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 Medal Games - Full Machines
last update, August 21, 2019. 


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Jack N Poy Medal Game JACK N POY MEDAL GAME Price
Jack N Poy is a hand game play medal machine, exciting with multiplied bet rates, and simply operate by beating of three hand gestures patterns "Paper", "Scissor" and "Stone", one best hand gesture to beat with the machine displays to win tickets or tokens.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$1032.79 USD

Jolly Partner JOLLY PARTNER Price
Players insert a coin into the machine which starts the slot machine on the in built monitor. The slot wheels are made up of the numbers 1 to 7 and SJP(Super Jack Pot).

  Location: Japan   Available: Stock

Jumbo Quick Coin Game (4 players) JUMBO QUICK COIN GAME (4 PLAYERS) Price
Jumbo Quick Coin Game is a four game stations spinning wheel medal game, each with its own brightly ramp, and spinning wheel drawn with 8 different value patterns and jackpot value, players get the skill timing and try the best aim to drop coins or tokens down the brightly ramp to land on the value patterns at the spinning wheel, or drop down coins to lighten up 8 patterns to get a chance to win the JACKPOT bonus.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks

Jungle Jive Coin Pusher JUNGLE JIVE COIN PUSHER Price
Coin push machine design for two players, player insert coins to the pusher which keep pushing out the coins and let it drop onto the holder -to player.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2995.00 USD

Kash Kong KASH KONG Price
A video medal game, where players need to line up animals of the same type(eg 3 elephants) in a row to win.
$4995.00 USD

Kato Chan single pusher KATO CHAN SINGLE PUSHER Price
Kato Chan single pusher is a train running game coin pusher machine, featuring with two brightly light wheels on the top of pusher, designs with a train driving up to 3 riders to play 6 bonus games to win super JACKPOT bonus, especially for kids.

  Location: Japan   Available: 10~18 days
$1775.00 USD

Keroro Gunsoo Single Pusher (Keroro Gunsou Chikyu Shinryaku Shirei de Arimasu) KERORO GUNSOO SINGLE PUSHER (KERORO GUNSOU CHIKYU SHINRYAKU SHIREI DE ARIMASU) Price
Keroro Gunsoo Single Pusher is a skill test medal game and an improved version from WIDEISM SP-02 series developed by Namco.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks
$1750.00 USD

Las Vegas Coin Pusher Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine 6 Players LAS VEGAS COIN PUSHER TICKET REDEMPTION ARCADE MACHINE 6 PLAYERS Price
Las Vegas Coin Pusher Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine 6 Players is a coin pusher machine, features with 6 operating consoles for multi-player, also they work independently. Featuring the rotating neon marquee on the top, 3 options adjustable matrix display's for in-house promotions. Design with simple roulette style bonus, featuring the JP bonus, provide more rewards and surprises for players. Machine with beautiful and generous shape design, bright and delicate pattern, golden and dazzling body, catch everyone's eye.

  Location: Asia   Available: Stock
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Lion Fever Medal Game LION FEVER MEDAL GAME Price
Lion Fever is a 12-players medal game, featuring with a compact cabinet divided into 2 halves one, can be played with 12 players in simultaneous game play, is equipped with 16 segments display and the slot will always rotate after inserted a coin.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks
$4179.00 USD

Little Masterpiece LITTLE MASTERPIECE Price
Little Masterpiece design for enchanting bear shaped cabinet with interactive LCD touch screen. In this interactive coloring game, kids exercise their creativity fully.

Magic cup Medal Game machine MAGIC CUP MEDAL GAME MACHINE Price
Magic cup is a skill guess small cup game, plays fun shell game, player tries to win a capsule prize, tickets or tokens by choices of three color cups, one inside of which hides a coin, and by correctly guess out same as the cup automatic pull out.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$521.48 USD

Magic Forest Video Ball Bingo Game machine MAGIC FOREST VIDEO BALL BINGO GAME MACHINE Price
Magic Forest Video Ball Bingo Game machine is a four players video redemption arcade game machine, bring with mini ball game play from the mystery forest, that combines elements of magical king frog, wooden bumper and mushroom bumper barriers, player launch the balls at the right angle to win points for tickets or coins output.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$5750.00 USD

Match Maker MATCH MAKER Price
Match Maker is a latest coin-operated relationship compatibility and romance advice game. It allows users to test their compatibility with their significant other by simply entering both their and their romantic partner's names and birth dates on the 17 inch touch screen monitor.

Medal Game Magic Cup MEDAL GAME MAGIC CUP Price
Medal Game Magic Cup is an advance guess small cup game, improved with activity bet for score points that a color cup rises up true or false and press corresponding button within a specified time by correctly guess out same as the cup automatic rise up to win tickets or tokens.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$679.68 USD

Medalink Coin Pusher MEDALINK COIN PUSHER Price
"MEDALINK", is section in accordance to plays the family regarding the game type multiple demand, provides may expand the game content the large-scale on-line generation of coin machine radio station.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks
$9950.00 USD

Merry Bomber medal game MERRY BOMBER MEDAL GAME Price
Merry Bomber is a four-player rotating coin pusher, features with a movable vertical slider to drop down tokens into the pusher table playfield, or win more medals by dropping into one of the six helicopters inside of the dome, each helicopter can carry tokens, rotating and lifting up and down.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks
$3120.00 USD

Million Fever MILLION FEVER Price
A medal machine for up to 8 players. The playfield is divided into 2 halves one for the left side and one for the right side.

  Location: Japan   Available: Stock

Monkey Club Medal Game MONKEY CLUB MEDAL GAME Price
Monkey Club is a bet medal game with funny video game by monkeys racing to climb up coconut tree, player guesses and bets which two monkeys are the winner on racing game to win corresponding token or tickets.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$1295.00 USD

Monopoly the medal MONOPOLY THE MEDAL Price
A medal game machine based around the board game Monopoly. It features a colour screen with the entire board visible.

  Location: Japan   Available: 7~14 days
$9250.00 USD

Multi Games Arcade machine (10 in 1) MULTI GAMES ARCADE MACHINE (10 IN 1) Price
Multi Games Arcade machine is a mini games medal machine, design in fully solid metal construction and with a high definition 19 inch LCD screen appears 10 exciting mini video games plays on one single upright cabinet.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$885.00 USD

New Angel Hand (7 PK) NEW ANGEL HAND (7 PK) Price
This gambling machine features: Can bet five times, choose five cards from seven cards automatically, increase win chance.

  Location: FOB Taiwan   Available: 3~7 days
$912.00 USD

New Golden Roulette Victory (10 players) NEW GOLDEN ROULETTE VICTORY (10 PLAYERS) Price
New Golden Roulette Victory 10 Players comes with 46" LCD screen as a casino and gambling medal game.

  Location: Asia   Available: 14~20 days
Please Ask

New Wave Coin Pusher NEW WAVE COIN PUSHER Price
A machine that is full of coins lay on its surface. Player can try their luck to drop a coin into the machine and make the coins fall

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$4490.00 USD

Night of Halloween Coin Pusher NIGHT OF HALLOWEEN COIN PUSHER Price
This is a new design coin pusher with Halloween style.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$3250.00 USD

Penny Garden Coin Pusher PENNY GARDEN COIN PUSHER Price
Choose the best opportunity to insert coins, if the revolving plate push the coins fall, player can get prize.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2575.46 USD

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