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 Naomi II Arcade mother board
last update, June 22, 2024. 


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Naomi II Arcade mother board

Naomi II Arcade mother board
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   About Naomi II Arcade mother board   


Naomi II Arcade mother board,parts number is 839-1069 is situable for SEGA's Naomi 2, allows full backwards compatibility with Naomi 1 games, and is packed with new features

   Naomi II Arcade mother board Product Details   


  • Mother board only

  • CPU
  • CPU: 200 MHz Hitachi SH-4 (SH7091)
  • CPU Memory: 32 MBytes (100 MHz SDRAM)
  • CPU Memory Data Path: 64-bits
  • Memory Bandwidth: (800 MBytes/sec)
  • Geometry Co-processor
  • Geometry Co-processor: VideoLogic
  • custom transformation & lighting (T&L)
  • chip (Code named: ELAN)
  • Clock Rate: 100 MHz
  • Sustained Polygonal and Lighting Rate: 10 million polygons/sec with 6 light sources!
  • Supported Lights: Ambient, parallel, point and spot
  • Vertex Support: Combined dynamic and static model processing
  • Geometry Memory: 32 MBytes
  • Graphics Processing Unit (x2)
  • GPU: Two PowerVR2 (CLX2)
  • Pixel Fill-Rate: 200 MPixels/sec (400 MPixels/sec to 600 MPixels/sec due to infinite plane architecture assuming depth overdraw complexity of 2 to 3 layers)
  • Graphics Memory: 2 x 32 MB (100 MHz SDRAM)
  • External Data Path: 64-bits per GPU (128-bits total)
  • Memory Bandwidth: 800 MB/sec per GPU (1.6 GB/sec total)
  • Graphic Effects: Polygons/strips/fans engine, 16-bit and 24-bit color, multiple fog modes, super sampling for full scene anti-aliasing, specular highlighting, texture filtering: bilinear, trilinear, anistropic, MIP mapping, bump mapping, perspective correction, 8-bit alpha blending (256 levels of transparency), ARGB gouraud shading, general modifier volumes (GMV) for such effects as shadows, light, transpararency, etc.

   Naomi II Arcade mother board Other Details   


Product ID: 000886
Item Type: Naomi I / II Rom Board
Manufacturer: Sega
Country: Hong Kong

   Naomi II Arcade mother board Images   


Naomi II Arcade mother board-front view
Naomi II Arcade mother board-front view
Naomi II Arcade mother board-side view
Naomi II Arcade mother board-side view
  • Please Note: there is minimum order of $200USD (more info)

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