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A wide variety of Coin Operated Children Rides for sale!
28 Apr, 2016

Welcome to the best selling and the hottest sale on Kiddie rides, Train and custom mini Carousel, including a large selection of coin operated rides for sale, all are in latest models, with high quality made and low price sell, contact us now for more details!
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Various Kiddie Ride Machines Hot Sell- New models available and Special Offer
15 Dec, 2015

We offer various of kiddie ride with high comfortably level and optimum safety to the child, they are new models available with special price, which are hot sale and special offter. Including as below:
Fighting Jet Ride

Ice Cream Car

Speed Car
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Trio-Tech XD Dark Ride Attraction To Clearance Offer- Lowest Price for Latest Version
15 Dec, 2015

One of our customers has a 6 Players XD Dark Ride Attraction for selling with amazing lowest price, Latest version with curved screen, shooting option, 4 projectors (plus 2 spare), 6 seats version photography option, scoring challenge, don't have movies in set. Don’t miss out the best, first come, first service!!!!!
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Various Amusement Coin-operated Redemption Game Machines-With High Quality In Clearance Offer
28 Nov, 2015

Latest clearance offer is coming now!!! A series of redemption arcade machines are special price for sale. Colorful outlook, flying with music, simplicity game play, eye-catching design will attract player to enjoy endless fun in the reward, including as below:
Ducks Shooting ,
Bass Wheel,
Clap and Win ,
ball Wheel ,
Lucky Box, etc.......
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Bulk Amusement Machine NEW Andamiro’s arcade models available -Attractive the Lowest Price!
10 Nov, 2015

Andamiro’s arcade new are in famous brand in wonderful quality design, in popular sale, now are available for limit stock for immediate shipment, including Pump It Up 2015 Prime, Eiffel Tower, Hungry Chicken, S Cube, Golden Empire.
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Amusement arcade machines - Special Clearance and Stock offer!
17 Jul, 2015

We are pleased to introduce many hot sale and attractive amusement machines to you, in the lowest price promotion offer, all are in stock for immediately shipment, in brand new design, suitable for any arcade center, amusement park, including mini Snail Ferris Wheel (4 players) , 4 players air hockey, Fruit Rebellion Video Shooting Game, Baby Lion Color Changing Crane machine, etc......
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Underwater Treasure Catcher Game machine in NEW Release and more fun for kids in Summer!
24 Jun, 2015

Summer fun is with a series of water games challenged for youth groups /kids, real water system design with new concept from classic water pool, to play attractive grab prizes under water games, with different players control panels for family option: 2 players mini water catcher, 3 players ocean Treasure Catcher, 4 players Dream Catcher, etc......
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Arcade machine and Spare Parts for Amusement machine - In Stock Clearance offer!
27 May, 2015

Great News! We have a sale on some of our stock in very low price to make a perfect profit, all must clear now! All are the hottest in stock products for ready to go! First come, First served! Those in stock clearance items include various of Push Buttons, Electronic Coin Mech, Power Supply PCB, Counter, Crane machine, Electronic Scooter, etc.......
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Video Childrens riders, Park Riders, Kids Carousel- new design offer!
24 Apr, 2015

A series of coin-operated amusement rides are new available for sale, with attractive and modern design for kids, better material made, more safety ride's movement to any players, including well-known bus vehicle ride, Pirate Ship carnival ride, UFO Battery Car, popular policeman video car series, Dolphin Family Carousel 6 players, etc......
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A monitor for your playfield - a real time Pinball Game machine offer!
08 Apr, 2015

We are pleased to introduce the latest coin-operated Video Pinball Game machines, with high definition LCD screen mounted inside the cabinet, virtual displays pinball simulation like you are playing the real game from classic pinball tables, arcade buttons instead of traditional major pusher, new arrival models including popular game themes: Deep Sea Treasure and World Cup Battle games.
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Family Amusement machines in special promotion offer - really low price!!
12 Feb, 2015

A variety of our popular redemption and DJ music amusement machines are for significant discounts sell, is for a stock and quick sale, first come, first server, including Jumping ball series, Rope Skipping, Happy Duck Water Shooter, DJ Master, etc......
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2015 Chinese Lunar New Year holiday notice!
14 Feb, 2015

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year for 2015 Of Sheep! We are closing for lunar new year holiday start on date 15th February, 2015, we are sorry if any inconvenience caused, we will be back to work at date 26th February, 2015.
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Skill Test Remdemption machine and Prize machine - Special Clearance!
09 Jan, 2015

All popular brand new redemption machines and prize machines are in the lowest price sell, take advantage of discount prices offer, in great fun and skill challenged game play, attractive for all kids and adults, including Punch Machine to win a prize, football boy for tickets refund, monkey climb up games......
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Deadstorm Pirates upright cabinet SD Shooting Game machine on special offer!
15 Dec, 2014

- a compact SD type light gun shooter machine from Deadstorm Pirates series
- brand new and English version;
- 100% original Namco Deadstorm Pirates game;
- very limited quantity, stock for immediate shipment;
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Amusement arcade machines - Nov 2014 special promotion stock offer!
22 Nov, 2014

A series of Skill Test Redemption Game, Driving Game and Kiddie Ride machines are currently on-stock clearance sell and reduced at a substantial and the lowest price to standard pricing, are all popular new machines, including All Aboard, Speed Driver 3, World Boxing Championship, etc......
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Pump It Up 2015 Edition Full Game Board & HDD Kit - Preorder now!
11 Nov, 2014

The latest and greatest news that Andamiro’s new Pump It Up 2015 version game kit is coming to the market soon, include full motherboard kit set or HDD kit (to update your current pump it up from SX, DX, GX, CX, TX and FX), we will stock for prior sale start now. First come, first order.
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Amusement arcade machines on Clearance Offer!
11 Oct, 2014

All arcade game machines are available in sale clearance discount price offer, currently have in stock for immediately shipment, all of these machines are in exciting game play and are fully tested in perfect working condition, including DJ Max Tecnika 3, EZ2 DJ AZURE Expression, Manx TT Twin, Pump It Up 29" SD, Western Dream Coin Pusher, Point Blank Machine.......
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Animatronic Dinosaur Riders NEW available!
07 Oct, 2014

A new concept of Animatronic Dinosaur Riders created and come to life with movement, such as mouth open and close, head up and down-left to right movement, front body move, foreleg moving, tail swaying to attract the kids.
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Bulk Amusement Machine from Europe - Closeout Sale !
29 Aug, 2014

One of our customer has a range of clearance arcade machines, over 85 amusement machines, now offering special offers at excellent low prices! Includes shooting machines, driving games, sports/shooting simulators, dancing machine, kiddie series machine and popular redemption machines, etc......
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Motion Simulator In Clearance Sell!
26 Aug, 2014

One of our customer from Thailand offer assorted Motion Theaters in really lowest price sell! They are including XD Theater, Haunted House, Mirror Maze, Shooting Gallery, Max Flight, etc.....They are used but function well without problem.
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Kiddie Ride, Kids Carousel- new models now available!
21 Jul, 2014

A series of coin-operated amusement ride for small children are ensure with highest quality material and rocking motion fun with latest mini video games, including rocking tank kiddie rider with rotating platform, cute rider operation with learning game, 11 players horses skater, etc......
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Coin-Operated Air Hockey Table, July new models promotion offer!
30 Jun, 2014

A series of the most popular and our best selling 2 player air hockey table models for home and commercial use arrival, with very sturdy construction, for easy servicing and a very attractive finish that operators demand, geared fun towards children and young teens with this air hockey, including Ice air hockey (superior high speed), Star air hokey (with side rails protection), etc......
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Brand New Video Arcade and Ticket Redemption Game-Special stock offer
06 Jun, 2014

Now we are very pleased to recommend you some high quality but low price products, some are with ticket redemption machines and the others are exciting shooting games, ensure that they are brand new machine in attractive game play and really good working machine, including Razing Storm, Story Drift (3 players fishing game), King Kong Pull My Finger Redemption machine, etc……
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High-Technology American Arcade Pinball machines Stock offer!
24 May, 2014

A Hongkong Owner offer some classic titles and more recently Stern pinball machines for sell! These pinball machine comes with the wonderful designs, success with the best quantity released and each offering unique flippers and play field inside, including Batman, Transformers, Avatar, Star Trek and new Mustang, etc......
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Imply Family Amusement machines, Redemption Arcade Games and Bowling Lanes- Special offer!!
17 May, 2014

Various sport arcade games are made by Brazil from Imply, providing all high quality products are in cost effective, cheaper than competition, will fit wonderfully and necessary for many different places, including the best bowling lanes, running simulator, street basketball, multi function hockey, etc......
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