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 Arcade Game Machines
last update, October 21, 2021. 


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   Air Hockey (82)
A good range of arcade, portable and home model air hockey tables.
   Arcade Cabinets Only (36)
A wide range of cabinets made around the world.
   Basketball Machines (33)
You can find many different type basketball arcade machines here.
   Battery Car (22)
Full range of single or double seats battery cars in various design.
   Bowling Machine (15)
Include professional bowling equipment and coin-operated bowling machine for adults and kids.
   Bumper Cars (14)
Include both overhead power system & floor pick-up power system in various designs.
   Carousel (22)
A wide range of classical horses carousel rides features with a rotating circular platform with seats for riders.
   Crane Machines (89)
Includes toy cranes, plush cranes, and fish cranes.
   Dartboard (1)
Coinop electronic dart board with arcade style cabinet
   Dedicated Machines (12)
Machines including cabinets with games, and machines not fitting other categories.
   Driving-Riding Games (79)
Games include motorbikes, car racing, horse riding, and similar games can be found here.
   Excavator (4)
Excavator is a series of coin-operated amusement kiddie rides, it is composed of a broad shovel head and a rotating arm, is an advanced digging tool, harvests soil and plastic balls in a wide range, is a popular kids or adult attractions.
   Fish Machines (28)
A series of Fish Hunter Redemption Arcade Machine, features with variety of fish or other cute swinging characters as game themes, with several different types of fishing games, use harpoon hunter or shooting weapons and mini games to catch more profitable fish to win games.
   Hammer & Punch machines (28)
Various type hammer game machines and boxing game machine design for family entertainment center.
   Kiddie Rides (61)
Includes both coin and non coin operated kiddie rides.
   Medal Games (37)
Token / coin machines allowing players to win tokens.
   Motion Theatre (2)
Various 3D / 4D / 5D Realistic Motion simulator machine, featuring in motion seats system which produces dynamic and exciting motion, 3D / 4D / 5D film theme.
   Music-Dance Machines (79)
Full range of dance, drum, guitar, can be found in this section.
   Park Rides & Attractions (8)
Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, Fairground Attractions & Soft Play Centres.
   Photo - Stickers Game (1)
A range of products including photo, sticker, sketch and print machines.
   Pinball Machine (5)
A full range of Williams, Stern, Bally, Data East and Gottlieb pinball machines.
   Prize Machines (53)
Machines include rotary merchandisers, capsule machines, self redemption machines and general prize giving machines.
   Redemption Machines (208)
A catalogue of our redemption machine stock, including prize and ticket redemption.
   Shooting Games (87)
Games include hand held or fixed guns and laser based shooting games.
   Soccer - Foosball Tables (1)
Soccer / Foosball tables for home or arcade centers.
   Sport Games (25)
Surfing, Skiing, and fishing are examples of games in this section.
   Ticket Redemption (2)
Ticket redemption
   Touch Screen (3)
   Train (9)
Various track rides comes with several individual rides and usually rides in the form of a train on a track;
   Vending Machines (21)
Candy, Foods, Drinks vending machine
   Virtual Reality Arcade VR (17)
A series of virtual reality arcade machine, is with each delivering a particular brand of VR dynamic experience, features with VR headset, VR glasses, dynamic special effects seats, 3D, 4D, 5D, 9D films and operation platform.
   Walking Animal (7)
A new concept of motorized walking animal, include tiger, panda, elephant and so on.
   Water Games (33)
various type redemption machines with water system, includes water shooter, water pool catcher, fishing under water games, design for kids or family entertainment center.
   Wheel Game Ticket Machine (15)
Players step up and pull the handle to spin the big wheel, when the wheel stops, players are rewarded with tickets. Including rotating wheel game, spin wheel game, big skill testing wheel game, lucky pointer stops game, etc......

Latest Offers

This is Spinal Tap Pinball Machine THIS IS SPINAL TAP PINBALL MACHINE Pinball Machine
This is Spinal Tap Pinball, which is designed and manufactured by Homepin, is based on the 1984 Movie “This is Spinal Tap”.

The movie is a mockumentary about a fictious rock and roll group, who embark on their biggest tour to the US, accompanied by a fan who is also a film-maker, to promote their new album ‘Smell the Glove’.

  Location: Taiwan   Available: Coming Soon
Please Ask
Engineering Truck Ride Machine ENGINEERING TRUCK RIDE MACHINE Park Rides & Attractions
Engineering Truck Ride Machine is a riding game for kid and adult to enjoy, design with 1 locomotive and 4 carriages. Carriages are designed into multiple vehicle models, excavator, bulldozer, construction truck and crane, the seats in the carriage are designed to two seats face each other, this novel design increase interactivity and entertainment. The theme of the carriages are wood grain color, with dazzling LED lights designed to attract everyone's attention.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$19950.00 USD
Poli Plane Park Ride (8 players) POLI PLANE PARK RIDE (8 PLAYERS) Park Rides & Attractions
Poli Plane Park Ride (8 players) is a rotating ride movement of amusement equipment, equip with four different cartoon cockpits, POLI police car, Amba Ambulance, Hayley plane and Roy fire engine which all equipped with seat belts and a simulated steering wheel, bring a pleasant experience for player while keeping the player safe. The central platform decorated with cute cartoon to catch the eye of passing children.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$16995.00 USD
Happy Balloon Kiddie Rides Machine HAPPY BALLOON KIDDIE RIDES MACHINE Kiddie Rides
Happy Balloon Kiddie Rides Machine is a kid riding game machine, with an island in the sky that no one has ever seen as the game theme, player takes on an adventure game aimed at the treasures that sleep on the island, the game with 5 mini games, rich and interesting, appeal to every player.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$6495.00 USD
Envmt Guardians Arcade Machine ENVMT GUARDIANS ARCADE MACHINE Sport Games
Envmt Guardians Arcade Machine is a ball throwing game machine which garbage sorting and recycling as the theme, learn about the mechanics of garbage sorting and recycling through games, an edutainment experience that combines game with learning, and the recycling necessary to fight for a sustainable future for our children. Gameplay is simple and easy, players throw as many balls into the lit trash cans as possible to learn and become familiar with garbage sorting and recycling.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$2995.00 USD

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