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 Warlord 32 inch Arcade Cabinet
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Medal Games
Product Name Price Qty Category Condition Manufacturer Year Location Availability
Ahiru No Youidon Medal game$3890.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodJapan10~18 days
Animal Escape Zoo Card Game TBA1Medal GamesNew2015China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Animal Hunter Redemption MachineTBA1Medal GamesNewAndamiro2016China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Aqua Twister$13499.85 USD1Medal GamesKonami1997Japan
Arabian Crystal ( 6 Players )$7000.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami2005Japan2~4 weeks
Baseball Player Coin Pusher$2980.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Benthal Storehouse Coin PusherPlease Ask1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)4~6 weeks
Bing Bing Pirate 2 Bingo Medal Game$17340.00 USD1Medal GamesNew2013Japan2~4 weeks
Bingo Drop Medal Game ( 12 players)Please Ask1Medal GamesGoodSega2012Japan10~18 days
Bingo Galaxy SD Medal Game$17950.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSega2007Japan2~4 weeks
Bingo Party Multicard$9950.00 USD
Please Ask
Medal GamesGoodSega2002Japan3~7 days
Bingo Party Phoenix$10950.00 USD1Medal GamesSega1998Japan
Bingo Party Pirates Coin Pusher$9995.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSegaJapan2~4 weeks
Bingo Party Splash$37100.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSega2002Japan7~14 days
Bingo Planet$8729.00 USD1Medal GamesUsedSega1997Japan3~7 days
Black Jack Hand Action Sega$8775.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSega1998Japan7~14 days
Blackjack Dealer's Angel machinePlease Ask1Medal GamesGoodAruze2005Japan2~4 weeks
Blazing Balling Drop In Medal Game (DX)$4225.00 USD1Medal GamesNew2011China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Blazing Balling Drop In Medal Game (SD)$3895.50 USD1Medal GamesNew2011China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Bubble League Coin Pusher Medal GameTBA1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Chibi Maruko Medal Game$1775.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodCapcom2004Japan10~18 days
Circle Dome Coin Pusher$6950.00 USD1Medal GamesUsedKonami1998Korea2~4 weeks
Clown Club Coin Pusher$1642.12 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Coinmaster - RouletteTBA1Medal GamesEurope
Crazy Fruit Medal Game$14990.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)10~18 days
Crazy Typhoon Coin Pusher$4095.00 USD1Medal GamesNewNamco2010China7~14 days
Cyclone Fever (4 players)$4250.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami2000Japan2~4 weeks
Cyclone Fever (8 players)$7995.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami2000Japan2~4 weeks
Dancing Fever$2200.00 USD4Medal GamesGoodSega2000Japan5~8 days
Davinci Tower Pusher (2 Players)$4995.00 USD1Medal GamesNew2011China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Delta MagicTBA1Medal GamesUsedKonami1997JapanStock
Demon Hunter Skill Test Medal Game$5695.00 USD1Medal GamesNew2011China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Desert Travel Coin Pusher$2559.67 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dino king II coin pusher (12 players)TBA1Medal GamesGoodTaito2003Japan10~18 days
Dinosaur Century Video Shooting Game (Gun Version)Please Ask1Medal GamesNew2012China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dinosaur Century Video Shooting Game (Joystick Version)Please Ask1Medal GamesNew2012China2~4 weeks
Disco Dream Coin Pusher$17500.00 USD1Medal GamesSega2005Japan2~4 weeks
Doggie Sport games$855.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dragon Dice (8 players)Please Ask1Medal GamesGoodYuvo2009Asia14~20 days
Dragon Palace$22500.00 USD1Medal GamesUsedKonami1997Japan7~14 days
Dragon Treasure$51800.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSega2003Japan3~7 days
Dream Balls Pusher Game MachinePlease Ask1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Elephant's Tale Coin Pusher$2782.63 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Fantasic Fever 2 Medal Game$11540.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami2005Japan2~4 weeks
Fantasic Fever 3 Medal Game$9499.52 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami2008Japan2~4 weeks
Fantastic Fever 3 Medal Arcade Game$3995.00 USD
Please Ask
Medal GamesGoodKonami2008JapanPlease Ask
Fantasy Arena$12800.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSega2006
Fantasy Castle Coin Pusher Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine$9450.00 USD1Medal GamesNew2018China (ex factory)7~14 days
Fire Fighter Hero Medal GameTBA1Medal GamesNewIGSChina2~4 weeks
Flip 2 Win Coin Pusher Machine$6195.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Forest of Magic Upright Arcade Machine$5195.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Fortune Orb Chapter 2$12950.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami2003Japan7~14 days
Fruits MagicTBA1Medal GamesUsedKonamiJapanStock
Funny Butterfly redemption machine (4 players)$3509.13 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)7~14 days
Future World Medal Game (6 players)TBA1Medal GamesNewChina10~18 days
Gachamambo Saboten Carnival$4800.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSegaJapan10~18 days
Geki Makaimura single pusher$1775.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodCapcom2005Japan10~18 days
Ghost Castle single pusher$1495.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodTaito2006Japan2~4 weeks
GI -Turf TV Horse RacingPlease Ask
Please Ask
Medal GamesNewKonami2010Japan2~4 weeks
GI-Classic EXTBA1Medal GamesUsedKonamiJapan7~14 days
GI-Leading Sire Horse Racing$8729.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami1999Japan2~4 weeks
Go by Train (Densha De Go 15th anniversary) arcade gameTBA1Medal GamesNewTaito2012Japan2~4 weeks
Gold Fort$10680.67 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Gold Fort Coin Pusher (6 players)Please Ask1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)3~4 weeks
Golden Dream Drop Gold Coins Ticket Redemption MachinePlease Ask1Medal GamesNew2016China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Golden Roulette Medal game$7669.00 USD
Please Ask
Medal GamesGoodJapan10~18 days
Golden Roulette Victory (English Version)TBA1Medal GamesNewJapan1~2 weeks
Grand Prix Coin Pusher$2695.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)14~20 days
Gundam Medal machine$1350.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2002Japan2~4 weeks
Happy Ocean Magic Coloring Paint Game Machine$19950.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Hello Kitty and The Apron of Magic card dispensing machineTBA1Medal GamesGoodExamu2011Japan2~4 weeks
Hero of Robots Card Game$4595.00 USD1Medal GamesNewIGS2012China2~4 weeks
Hero of Robots Transformers Go Card MachinePlease Ask1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Horse RidersTBA
Please Ask
Medal GamesGoodKonami2009Japan2~4 weeks
Injustice Arcade Card Game Machine 2 playersPlease Ask1Medal GamesNewRaw Thrills2018Great Britain (UK)Stock
Jack N Poy Medal Game$1032.79 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Jolly PartnerTBA1Medal GamesUsedKonami2000JapanStock
Jumbo Quick Coin Game (4 players)TBA1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Jungle Jive Coin Pusher$2995.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Kash Kong$4995.00 USD
Please Ask
Medal GamesNewKeaon Corp
Kato Chan single pusher$1775.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodCapcom2004Japan10~18 days
Kerorin Pic Medal game$3560.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSigma1996Japan2~4 weeks
Keroro Gunsoo Single Pusher (Keroro Gunsou Chikyu Shinryaku Shirei de Arimasu)$1750.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodBanpresto / Namco2006Japan2~4 weeks
Las Vegas Coin Pusher Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine 6 PlayersPlease Ask
Please Ask
Medal GamesNewAsiaStock
Lion Fever Medal Game$4179.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami2002Japan2~4 weeks
Little MasterpieceTBA1Medal GamesNewLAI2~4 weeks
Magic cup Medal Game machine$521.48 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Magic Forest Video Ball Bingo Game machine$5750.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Match MakerTBA1Medal GamesNewLAI20092~4 weeks
Medal Game Magic Cup$679.68 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Medalink Coin Pusher$9950.00 USD1Medal GamesNewSega2007Japan2~4 weeks
Merry Bomber medal game$3120.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2009Japan2~4 weeks
Million FeverTBA1Medal GamesUsedKonami1995JapanStock
Monkey Club Medal Game$1295.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Monopoly the medal$9250.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSegaJapan7~14 days
Multi Games Arcade machine (10 in 1)$885.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
New Angel Hand (7 PK)$912.00 USD3Medal GamesNew2002FOB Taiwan3~7 days
New Golden Roulette Victory (10 players)Please Ask1Medal GamesNewYuvo2010Asia14~20 days
New Wave Coin Pusher$4490.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Night of Halloween Coin Pusher$3250.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Penny Garden Coin Pusher$2575.46 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Pile Magic Medal Game$1250.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami1998Japan2~4 weeks
Pinball Medal GamePlease Ask1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Pirates Coin Pusher$16500.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Pokemon Medal World machinePlease Ask
Please Ask
Medal GamesNewNamco2011JapanComing Soon
Poker Medal Game with 22" LCD$850.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Quiz Magic Academy: Kenja no TobiraTBA1Medal GamesNewKonami2012Japan2~4 weeks
Roulette Bar$16500.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodAruzeJapan7~14 days
Shark Venture Medal GameTBA1Medal GamesNew2012China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Southern Cross Mystery$3655.00 USD1Medal GamesTaitoJapan3~7 days
Spin Fever$29950.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami2007Singapore2~4 weeks
Spin Fever 2 Medal Arcade Game$4995.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami2009JapanPlease Ask
Spin Fever 3 Medal MachinePlease Ask
Please Ask
Medal GamesGoodJapanPlease Ask
Spinna Winna$13295.00 USD
Please Ask
Medal GamesNewInnovative Creations in Entertainment (ICE)United States7~14 days
Star Craft Medal Game (6 players)TBA1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Star Horse 2 final destinationTBA
Please Ask
Medal GamesGoodSega2010Japan2~4 weeks
Star Horse 3 Season I - A new legend beginsTBA1Medal GamesNewSega2012Japan2~4 weeks
Star Horse 3 Season II - Blaze of GloryTBA1Medal GamesNewSega2013JapanComing Soon
Star Horse 3 Season V Exceed the limitTBA1Medal GamesNewSega2016Japan2~4 weeks
Star Horse Fourth Ambition 2TBA1Medal GamesUsedSega2008Japan
Star Horse ProgressTBA
Please Ask
Medal GamesGoodSega2009Japan2~4 weeks
Super Mario Brothers Coin WorldTBA1Medal GamesNewCapcom2011Japan2~4 weeks
Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2$19072.00 USD1Medal GamesGood2009Japan7~14 days
Super Two Win Medal Game$4146.80 USD1Medal GamesNew2010China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
That's PARADiCE Medal gameTBA1Medal GamesNewSega2012Japan2~4 weeks
Thomas & Friends Coin Pusher$8995.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodTaito2009Singapore2~4 weeks
To Amigyo Medal Game$15350.00 USD1Medal GamesGood2007Japan2~4 weeks
Toro no Osakana Tsuri single pusher (Pingu's Ice Block)$1775.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodCapcomJapan10~18 days
Treasure Coins Drop Redemption MachineTBA1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Treasure of Egypt Pusher$12350.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Treasure Pyramid Power Coin Drop Ticket Redemption Machine 4 players$7490.00 USD1Medal GamesNew2018China (ex factory)Stock
Trick Star$1196.63 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonamiJapan3~7 days
Twincle Dome Roluette Medal Game$4920.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodKonami1998Japan2~4 weeks
Twist Coin Pusher ( 2 players)$1542.45 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
UFO Mogura$2308.48 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
UGO UGO Mania medal machine$4300.00 USD1Medal GamesNewYuvo20087~14 days
Venus Fountain Medal GameTBA1Medal GamesNewKonami2012JapanComing Soon
Video Chefs$1350.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Video Jungle Sport Club$1350.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Video Kids Combo (8 games in 1 machine)$1150.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Video Sport Club (4 in 1)$1250.00 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Western Dream$5355.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodSega1992Japan7~14 days
Wheel of Fortune$6295.00 USD
Please Ask
Medal GamesNewInnovative Creations in Entertainment (ICE)United States7~14 days
Wheel of Fortune (2 Player Model)$10295.00 USD
Please Ask
Medal GamesNewInnovative Creations in Entertainment (ICE)United States7~14 days
Wheel of Ticket Coin PusherTBA1Medal GamesNewUnited States2~4 weeks
Wideism SP02 - Ball Pom Line single pusher$1775.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2005Japan10~18 days
Wideism SP02 - Dice Rom single pusher$2795.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2004Hong Kong5~10 days
Wideism SP02 - Petter The Shepherd single pusher$2795.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2003Hong Kong5~10 days
Wideism SP02 - Puzz Ball single pusher$1775.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2002Japan10~18 days
Wideism SP02 - Puzz Cude single pusher$2795.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2005Hong Kong5~10 days
Wideism SP02 - Sekai Kaseki Hakken single pusher$1775.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2004Japan10~18 days
Wideism SP02 - Slot No Oji Sama single pusher$1775.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2002Japan10~18 days
Wideism SP02 - Sugorotic Japan single pusher$2795.00 USD1Medal GamesGoodNamco2002Hong Kong5~10 days
Win 2 Win Medal Game$2190.76 USD1Medal GamesNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Wish 2 Win medal game$4150.00 USD1Medal GamesNew2010China (ex factory)2~4 weeks

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