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Kiddie Ride, Kids Carousel- new models now available!
21 Jul, 2014

A series of coin-operated amusement ride for small children are ensure with highest quality material and rocking motion fun with latest mini video games, including rocking tank kiddie rider with rotating platform, cute rider operation with learning game, 11 players horses skater, etc......
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Coin-Operated Air Hockey Table, July new models promotion offer!
30 Jun, 2014

A series of the most popular and our best selling 2 player air hockey table models for home and commercial use arrival, with very sturdy construction, for easy servicing and a very attractive finish that operators demand, geared fun towards children and young teens with this air hockey, including Ice air hockey (superior high speed), Star air hokey (with side rails protection), etc......
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Brand New Video Arcade and Ticket Redemption Game-Special stock offer
06 Jun, 2014

Now we are very pleased to recommend you some high quality but low price products, some are with ticket redemption machines and the others are exciting shooting games, ensure that they are brand new machine in attractive game play and really good working machine, including Razing Storm, Story Drift (3 players fishing game), King Kong Pull My Finger Redemption machine, etc……
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High-Technology American Arcade Pinball machines Stock offer!
24 May, 2014

A Hongkong Owner offer some classic titles and more recently Stern pinball machines for sell! These pinball machine comes with the wonderful designs, success with the best quantity released and each offering unique flippers and play field inside, including Batman, Transformers, Avatar, Star Trek and new Mustang, etc......
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Imply Family Amusement machines, Redemption Arcade Games and Bowling Lanes- Special offer!!
17 May, 2014

Various sport arcade games are made by Brazil from Imply, providing all high quality products are in cost effective, cheaper than competition, will fit wonderfully and necessary for many different places, including the best bowling lanes, running simulator, street basketball, multi function hockey, etc......
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Table Slot Car Racing NEW models available!
17 Apr, 2014

The various series of Slot Car are now available on sale, extremely exciting winning racer fun by slot connection on a table top for racers to car racing experience done in a counter clockwise direction of a 2-lanes raceway or 4-lanes raceway, unbeatable speed accelerating runs, attractive to any player of all ages.
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3D Softplay Jungle Gym Reduced to Stock Clearance Sell!
02 Apr, 2014

Customer in Europe offer 3D Softplay Jungle Gym measures in W7.3 x D6.1 x H4metres for a kids funny center and indoor soft play in great condition and discount price at @12,500 Euro per machine only, excited about the opportunity to pick up softplay center at great prices, hurry, limited time only!
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Zamperla family rides - clearance offer!!
31 Mar, 2014

We have a Hongkong customer offer assorted Amusement riders at discounted prices, they are in really good working but sell as-is used machine, original and ensuring that these products meet the same quality standards as new machines, including Zamperla Mini Rocking Tug, Zamperla Jump Around cars, and S&S- Frog Hopper Rider.
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Ocean King Fish Hunter Games For Sale - New Versions now shipping
27 Mar, 2014

We has the largest range of Ocean King Fish Hunter Games in the amusement machine marketplace and can offer customized products to suit any marketplace. New price available.
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Trio Tech XD Theater Priced to Clear - 2 machines for $199,950usd sell!
21 Mar, 2014

A Europe seller has 2 sets of XD Theater machines- 8players set for HURRY Limited Stock and great value SELL! One set is attractive with under market price or two sets one go with amazing lowest price! Sell out soon and ready for immediate shipment. Don't miss out!
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Trans Force Orion 5D motion simulator (4 seats) In Clearance Sell!
11 Mar, 2014

Trans Force Orion 5D motion simulator (4 seats) for sales
- unit price in $38,995usd, really lowest price offer
- for sale is less than one year old and is in great condition
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Ocean King Fish Hunter machine Upgrade Software Available!
24 Jan, 2014

Our latest new upgrade software for Ocean King fish hunter game is very successful arrival now, featuring new exciting Penny Play function, providing you to set the machine to a penny a point, such as 1C per play and % payout software updates.
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2014 Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday Notice!
30 Jan, 2014

All the best to everyone for the 2014 new year of Horse, wish all the people happy, fortune, health, friendship throughout the Horse year.
Please kindly note that our office will be closed for the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday during 29-Jan-2014 to 10-Feb-2014.
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Zamperla The Latest Novelty Mini Driving Around Rides in Hot Sell!
20 Jan, 2014

We are now offering some famous multi-players and new available kiddie ride from Zamperla, extremely popular, excellent quality made and largest capacity kiddie ride, can be placed in both indoor and outdoor amusement parks to make the children happy, including 4 cars for 24 players, 4 x 4 cars for 16 players, Circus Train for 31 Players.
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Creative and Biggest Surprise Sport fun basketball machines on sell!
27 Dec, 2013

A series of new made basketball games designs with multiple Hoops in one or in kids size or target shots for competition game and for fun to the entire family, including 2 in 1 - Challenged with defenders, 3 in 1- the most compact in size, Folding Basketball- individual player and easily fit in most location, etc......
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Kids Table Game in NEW release and Attractive offer!
12 Dec, 2013

We are pleased to offer you a series of kiddies table ball game machines, for kids skill training and in compact size, safety for any kids design, including air-powered kid hockey, pinball slide on hockey table, mini basket ball challenged, ect......
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Interactive Kiddie Ride with Video Monitor -new models on special offer!
22 Oct, 2013

Motion Video Interactive Kiddie Rides are based with simply operation, new cartoon characters design, with music video games on-screen actions, attractive from different LCD video display, including 10" LCD screen, 12" LCD screen, 15" LCD screen, 17" LCD screen, 19" LCD screen, etc.......
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Latest Version Fish Hunter Medal machine- the best income available!
01 Sep, 2013

Ocean King (latest version) and Shark King 2 are two new released and exclusive Fish Hunter medal games machine, be programmed with note acceptor, coin acceptor, hopper output, thermal printer output for optional, all brand new, up to 6 or 8 players available, pushing for English version coming soon.......
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Latest Coin-operated Prizes & Tickets Machines on HOT sale!
19 Jul, 2013

A series of newest innovation prize output and ticket redemption machines are available! Combines high-quality manufacturing and design with extremely high-earning potential, including Video Coin Pusher Simulator Game, Thrilling Ball Skill Test Game, Dream Balls- 4 players coin pusher, Square mini crane machine, etc......
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Various Multi Player Medal Game on HOT sale!
27 Jun, 2013

A series medal games machine of features to play more 3D video games to win medals, battle of multiple levels, exciting by dumping coins funs, will attractive any players, including Ghost Town Shooting Machine, Fish Hunter Plus Medal Game (6 players), Dinosaur Century Video Shooting Game, etc......
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New Model Video Arcade Machines in Promotion Offer!
21 Jun, 2013

A variety of fun and handsome video arcade machines in new design, skill challenged, unique game play, in high quality made including the most popular games: Temple Run, Naughty Household, After Dark Shooting Machine DX, Fruit Mania Extreme, etc......are available in promotion! Please come and get your own......
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Coin-operated prize machines in hot sale!
01 Jun, 2013

Cut Your Prize and Push Windesign in modern attractive outlook with solid metal cabinet - are the most popular and hot prize machines in the market. Custom design order are most welcome.
Promotional price in US$2250.00 per machine ONLY.
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Japan made Photo Booth Machines on Clearance Offer!
13 Apr, 2013

various Japan made photo sticker machines in clearance offer, total 8 set different style, each of them in very good working condition, this popular photo booths include Bizoku 3, Funky High 2, Honaka 2 ... really low price offer in one go !!
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Japan popular arcade game machines - brand new low price offer
18 Feb, 2013

Promotion offer on Taito's Darius Burst, Music Gun Gun 2, Namco's Deadstorm Pirates, Sega's Let's Go Island and Konami's Road Fighters. Arcade game machines offer in brand new condition, stock for immediate shipment.
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2013 Chinese Lunar New Year holiday notice
04 Feb, 2013

All the best to everyone for the 2013 new year of Snake, wish all the people happy, fortune, health, friendship throughout the Snake year.
Please kindly note that our office will be closed for the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday during 04-Feb-2013 to 17-Feb-2013.
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