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 Medal Games - Full Machines
last update, May 22, 2019. 


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Gachamambo Saboten Carnival GACHAMAMBO SABOTEN CARNIVAL Price
A Six player medal game with token out function.

  Location: Japan   Available: 10~18 days
$4800.00 USD

Galaxy Dream (Western Dream 2) GALAXY DREAM (WESTERN DREAM 2) Price
Players need to insert tokens, which drop into slots on the main board. Depending on where the token lands depends on how many space the train near the top of the machine moves. The object is get the train across the finish line to win.

  Location: Japan   Available: 3~7 days
$3995.00 USD

Geki Makaimura single pusher GEKI MAKAIMURA SINGLE PUSHER Price
Geki Makaimura is a single player coin pusher released by Capcom, plays with variety of Ghosts'n Goblins series innovative action shooter game, player can reload bullets, using various weapons, to defeat zombies, ogres, demons, cyclopes, dragons, and other monsters in order to rescue Princess to win more medals.

  Location: Japan   Available: 10~18 days
$1775.00 USD

Ghost Castle single pusher GHOST CASTLE SINGLE PUSHER Price
Ghost Castle is a skill medal game, design with various exciting mini games and events will occur in the castle, released by Taito Corp, a very good single play coin push machine.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks
$1495.00 USD

GI -Turf TV Horse Racing GI -TURF TV HORSE RACING Price
GI-Turf TV is a horse racing medal game developing by Konami. It features in an extra large-screen monitor comprised of 3 wide monitors which can make out impressive race scenes for players.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks
Please Ask

A horse racing game for up to 16 players. Each race a number of variables change to insure random winning results.

  Location: Japan   Available: 7~14 days

GI-Leading Sire Horse Racing GI-LEADING SIRE HORSE RACING Price
GI Leading Sire is a 12-players horse racing medal game from GI series released by Konami, in large-scale gambling station design can be played by 12 players in synchronous, with speed bar and stamina bar to display the detail of horses and can be played with memory card to enjoy with a specialized horse breeding game.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks
$8729.00 USD

Go by Train (Densha De Go 15th anniversary) arcade game GO BY TRAIN (DENSHA DE GO 15TH ANNIVERSARY) ARCADE GAME Price
Densha De Go 15th is a new upright arcade machine by using card to play with impression of train driving simulation game to celebrate Densha de Go's 15th anniversary from Taito released in 2012.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks

Gold Fort GOLD FORT Price
A luxury medal machine is full of coins lay on its surface and a pusher is non-stop pushing towards the coins.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$10680.67 USD

Gold Fort Coin Pusher (6 players) GOLD FORT COIN PUSHER (6 PLAYERS) Price
Medal game machine is full of coins lay on its surface and a pusher is non-stop pushing towards the coins.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 3~4 weeks
Please Ask

Golden Dream Drop Gold Coins Ticket Redemption Machine GOLDEN DREAM DROP GOLD COINS TICKET REDEMPTION MACHINE Price
Golden Dream Drop Gold Coins Ticket Redemption Machine is 4 players coin pusher type ticket game, designs in a round dome cabinet, comes with 8 slots, players control timing skills and hand-eye coordination to dropping the golden coins down and pushing them to win new high score for tickets award.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
Please Ask

Golden Roulette Medal game GOLDEN ROULETTE MEDAL GAME Price
Golden Roulette is a six-players roulette medal game released from Yuvo, designs in compact construction, with two LCD display across the roulette wheel in the center and six control panel, playing natural probabilities for a fair game.

  Location: Japan   Available: 10~18 days
$7669.00 USD

Golden Roulette Victory (English Version) GOLDEN ROULETTE VICTORY (ENGLISH VERSION) Price
Roulette is a casino and gambling game named after the French word meaning "small wheel". In the game, a croupier spins a wheel in one direction, then spins a ball in the opposite direction around a tilted circular surface running around the circumference of the wheel. The ball eventually falls on to the wheel and into one of 37 (in European roulette) or 38 (in American roulette) colored and numbered pockets on the wheel. Players place bets on the winning number and the color of the pocket, whether the number is odd or even, etc.

  Location: Japan   Available: 1~2 weeks

Grand Prix Coin Pusher GRAND PRIX COIN PUSHER Price
A coin pusher on the top level will non-stop pushing, player needs to seize a chance to insert coin into the machine and let the coin pusher make the coins falls

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 14~20 days
$2695.00 USD

Gundam Medal machine GUNDAM MEDAL MACHINE Price
Gundam Medal machine is a gun medal game based with Gundam shooting video game, player as one of Gundam units controls the joystick to shot the enemies.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks
$1350.00 USD

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