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last update, December 15, 2019. 


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Product Name Price Qty Category Condition Manufacturer Year Location Availability
12 Horses Carousel (12 players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
18 Horses Carousel (18 players)$29735.65 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
24 Horses Carousel (24 players)$36889.96 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
3 Horses Carousel (3 players)$2160.67 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
7.8 MT carousel (24 players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Alien Spaceship Carousel RidePlease Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Angel Horse Carousel (24 players)$46932.48 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)4~6 weeks
Angel Horse Carousel (3 players)TBA1CarouselNew2018China (ex factory)7~14 days
Animal World Carousel (12 players)$16500.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)14~20 days
Baby Bottle Carousel (3 players)$2594.80 USD1CarouselNew2013China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Bee Carousel (3 players)$2638.28 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)14~20 days
Blue Elf House Carousel ( 4 players)$2694.82 USD1CarouselNew2013China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Carousel Dog Kiddie Ride (3 players)$2567.56 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Carrousel Horse 12 playersTBA1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)4~6 weeks
Carrousel Horse 16 playersTBA1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)4~6 weeks
Christmas Carousel (3 players)$4019.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Coffee Cup Carousel (2 players)Please Ask1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Cookie Carousel (3 players)$3050.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Cute Horse Carousel Kiddie Ride$2556.12 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)1~2 weeks
Deluxe 32 Horses Carousel (32 players)$45950.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Deluxe Horse Carousel Rider (18 players)$27495.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Dog Pound Carousel Ride (3 Players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Dolphin Family Carousel (6 players)$5850.00 USD1CarouselNewEurope2~4 weeks
Donkey Carousel (3 players)$2550.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Eagle Revolving Horse Carousel (24 players)$51950.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)4~6 weeks
Fairy Land (3 players)$2958.52 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)14~20 days
Fantasy Coffee Cup Go Around (3 players)$2240.00 USD1CarouselUsedJapan4~6 weeks
Fantasy Land Horses Carrousel (3 players)$2350.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Forest Carousel (3 players)TBA1CarouselNewTaiwan (ex factory)4~6 weeks
Funny Farm Carousel Ride (3 Players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Happy Cup Carousel Ride (2 Players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Honey Bee Carousel (3 players)$2950.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Honey Flower Cup Carousel (10 players)$11250.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Horse and Carriage Carousel (3 players)$2650.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)14~20 days
Horse CarouselTBA1CarouselUsedChance Rides1995United StatesConsignment
Horse Carousel for children (12 players)$11950.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)7~14 days
Horses Carousel (3 players)TBA1CarouselNewLAI2~4 weeks
Jungle Carousel (12 players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Kid Carousel: Horse and Carriage (6 players)$4195.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Ladybird Paradise Train (16 players)Please Ask1CarouselNewTaiwan (ex factory)4~6 weeks
Merry-Go-Around (16 players)$23500.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)30~45 days
Mini Disco Kiddie Ride (4 players)TBA1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Mini Horse Carousel (12 players)$26500.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)4~6 weeks
Mini Horse Carousel (3 players)$2599.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Mini Horse Carousel (5 players)$4250.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Mini Horse Carousel (6 players)$6450.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Mini Jungle Carousel Kiddie Ride (3 Players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Mini Spaceship Carousel (8 players)TBA1CarouselNew2~4 weeks
Mini Sweet Candy Carousel (6 players)Please Ask1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Mini Tea Cup-Honey Pot ThemePlease Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Mini Tea Cup-Jungle ThemePlease Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Mini Tea Cup-Movie ThemePlease Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Mini Tea Cup-Tea Pot ThemePlease Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Nakayoshi Merry Carousel (3 players)$2240.00 USD1CarouselUsedJapan2~4 weeks
New York RidePlease Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
New York Ride (4 cars)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Noah's ARK (20 Players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Ocean Carousel Kiddie RideTBA1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Ocean World Carousel Kiddie Ride$2187.18 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Pelican Carousel RidePlease Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Carousel (3 players)$1920.15 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Pleasure Rabbits Carousel (3 players)$3460.85 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Ponyrace Carousel Ride (3 Players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
QQ Pudding Cup CarouselTBA1CarouselNewTaiwan (ex factory)4~6 weeks
Revolving Lighthouse Park Ride (6 players)$4999.00 USD1CarouselNew2004China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Robin animal carousel (5 players)$7250.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Robot Dogs Carousel (3 players)$3257.28 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Roundabout (12 players)$17000.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)3~5 weeks
Sea World Carousel (3 players)$3350.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Snail Ferris Wheel (4 players)$4995.00 USD1CarouselNew2014China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Space Station Carousel (8 players)$5195.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Summer Time Carousel (3 players)$2250.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Superman Carousel (6 players)TBA1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Sweet Baby World Carousel (3 players)$2495.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Sweet Land Carousel ( 4 players)$2894.82 USD1CarouselNew2013China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Ternate Bug's Eden Carousel (3 players)$3295.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)14~20 days
The Big Wave Bay Park Ride(12 players)$21450.00 USD1CarouselNew2004China (ex factory)4~6 weeks
The Fish Party Park Ride (4 Player)$3075.00 USD1CarouselNew2004China (ex factory)2~4 weeks
The Undiscovered Island Park Ride (4 Players)$4975.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Toy Bricks Cars Carousel (3 players)$2150.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Triple Crocodile CarouselPlease Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Triple Dino CarouselPlease Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Triple Horses Carousel (3 players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Triple Moto GP3 CarouselPlease Ask1CarouselNewPhilippines4~6 weeks
Triple Tea Cup Carousel (3 players)Please Ask1CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Triple TrainPlease Ask
Please Ask
CarouselNewZamperlaPhilippines4~6 weeks
Video 2 Tanks Carousel (2 players)$2995.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)2~4 weeks
Wild West Carousel (3 players)$2695.00 USD1CarouselNewChina (ex factory)14~20 days

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