAMPIONS HORSES RACING SPORT GAME MACHINE Redemption Machines
Derby Champions Horses Racing Sport Game machine is a video horses racing game, player riding on the horse which is large and strong as real animal, control your horse by pulling the reigns on the screen as fast as you can, attractive with a 55 inch high-definition screen to play the racing game, and install the simulation of the motion horses, control the direction of the horse by the pulling the reins to left or right.
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Cruis’n Blast Motion Racing Car Arcade Game machine CRUIS’N BLAST MOTION RACING CAR ARCADE GAME MACHINE Driving-Riding Games
Cruis’n Blast Motion Racing Car Arcade Game machine is an interactive motion platform racing car game machine, appears with extremely cool flashing light effects, equipped with a camera to capture the player photos; features with five tracks for option, like racing on real locations, with platform vibration and nitrogen acceleration function, amazing and attracts for every player.
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Ultra Race Arcade Car Racing Game machine ULTRA RACE ARCADE CAR RACING GAME MACHINE Driving-Riding Games
Ultra Race Arcade Car Racing Game machine is a latest car racing arcade game machine, the car can be transformed as player use boost function and features with various camera modes, a collection of real cars, and add exciting game play during the driving by constantly changing tracks affected by volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and other calamities.
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Jurassic Park Shooting Arcade Game machine JURASSIC PARK SHOOTING ARCADE GAME MACHINE Shooting Games
Jurassic Park Shooting Arcade Game machine is a high-reliability guns shooting arcade game machine released from Raw Thrills, players must rescue the dinosaurs on an island run amok! Use your high-powered tranquilizer gun to subdue menacing dinosaurs and restore order to the island, features with Jurassic park theme cabinet and with amazing game video with high definition graphic display and real dinosaur effects.
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Dino Invasion Shooting Arcade game machine - 4 players DINO INVASION SHOOTING ARCADE GAME MACHINE - 4 PLAYERS Shooting Games
Dino Invasion Shooting Arcade game machine - 4 players is a standalone video shooting gallery for 4 players playing the title of the best hunter at a time, mounted with 4 shooting guns, and a wide screen projector makes full video based display, installed with Dino Invasion software expansion and cabinet kit, makes an old concept of a shooting gallery more dynamic by being fully video based, the game conspicuously features roaring dinosaurs for players to shoot and as well as ticket redemption for each player.
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Injustice Arcade Card Game Machine ( 2 players ) INJUSTICE ARCADE CARD GAME MACHINE ( 2 PLAYERS ) Medal Games
Injustice Arcade Card Game Machine (2 players ) is a "card vending" style arcade game for 2 players and comes with the one-on-one fighting game released by Raw Thrills. Injustice Arcade collect over 200 cards, scan up to 3 cards to build your team for typical fighting game, no joystick controls, only by buttons controls a team of three heroes to move and fighting, if you do not have a card, it will pick a random character selection. A single card is awarded after every match.
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Night Hunter 4D Gun Shooting Simulator NIGHT HUNTER 4D GUN SHOOTING SIMULATOR Shooting Games
Night Hunter 4D Gun Shooting Simulator is a 4D of sorts which have elements such as motion and air blasts video shooting game machine from the sequel of sorts to After Dark. It is made in a motion deluxe cabinet, feature with the motion platform with force-feedback guns and the steering wheel, this adds a lever for changing player ammo type. In the game, player journey through stages filled with zombies and vampires, the fight add creatures on player's way to battle flying demons with the occasional "wheel" event, made the game more exciting.
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MotoGP Video Arcade Racing Machine (with 42 inch LCD screen) MOTOGP VIDEO ARCADE RACING MACHINE (WITH 42 INCH LCD SCREEN) Driving-Riding Games
Moto GP Video Arcade Racing Machine is an official licensed MotoGP motorcycle simulator arcade game with authentic “MotoGP-style” motorcycle mounts. MotoGP video motorcycle racing game play is displayed on a stunning 42” HD LCD display equipped with a front-facing face camera that puts players and their friends or competitors into the game, with Online driver stat tracking, and the front-mounted fan simulates wind speeds. Feature with local & online multiplayers for up to 8 riders, and the motorcycle color are red, blue, yellow and green for option.
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Aliens Armageddon Deluxe Shooting Arcade  ( 55 inch LCD screen) ALIENS ARMAGEDDON DELUXE SHOOTING ARCADE ( 55 INCH LCD SCREEN) Shooting Games
Aliens Armageddon Deluxe Shooting Arcade is a saving earth from the invading extraterrestrials shooting game machine, upgrade from Aliens series released by Raw Thrills, battling an onslaught of all new alien enemies, it is a deluxe model and features a huge 55 inch high definition LCD cabinet, enhanced gun system with non-stop shooting action and with Aliens topper and four frantic levels.
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Funny Zombies Water Shooter Game Machine FUNNY ZOMBIES WATER SHOOTER GAME MACHINE Water Games
Funny Zombies Water Shooter Game Machine is a double shooting water game, feature with a HD 42" screen for display the high-definition 3D game graphics. The control panel designs for two players, equips with two durable water guns for players interact with the water video game, increase the interactively of players and the enjoyment of games. Machine materials made of sheet metal, stainless steel, etc..., strong and durable. Exterior sticker design bright-colored and fine-grained, combination of zombie elements makes this machine interesting and cute.

Naughty Tiger Basketball Machine NAUGHTY TIGER BASKETBALL MACHINE Basketball Machines
Naughty Tiger Basketball Machine is a leisure and entertainment basketball game, which appearance stickers design with the cartoon tiger as the theme element, vivid and exquisite patterns. Machine is made of solid wood, stainless steel etc..., which is safe and durable. Using large - scale integrated circuit, built - in program, stable and reliable performance. The game design for the children and adults, cultivate children's observation ability, thinking ability and hands-on ability, strengthen parent-child interaction.

Bubble League Coin Pusher Medal Game BUBBLE LEAGUE COIN PUSHER MEDAL GAME Medal Games
Bubble League Coin Pusher Medal Game is a combination of screen video games and virtual coin pusher games brand new game, which support ticket output and token output at the same time. Feature with a high-definition screen and the joystick for player interact with the bubble league game, design the score hole for player insert coins to get tickets, and equip with the physical push coin system, exercise player's operative skills, provide the fun of pushing currency for player. The appearance design of the machine is both beautiful and cartoon, grab and keep the attention of players.

Star Raider Funny Ball Redemption Machine STAR RAIDER FUNNY BALL REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Star Raider Funny Ball Redemption Machine is an interesting game of ball in the hole, which combined with the release ball in the hole game and the lighting lucky draw turntable game. Feature with the unique playfield that design densely packed with vertical poles and the lucky draw turntable, make the game full of variables and expectations. Gameplay is simple and interesting as well, player seize the moment to press the button on the control panel to release the ball to win the scores, novel gameplay make the player enjoy the full of surprises and fun game time.

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