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last update, October 31, 2020. 

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Carnival Circus Coin Pusher Ticket machine CARNIVAL CIRCUS COIN PUSHER TICKET MACHINE Redemption Machines
Carnival Circus Coin Pusher Ticket machine for two players is not only an exciting coin pusher game machine, but also a lucky ticket redemption machine. The design theme with the funny clown can attract players' eyeball to challenge them to want to win tickets. The game is very simple to play. After inserting the coins, press the "Start" button to launch the token. The players will win lottery tickets according to the tokens location.

The game is simple, easy to give the players well easily winning feeling;
$5895.00 USD

Adventure Bowling Machine ADVENTURE BOWLING MACHINE Bowling Machine
Adventure Bowling Machine is a funny bowling machine suitable for all players.
$3695.00 USD

Ball Drop Ticket Redemption Machine BALL DROP TICKET REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Ball Drop Ticket Redemption Machine is an exciting and fun machine for the player.
$2950.00 USD

Hot Wheels Pinball Machine HOT WHEELS PINBALL MACHINE Pinball Machine
For over 50 years, Mattel's Hot Wheels die cast cars have been sought and collected by hundreds of millions of fans all over the world. Over 5 billion cars have been sold incorporating more than 20,000 different car designs.

Today this multi-generational franchise is bigger than it's ever been, and by far the #1 selling toy in the world!

And now American Pinball is proud to present the first officially licensed HOT WHEELS™ pinball machine. The exciting and fast-paced world of HOT WHEELS™ comes to life under glass, featuring a dazzling array of gameplay objectives that will keep players of all ages racing back to play again and again.
$6295.00 USD

Speeding Hands Music Machine SPEEDING HANDS MUSIC MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
Speeding Hands Music Machine is a kind of technical music game. The game content is made by extracting music beats and feature points, and displayed in a variety of ways. Players play the game by tapping the keys according to the rhythm of the music and the screen prompts. The more accurate the beat, the higher the score. The skill of the game is also reflected in this.
$2950.00 USD

Monster Fairyland  Ball Shooting Machine 1 set MONSTER FAIRYLAND BALL SHOOTING MACHINE 1 SET Shooting Games
Monster Attack Ball Shooting Machine 1 set is water ball shooting machine with prize out function. Design in blue and pink color with cute stickers.
$2395.00 USD

Dance Cube 2 Dancing Machine DANCE CUBE 2 DANCING MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
Dance Cube 2 Dancing Machine is a music game for young people who love music and like to challenge the limits. It can support one or two players to play games at the same time. The modes of the game include single player, double play and double cooperation.
$13495.00 USD

Gold Fishing Rod Fishing Machine 8 players GOLD FISHING ROD FISHING MACHINE 8 PLAYERS Fish Machines
Gold Fishing Rod Fishing Machine 8 players on the basis of the traditional lottery machine, the intuitive and valuable gift mode is added to make the machine more attractive to players and make the goal of the game more clear. At the same time, it also allows venue operators to more flexibly choose different business modes and configure different games and activities.
$7995.00 USD

Tigger Sports Bicycle Machine Chinese Version TIGGER SPORTS BICYCLE MACHINE CHINESE VERSION Sport Games
Tigger Sports Bicycle Machine Chinese Version which is a sport game machine. Players not only can take exercise but also can play games.
$4595.00 USD

Whac-a-mole 3pcs  (Chinese version) WHAC-A-MOLE 3PCS (CHINESE VERSION) Hammer & Punch machines
Whac-a-mole 3pcs (Chinese version)is the world's first 8pcs machines link up game and can be folded into three machines.
$2950.00 USD

Happy Childhood Crane Machine 4 pcs HAPPY CHILDHOOD CRANE MACHINE 4 PCS Crane Machines
Happy Childhood Crane Machine 4 pcs which is a fashion crane machine.
$3995.00 USD

Candy Bear Gashapon Machine CANDY BEAR GASHAPON MACHINE Vending Machines
Candy Bear Gashapon Machine is a vending and game play machine to meet the interest for the children.
$495.00 USD

Candy Bear Series Vending Machine CANDY BEAR SERIES VENDING MACHINE Vending Machines
Candy Bear Series Vending Machine which is a small funny machine for the children to play.
$695.00 USD

Candy Bear Bumper Cars CANDY BEAR BUMPER CARS Battery Car
Candy Bear Bumper Cars is design in blue color with pretty out looking.
$1895.00 USD

Snow Ball Drop Ticket Redemption Game Machine 4 Players SNOW BALL DROP TICKET REDEMPTION GAME MACHINE 4 PLAYERS Redemption Machines
Snow Ball Drop Ticket Redemption Game Machine 4 Players is multiplayer game which player drop the ball into the reward hole below the screen to win the corresponding tickets or game awards, it is one of the most exciting and classic game. Machine is designed an back to back cabinet and a double console is designed on each side. It is equipped with four high-definition screen with pegs for players interact with the game. Feature with spacious seats, the colourful combine cabinet with LEDs around, make the machine appear comfortable, dazzling and luxurious, attract the gaze of people.
$6895.00 USD

3D Triple Screen Motorbike Racing Simulator 3D TRIPLE SCREEN MOTORBIKE RACING SIMULATOR Driving-Riding Games
3D Triple Screen Motorbike Racing Simulator is an latest 3D Moto driving machine, built with three ultra high resolution screens, design for a reality 3D motorbike racing experience and life-like speed performance, it is available for single player or multi players competition via network.

3D Triple Screen Car Racing Simulator 3D TRIPLE SCREEN CAR RACING SIMULATOR Driving-Riding Games
3D Triple Screen Car Racing Simulator becomes a widespread practice car racing machine, is made with multi-screen to be aligned for triple-head gaming and with a full motion system for a reality 3D car racing experience and life-like speed performance, it is available for single player or multi players competition via network.
$12250.00 USD

D Dance Master Dancing Game machine D DANCE MASTER DANCING GAME MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
D Dance Master is one multi-element topic dancing entertainment game with single or double mode on the subject of bloom, fashion and motion, comes with 3D background, HD graphics, personalized and elegant dancing step.
$9950.00 USD

Jolly Mini Crane Machine JOLLY MINI CRANE MACHINE Crane Machines
Jolly Mini Crane Machine is a merchandise crane which made specifically for a younger age group. Feature with a small and mini cabinet design, suitable for various places such as shopping malls, supermarkets and stores. Design the bright cabinet, and has a ton of attractive lights around the cabinet, catch little ones eyes and get them excited to play! Game play is sample and easy, same way as a normal merchandise crane would, the player attempt to catch a plush toy with the claw controls, win surprises and gifts.

Sweet Land 4 Bright Version SWEET LAND 4 BRIGHT VERSION Prize Machines
Sweet Land 4 Bright Version is a 4 players candy prize machine made by Namco, with fashionable bright cabinet design, with silver and blue lights in the dome, features with a rotating top display, enhanced interior lighting effect and new ventilation fan installed.
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Roto Grab Crane machine 4 Players ROTO GRAB CRANE MACHINE 4 PLAYERS Crane Machines
Roto Grab Crane machine 4 Players is an advanced 4 in 1 crane machine, features with a compact dome cabinets design, with unique rotating playfiled at the middle for more exciting skill challenged to grab toys game, amazing with lighting effects around, with very special joystick and LCD display on each control panel for easier game setting, high quality joysticks control the claw - up, down, left, right direction to grab toys, claws in different size can match different prizes.
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Angel Horse Carousel (3 players) ANGEL HORSE CAROUSEL (3 PLAYERS) Carousel
Angel Horse Carousel (3 players) is a cute ride with innovative design, equips with two vivid horse seats and one cartoon car, all come with seat belts for players. Features with slow start and safety system, ensure player safety when the game starts. Machine made of durable high quality fiberglass, design with a luxurious pedestal and top cap, and combine the attractive beam lights & digital sounds, get everyone's attention, make the game machine with a top earner in any location.

Cargo Express Kiddie Ride With Education Video Game For 2 Players CARGO EXPRESS KIDDIE RIDE WITH EDUCATION VIDEO GAME FOR 2 PLAYERS Kiddie Rides
Double Seat Cargo Express Kiddie Ride is a swing kiddie train machine with education video game display on the 22 inch HD screen for 3-8 years kids. In a simply play by controlling steering wheel to finish transportation task follow with the instruction (such as placing the goods on the designated location, stopping, honking etc.), meanwhile the machine swings forth and back with colorful train and flashing rainbow LED lights, which will more attractive kids to play.
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Happy Train park ride HAPPY TRAIN PARK RIDE Park Rides & Attractions
Happy Train is a 12 players train style park rides, features in a traditional train with bright lighting design, carries with cute characters, such as responsible guider, smile trainman and a gladly driver.
$12250.00 USD

Pirate Ship Ride (12 players) PIRATE SHIP RIDE (12 PLAYERS) Park Rides & Attractions
Pirate Ship Ride features in seaside trees decorate for extending safe rail, deluxe pirate boat as the skater that drives players for exciting swing forward-up or forward back-up.
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