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last update, June 13, 2024. 

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Brick Stacker Skill Test Prize Redemption Machine on HOT sale!
05 Jun, 2024

Brick Stacker Skill Test Prize Redemption Machine is a kind of leisure prize machine and also a kind of retro game machine, a very fun game to win prizes through clever stacking of blocks, combines brilliant timing and skill, full of uncertainty. Machine is equipped with a screen, and the exterior is decorated with dazzling LED lighting effects, and two prize areas are designed for players to challenge and option.
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Crazy Guitar Hammer Machine Available!
21 May, 2024

Crazy Guitar Hammer Machine is a crazy hammer game machine which with guitar appearance, cool lighting and passionate music. The lights on the top are gorgeous and colorful, and the guitar strings are designed with neon lights, the lights change and can beat according to the rhythm of the surrounding sounds, the cube hitting platform uses 3D mirror for a more immersive experience.
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Electronic Jazz Drum 2 Game Machine – Hot Sale!
08 May, 2024

Electronic Jazz Drum 2 Game Machine is a popular jazz drum music machine by the majority of players, the machine equipped with a complete set of electronic drum structure and one 32" HD LCD screen, and the game contains a large number of Chinese, English, Korean songs, and provides fancy play, ordinary play, staff play for players to choose. Applicable places are shopping malls, video game venues, amusement parks, Recreation hall and so on.
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Various Styles of Basketball Shooting Machines for sale!!!
29 Mar, 2024

Pleased to inform that we have added a variety of basketball machines for sale, among these basketball shooting machines, there are standard styles, luxury styles, kids’ styles, with LCD screen styles, foldable styles, and various styles for you to choose from, different machine sizes, different machine styles, and different machine appearances, to meet your transportation, site placement and venue type needs.
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Great News The Phoenix Pump It Up machine New Arrival!
13 Mar, 2024

We are pleased to report that we are already selling the Phoenix Pump It Up machine! Phoenix Pump It Up is the latest installment in Andamiro’s long-running Pump It Up (PIU) rhythm and dance video game, the new version adds expanded content and technical improvements to the iconic five-step dance simulation game for arcades.
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The latest addition to the Toy Box Crane series: Toy Box 4-PLAYER will be available soon!
21 Dec, 2023

The newest in the Toy Box Crane series: Toy Box 4-PLAYER is coming soon! Designed for multiplayer enjoyment, four mini-cranes setup as one cabinet package, the controllers have been kindly designed with different heights to make it suitable for all players.
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Refurbished machines are special price on sale!
08 Dec, 2023

Great news!!! A bunch of refurbished machines are being cleared out for special sale, including redemption machines, racing machines, shooter machines, such as the Fairy Pearl Redemption Machine, Initial D' Arcade Stage Version 8 Infinity, Jurassic Park Gun Shooting Arcade Machine Motion Version, and so on. Refurbished but in excellent condition, welcome to contact our sales team for pricing and shipping charges.
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Andamiro Pump It Up 2023 Phoenix will arrive soon!!!
17 May, 2023

Pump It Up is a music video game series developed and published by Andamiro, Andamiro pulls the curtain back on Pump It Up 2023 Phoenix! It feature with new scoring system, premium mode, step readjustment, reward title, new songs, and so on...
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Add a 2nd monitor for your Game Wizard Xtreme / Vewlix / Chewlix Cabinets!
31 Mar, 2023

Add personalized features to your Game Wizard Xtreme / Vewlix / Chewlix Cabinets, we recommend Monitor Side 14 inches 4K LCD Monitor Panel and Monitor Side 14.9 inches LCD Monitor Panel to you! It will replace the blank metal panel at the upper side of Game Wizard Xtreme / Vewlix / Chewlix monitor for display personalized game demos, advertising, company information, and more.
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Vewlix Cabinet Plastics in Many Colours
28 Mar, 2023

We are pleased to recommend to you the Game Wizard Xtreme / Vewlix / Chewlix Cabinet Plastic Set which are in hot sale. The Cabinet Plastic Set is a set of plastic components for Game Wizard Xtreme / Taito Vewlix / China made Chewlix arcade cabinets which composed of 7pcs plastic. There are 10 colors for option, made of strong and durable plastic, it will be your best choice!
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Reconditioned Sega Out Run 2 SP Super Deluxe Machine Twin Set is on special sale!!!
25 Aug, 2022

Sega Out Run 2 SP Super Deluxe Machine Twin Set, Reconditioned classic racing video arcade game! Designed to challenge and entertain players of all skill levels, all original courses and cars from Out Run 2 are included plus 15 new American courses, and 10 new cars. Cabinet type is sit down, suitable for 1~2 players, the voltage are 110volts, ex Japan.
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Various Coin Operated Mini Excavator NEW models available!
18 Mar, 2022

We are pleased to introduce different type newly released coin operated mini excavator machines available for sale now. They are coin-operated excavator entertainment equipment, features with 90/180/360 degree rotatable can choose and a broad shovel head can dig to 60cm depth, controlling easily by two large joysticks to scoop up mounds of sand or plastic balls games, hand controls feeling that actually excavator to work the scoop, suitable for both adults and children.
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The new styles of bowling machines are especially recommended!!!
07 Jan, 2022

We are pleased to recommend two new bowling machines to you! They're BOWLING CHAMP, one for Bowling Champ Video Game Ticket Redemption Machine (Standard Edition) and one for Bowling Champ Video Game Ticket Redemption Machine (Kids Edition), two editions bowling machines differ in the length of the lanes, providing options for different entertainment venues and players.
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Special clearance on original and used arcade machines!
13 Dec, 2021

Special clearance sale of all kinds of original and used arcade game machine! They are IGS, Raw Thrills, Taito and SEGA, etc. original machines, manufactured by Chinese agents. Used in excellent condition, refurbished in excellent condition and the price is very favorable, if you are interested please contact our sales team!
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Latest Arcade Games from China
03 Dec, 2021

Lots of new and exciting arcade games were released at the recent GTI Trade Show in China including Nitro Trucks, Crazy Rider, Asphalt 9 and more.
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Latest Amusement Machines & Arcade Games Videos
03 Dec, 2021

Join our youtube channel where we upload videos on all the latest amusement machines, arcade games, and gaming machines from Asia.
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This is Spinal Tap Pinball Coming to Hong Kong
09 Sep, 2021

This is Spinal Tap Pinball is in production and is expected to be released soon to Hong Kong.This is Spinal Tap Pinball, which is designed and manufactured by Homepin, is based on the 1992 Movie “This is Spinal Tap”.
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SEGA, NAMCO, TAITO original and used machines - In Stock Clearance offer!!!
17 Aug, 2021

A variety of SEGA, NAMCO, TAITO original and used machines are available at attractive prices! Sonic & SEGA All-Stars, Mario Kart Arcade GP2, Taiko No Tatsujin 14, The House of The Dead 4, Big Buck HD® Wild, etc. They are used in excellent condition, very limited quantity, stock for immediate shipment.
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Used Time Crisis 5 twin machine (Asia Version) sell at a bargain price!!!
30 Jul, 2021

We have 1pc used Time Crisis 5 twin machine (Asia version) is being sold at an attractive price, the machine was built in China by WAHLAP under license from BANDAI NAMCO, Chinese version. Design with a deluxe cabinet that uses two 55 inch high definition screens, with two foot pedal (left and right side) and two specialized recoil guns, work together to play the game.
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Arcade LCD Monitors are Hot Selling!!!
20 Jul, 2021

20 inch Arcade LCD Monitor LG 4:3 UXGA and 32 inch Arcade LCD Monitor BOE 1080P are highly recommended! These are the two types of monitors we are hot selling, they are designed for all arcade machines, and we have stock, can deliver the monitors quickly. With RoHs certified, the premium LCD arcade monitor comes with 2 years warranty.
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Music Box for kiddie rides is available - clearance sales!
08 Jul, 2021

We still have some Music Box for kiddie rides in stock and we are clearing them out! It is an integrated control box for kiddie riders, characterized by controllable time and adjustable sound, with programing and recording the number of coins per credit, SD card and harness kit are also provided. If you are interested, get your now!
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Used H2 Overdrive Racing Game Machines Clearances - Attractive the Lowest Price!
02 Jul, 2021

We have several used H2 Overdrive Racing Game Machine for sale, these machines were built in China by UNIS under license from Raw Thrill, deluxe version with a 42-inch HD LCD screen, used machine in excellent condition. We are currently selling the machines on special price, if you are interested, please contact us for details and shipping charges!
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Various Pedal Assemblies on HOT sale!
25 Jun, 2021

Some pedal assemblies are available, Pedal Assy for Time Crisis 4 and Pedal Assy for Razing Storm and Time Crisis, they are suitable for use on Razing Storm and Time Crisis machines. If you need to place an order, please contact our sales team!
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New Style Simulator Arcade Game Machines are available - hot sale!!!
19 Jun, 2021

New offer for a serial of latest simulator arcade game machines, they are racing game and rafting game, shape design with motorboat, truck, raft and so on. Including JET Blaster Racing Game Machine, Nitro Trucks Racing Game Machine, Asphalt 9: Legends Arcade DX, Crazy Rafting Arcade Machine, Monster Truck Racing Game Machine Twin etc......Welcome to be mixed up with different models as list!
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Highly recommend Nitro Trucks Racing Game Machine - twin for $16495.00usd sell!
07 Jun, 2021

Nitro Trucks Racing Game Machine is on hot sale! It is a rowdy off-road racing game from the team that brought you Moto GP, and manufactured by Raw Thrills’s agent in China. Immersive cabinet design, and features 42" LCD high-definition screen, 5.1 surround sound speakers, LED lighting and force feedback steering wheel. Machine is link up to 8 units, 14 racing trucks and teams, 6 thrilling off-road tracks.
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