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last update, January 27, 2020. 


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Jubeat Copious Append machine JUBEAT COPIOUS APPEND MACHINE Price
Jubeat Copious APPEND is the upgrade version of Jubeat copious from Konami's popular 4 x 4 grid touch-panel music game series, features with over 10 new more songs added, successfully unlocking all songs allows the player to purchase the last song.

  Location: Hong Kong   Available: Please Ask
Please Ask

Jubeat Copious Machine JUBEAT COPIOUS MACHINE Price
Jubeat Copious is the fourth version of popular Jubeat series released by Konami; the game play will have the "Lincle Link" function with Beatmania IIDX 19: Lincle, and includes total more than 210 songs and over 57 new songs.

  Location: Japan   Available: Please Ask

Jubeat Festo Saucer Machine JUBEAT FESTO SAUCER MACHINE Price
Jubeat Festo Saucer Machine is a touch-panel music game, according to the game tip with music melody press translucent buttons. It is fifth generation version of jubeat series, feature in the system and the song was a great update, featuring many more new popular songs, music lift the ban system called bistro saucer. The game includes copyright song, original song and other BEMANI model transplantation song will be through the network update monthly change 10 -15 songs.

  Location: Japan   Available: Please Ask
$2995.00 USD

Jubeat Knit machine JUBEAT KNIT MACHINE Price
Jubeat Knit is the 3rd version of popular Jubeat series from Konami, features in a yellow color and graphics of wavy lines theme, upgrade with more 35 new songs, and total over 100 licensed songs, advance with different players can be matched same song in different difficult levels.

  Location: Japan   Available: Please Ask
$8950.00 USD

Jubeat machine (Ubeat) JUBEAT MACHINE (UBEAT) Price
Jubeat machine (Ubeat) is a music game where players must correctly hit the panels that match what they see on the screen. Up to four players can participate at once.
$2250.00 USD

Jubeat Qubell Machine JUBEAT QUBELL MACHINE Price
Jubeat Qubell Machine is the upgrade version from Konami's popular 4 x 4 grid touch-panel music game series released on year 2016. It is an unique rhythm game which features a cube console with 16 square buttons, players must correctly time their hit at same time with the music to score. It also supports the Konami E-Amusement Pass where players can save their progress, scores and unlock new songs online.

  Location: China   Available: 2~4 weeks
Please Ask

Jubeat Ripples Machine JUBEAT RIPPLES MACHINE Price
Jubeat Ripples is the second version of Jubeat series that with unique stereoscopic design, and improved with over 120 popular and heat songs, novelty with card system and that can be played as a single machine or linked up to 2 machines.

  Location: China   Available: 2~4 weeks
Please Ask

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