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IGS and SEGA original and used arcade machines available and low price offer!!!
26 Mar, 2021

We are pleased to introduce some original and used machines to you which from IGS and SEGA! Including Overtake Arcade Driving Game Machine, House of Dead 4 Arcade Machine - 55 inch HD screen and House of Dead 4 DX Arcade Machine - 55 inch HD screen, they are used arcade machine but in excellent condition, stock available for shipment immediately, come to us for more details.
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Rambo/Ghost Squad Gun Shell and Time Crisis 4 Gun Shell for Special price offer now !
19 Mar, 2021

We now have Rambo/Ghost Squad Gun Shell and Time Crisis 4 Gun Shell for special price offer. They are clone version and brand new spare parts that can 100% perfect use in original machines.
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Various Arcade Game Parts from SEGA/NAMCO/Taito for sale!
12 Mar, 2021

We have various original arcade game parts for sale which come from Sega, Namco and Taito! There are many types of accessories, including game board, gun sensor, I/O board, motherboard, gun I/O board, card reader, graphics card, etc., all are good working condition and can be as replacement part for the original arcade game machines, including Card Reader for Initial D Arcade Stage Version 8 Infinity, Graphics Card for Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX PLUS, Gun I/O Board for House of Dead 4 Shooting game machine, etc.
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Vewlix Style 32 inch Arcade Cabinet with Attractive Price Offer!
05 Mar, 2021

Vewlix Style 32 inch Arcade Cabinet is a metal arcade cabinet which design for two-player. This cabinet adopts high standard configuration, all parts used are 100% brand new, and the cabinet can be matched with different colors. It is supports all JAMMA game boards, or, adds a Raspberry Pi, PC or other console with 3rd party adapters. Move and position the machine easily, suitable for all kinds of entertainment centers!
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Raw Thrills Super Bikes 3 Motorcycle Racing Arcade Game Machine is hot sale!
27 Feb, 2021

We are pleased to introduce the hot sale Super Bikes 3 Motorcycle Racing Arcade Game Machine now! Super Bikes 3™ is another popular sequel motorcycle racing game of Super Bikes 2, is Raw Thrills introduces the latest iteration of the highest-earning motorcycle racing franchise ever.
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Guns for SEGA original Ghost Squad machine, RAMBO machine and Operation G.H.O.S.T machine for hot sale!
19 Feb, 2021

Brand new original guns and China clone guns for SEGA original Ghost Squad machine, RAMBO machine and Operation G.H.O.S.T machine are available! They are all brand new, and can be perfectly replaced or installed on the original machines. If you are interested, welcome contact our sales team!!!
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Pump it Up Complete Floor Assembly Set Available Hot Sales!
02 Feb, 2021

Solemnly recommend to everyone the Pump it Up Complete Floor Assembly Set! It is an Andamiro's original floor assembly, suitable for replacement or installation on the Pump It Up XX 20th Anniversary Edition Dance Machine. Special price of $2450.00 USD! If you are interested, welcome to email!
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Sega Chihiro Gameboard and Sega Chihiro Motherboard for sale!
01 Feb, 2021

We've been selling original Sega Chihiro Gameboard and Sega Chihiro Motherboard! SEGA original and used, in excellent condition. Sega Chihiro Gameboard special price of $335.00 USD, Sega Chihiro Motherboard special price of $170.00 USD! If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!
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Japan cabinet Mario Kart Arcade GP2 Twin Set are available!!!
12 Jan, 2021

We have Japan cabinet Mario Kart Arcade GP2 Twin Set on special sale! They are NAMCO's original machine, English version, in excellent condition. 3 sets are in stock, special price of $4900.00 USD per set! Welcome to contact us if any interest!!!
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Solemnly recommend to everyone a variety of Fish Machine Game boards and Software!!!
06 Nov, 2020

Solemnly recommend to everyone a variety of Fish Machine Game boards and Software, include Dragon Palace, Flying Tiger, Gorilla, Space War USA, Super Lightning. They are latest fishing games from Seafood Paradise series and Insect Doctor series. Game board kits types are rich and can meet different player’s selection requirements, the kits are classified as fish hunting, bird hunting, insect hunting and plane shooting games.
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Hot Wheels Pinball For Sale Pre Order!!!
17 Jun, 2020

Pre-orders for Hot Wheels Pinball are now open! The exciting and fast-paced world of HOT WHEELS comes to life under glass, featuring a dazzling array of gameplay objectives that will keep players of all ages racing back to play again and again.
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Ultimate Tic Tac Toe Prize Machine available and low price offer!!!
17 Jun, 2020

We have a used Ultimate Tic Tac Toe Prize Machine available for a super low price of $695 USD!!! This super cool designed machine is sure to bring profits and attract players.
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Reconditioned EZ2AC music machines in STOCK for sale!
14 May, 2020

A series of Stock Reconditioned EZ2AC music machines are in special LOWEST promotion price and stock available for sell now, which would sure bring profits and attract players eyeables.
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Happy Chinese New Year Holidays!
17 Jan, 2020

We wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year Holiday!Please note our China branch will be closing Monday and reopening on the 3rd of February.
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Bulldog Games ticket redemption machines in stock now!
27 Jun, 2019

Bulldog game company has different type of ticket redemption arcade game machines for sale now.
These ticket redemption arcade game machines are brand new with English version.We are pleased to introduce the latest game machines!
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Bulk Pinball Machines For Sale in Europe
21 Jun, 2019

A collector has a number of pinball machines for sale from his private collection. Most of the machines are refurbished and in great condition. They are all 220 volts and all the goods are from Europe.
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Buy some Second Hand Arcade Spare Parts and Accessories!
03 May, 2019

All of our recycled arcade spare parts are on sale now, all parts are quickly and easily to replace for original arcade game machine, it is the great deal to buy some second hand spare parts saving money to get your current machine to work, including shooting gun parts, mainboard, Gun set, IO board for original Namco Time Crisis 2, Time Crisis 3, Time Crisis 4; Or card reader, video card, IO board, software hard disk for Namco Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 dx PLUS, etc.......
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Newly Released Mechanical Centipede Fishing Arcade Game Full Game Board Kit USA Edition in STOCK for sale!
19 Apr, 2019

Mechanical Centipede Fishing Arcade Game Full Game Board Kit USA Edition is new available video redemption arcade game, is also a traditional insect hunter type similar as fishing hunter game, to catch insect characters game by shooting guns, the game play increased with new character - the king of Mechanical Centipede, now in stock for immediately shipment, come and check more details.
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I/O Board for Fish Games Available!!
13 Apr, 2019

There are a series of I/O Board for fish game on sale now, used as replacement part for different fish hunter game. Those I/O board as signal connect board, can use to connect fish type game board to each player's console, brand new and good performance, including Clone IGS I/O board for Ocean King, I/O Board for Mystic Dragon game, Dragon Slayer I/O Board for Fish Game, etc.......
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Ocean King Features Fish Hunter game kit on sales!
01 Apr, 2019

Our latest new fish hunter series game board for your fish cabinets, are full of excitement sales, with video fish hunting game play to shooting variety of fish targets, with popularity many people fishing game, enhance the taste of fishing fun, will make great profit, suitable for commercial use and all are in stock and available for immediate shipment! Including Mystic Dragon 2 Redemption game kit, Ocean king 3 plus new release fishing series game, etc......
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Happy Snake Ticket Redemption Special offer!
28 Mar, 2019

Various ticket redemption game and win prizes game machines are with high quality made, in attractive promotion offer Now! Comes with new design, skill challenged, more sports activity and unique game play, includes Galaxy Bridge Ticket Redemption Machine, Winners' Wheel Ticket Game, Spark Master Skill Test Prize machine,etc.....First come first offer!
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Various Arcade Cabinet NEW models available and low price offer!!
13 Mar, 2019

We has the largest range of arcade cabinets on shopping now, most of them are with a latest fashion design, comes with free game board for sale, some of them are mounted with high quality Sanwa Japan make parts, providing with different monitor for option, such as 25 inch CRT Arcade Cabinet, Vewlix Style 32 inch Arcade Cabinet, other 32 inch air fighting arcade game cabinet, etc.......
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Stock PCBs and game kit for Arcade Game Machines In Clearance Sell!
09 Mar, 2019

We have a closeout offer for a series of arcade machine PCBs parts and game kits, all are in stock for immediate shipment! Enable for different Sega, Namco, Taito games, etc......Come to us for attractive price offer! Limit quantity offer, first come first server!
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2019 Chinese Lunar New Year holiday notice!
30 Jan, 2019

The upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year begin with the warmest of aspirations, Coinopexpress will be closing for this Chinese lunar new year holiday, and start on date 2nd February, 2019 to 10th February, 2019 , we are sorry if any inconvenience caused, we will be back to work at date 11th February, 2019. We thank you all of your support, and we wish you and your beloved family a Happy New Year and a prosperous year 2019.
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Cheap Used or Reconditioned Japan made machines from Asia Market Special Offer!
17 Jan, 2019

Of of our Asia customer is closing down their arcade center these days, now offers assorted original standard amusement machines in clearance sell now, all are in good working condition and most attractive products in the arcade center. Including original Sega Rally 3 driving game, Namco Tokyo Wars, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX Plus, Sega UFO Prize Stage, etc......
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