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R-Tuned Ultimate Street Racing Machine R-TUNED ULTIMATE STREET RACING MACHINE Price
Designed to run on the sega lindberg system, this version including integrated nitro buttons on the steering wheel. That enable top speed as you drift around the tokyo streets and highways.

  Location: Japan   Available: 7~14 days
$2570.00 USD

r.p.m RED R.P.M RED Price
A racing game where players use the memory card system to keep track of their info and how much they have tuned up their car.

Rabbids Hollywood Arcade Machine 4 Players RABBIDS HOLLYWOOD ARCADE MACHINE 4 PLAYERS Price
Rabbids Hollywood Arcade Machine 4 Players is light-gun shooter game to play by shooting rabbits characters, is called Rabbids Hollywood and also is a four players game, which design with a group of strange and funny rabbit as the main element of the game, it is release by UBISOTF and as a famous work. This is a rofl, exciting and mirthful shooting game, supports up to 4 players at the same time play the game, increase the game's interactively and entertainment. Feature a 120" HD projection display, and 4 different color plungers, for players interact with the shooting game. The game include 3 different movie sets, give players different experiences, and enjoy the happy game time.

  Location: China   Available: 2~4 weeks
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Rabbit Kiddie Ride RABBIT KIDDIE RIDE Price
This lovely rabbit kiddie ride is very popular for both boys and girs,as kids have a especial favor in little animals.

  Location: Taiwan (ex factory)   Available: 4~6 weeks
$1350.00 USD

Rabbit Parkour Sport Run Game RABBIT PARKOUR SPORT RUN GAME Price
Rabbit Parkour Sport Run Game is a buttons-control and cute cartoon running game, with really nice 3D graphics, running displays on a vertical LCD screen, player controls the rabbit runner by three buttons, middle button can jump, left button to turn left, right button to turn right direction, simply game play and easier control, especially designs for kids.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$1295.00 USD

Rabbit with Carrot Kiddie Ride RABBIT WITH CARROT KIDDIE RIDE Price
A rabbit that loves his carrots.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 14~20 days

Race On SD RACE ON SD Price
A driving game with a great variety of tracks and scenery, including off road, underground, suburban, race tracks. Players race each other, AI controlled cars, the clock and the track itself.

  Location: Japan   Available: 10~18 days
$2570.00 USD

Racing Battery Car RACING BATTERY CAR Price
Racing battery car come with double seats, which is a favor to twins and good friends to share the adventure together.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$595.00 USD

Racing Battery Car No.12 RACING BATTERY CAR NO.12 Price
No.12 racing battery car is a double seat racing car with 4 sharp lights in the front.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$815.00 USD

Racing Car Kiddie Ride RACING CAR KIDDIE RIDE Price
A turbo charged jet car kiddie ride, cook design not only for boy but girl also.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 14~20 days
$1817.46 USD

Racing Jam Chapter 2 Twin RACING JAM CHAPTER 2 TWIN Price
Konami continues their full-fledged foray into the racing game world with this followup to the original Racing Jam.

  Location: Japan   Available: TBA
$4892.00 USD

The SDX stands for Super Deluxe, due to the unusually large 70"(inch) screen. The screen is Parabolic(curved) to immerse the players in the experience.

  Location: Hong Kong   Available: Stock
$3092.00 USD

Racing Jam Twin RACING JAM TWIN Price
A driving game by Konami which is one of the early games to offer the player customisation of their ride. Including Manufacturer, Model, Suspension, Stabliser, LSD, Engine Power and Tires.

  Location: Hong Kong   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2426.00 USD

Raging Ape hand wrestling machine RAGING APE HAND WRESTLING MACHINE Price
Raging Ape is a hand wrestling game that challenges the player's hand hold strength with the shaking hand of large ape.

  Location: China   Available: 2~4 weeks
$3550.00 USD

Raiden IV Game Machine RAIDEN IV GAME MACHINE Price
Raiden IV Game Machine is an aircraft game, machine install the Rainden IV game is a vertical scrolling shooting video game developed by MOSS that was first released for the arcades in Japan. This machine supports multiple motherboard types, for example TypeX, NAOMI and so on. Equip with 42" LCD high-definition screen, support multiple connectors, such as VGA connector, HDMI connector and the DVI connector. And machine mount the joysticks and buttons that SANWA brand, strong and durable, long service life.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: Stock
$2895.00 USD

Rail Chase 2 (DX) RAIL CHASE 2 (DX) Price
Sequel to the original, this time the players need to infiltrate the evil EKKL Empire. The objective is to rescue the world famous scientist and escape.

  Location: Japan   Available: 7~14 days
$3107.00 USD

Rail Chase DX RAIL CHASE DX Price
A chase styled gun game. Where the player is traveling along a rail line and must defend him/herself against enemies.

  Location: Korea   Available: 10~18 days
$2450.00 USD

Railway Adventure sport game RAILWAY ADVENTURE SPORT GAME Price
Railway Adventure is a virtual tram car adventure driving game and a mechanical sport game by moving handlebar up or down for acceleration, controlling foot paddle right for brake or back off and left for car jumping ability, excellent entire body's moving as to steer a real tram car.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
Please Ask

Rainbow Ball Drop Redemption Game Machine RAINBOW BALL DROP REDEMPTION GAME MACHINE Price
Rainbow Ball Drop Redemption Game Machine (Kids Version) is a funny ball game which win tickets by shooting the ball into the hole. Features with a closed house filling with balls for children to play the game, and designs the transparent cabinet to show children playing games, catch people's eyes. Rainbow Ball Drop Machine equipped with landing ball device, start the game, ball house will be all the balls fall down, children enjoy the fun of winning tickets by throwing balls in colorful balls.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: Stock
$3995.00 USD

Rainbow Bubble balls bingo machine RAINBOW BUBBLE BALLS BINGO MACHINE Price
Rainbow Bubble balls bingo machine is a virtual balls video game combined with actual ball drops down ticket machine, the mechanical ball will automatically fill into the bubble treasure box to winning mini games for awarding more tickets.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks

Rainbow Paradise Catcher with mini crane machine (4 players) RAINBOW PARADISE CATCHER WITH MINI CRANE MACHINE (4 PLAYERS) Price
Rainbow Paradise Catcher (4 players) is one of the most exciting and challenged carnival games to win prizes, features with four robot hand mechanism systems, each set with a strong shell shape clamp on metal ring, to offer slewing of 90 degree, for four players to grab prizes under water pool, a lots of small plastic toys, capsules prizes, balls, floating on the water, it attracts player to play.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks

Raizin Ping Pong RAIZIN PING PONG Price
This first ever virtual ping-pong game for the arcade can be played by one or two players.

  Location: Japan   Available: 10~18 days
$3425.00 USD

Rakupara Shot Photo Machine RAKUPARA SHOT PHOTO MACHINE Price
Allows for an quick, easy, fun way of remembering, any occassion. By producing photographs with enhanced backgrounds and other special features.
$3400.00 USD

Rally Battery Car RALLY BATTERY CAR Price
A two drivers battery car features in a colourful rally car.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$750.00 USD

Rally Car Kiddie Ride (with Monitor) RALLY CAR KIDDIE RIDE (WITH MONITOR) Price
Zamperla Rally Car with Monitor Kiddie Ride comes with bright yellow shell and realistic design. It is a two players kiddie ride features 2 pedals with accelerator and brake sounds, push button and multi- color led lights. Original edited sounds and sound activated flame gauge.

  Location: Philippines   Available: 4~6 weeks
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