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 Spare Parts
last update, September 30, 2023. 


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   Air Hockey Parts (6)
Including bats, pushers, pucks, and spare parts for tables.
   Cash Handling (68)
Electronic & Mechanical coinmechs, note feeders, coin comparators, coin hoppers.
   Coin Accessories (13)
Coin doors, cashboxes, tokens, money trays.
   Coin Counter (14)
Coin counting devices, such as, digit meter, coin counting, coin sorting machines, etc
   Crane Machine Parts (2)
S, M, L, XL...many sizes of claws, different sizes of cranes, PCB... Various crane machine parts for your choice!
   Dance / Music Machine Parts (71)
Concluded different kinds of dance and music machine's spare parts
   Data Card (9)
Memory card series is for amusement arcade game to saving player information, player's stats, wins & losses, credit......
   Driving Parts (25)
Steering & pedal assemblies, gear shifters, brake assembly, car seats.
   Fish Machine Parts (3)
A series of fishing game machine parts, include wiring harness, key in / key out button, shooting button, weapon botton, power supply, joystick, bill acceptor, printer ect...
   Joysticks (48)
2 ways, 4 ways, 8 ways Joysticks available for amusement machines, Seimitsu joystick, Sanwa joystick and Happ Control joystick included.
   Microswitch (21)
   Monitors, Chassis (5)
Monitors, chassis, frequency and image convertors.
   Other (21)
Items not found in other categories can be found here.
   Power Supplies (15)
3.3v, 5v, 12v, 24v, switching power supplies, transformers.
   Push Button (76)
Push Button
   Redemption machine parts (12)
A series of replacement parts, hammer / mallet or hammer head for various hammer ticket redemption machine.
   Security (18)
Gem locks, magnetic locks, pad locks, alarm systems.
   Sega Parts (20)
Sega original parts IO board,video board,gun borad
   Shooting Parts (91)
Guns to suit range of machines, gun holsters and accessories.
   Smart Card System (5)
Stored Value Card System for Amusement Game Industry.
   Stickers (3)    Stool (12)
many kinds of playground chairs feature in warpage, planeness, squareness, wood moisture content, pressure, dry / moisture / cold / heat resistant.
   Ticket Accessories (10)
Redemption Tickets, Ticket Counters & Shredders, Ticket Dispensers
   Video Card (15)
It is a display adapter, graphics card, video adapter, video board, or video controller, a video card is an expansion card that connects to a game computer motherboard.
   Wiring (24)
Cable, jamma harnesses, factory harnesses, custom built harnesses.

Latest Offers

Fishing Rod for Ace Angler Fishing Simulation Game Machine FISHING ROD FOR ACE ANGLER FISHING SIMULATION GAME MACHINE Namco Parts
Fishing Rod for Ace Angler Fishing Simulation Game Machine is Namco original fishing rod, include the rod and connect wire, suitable for Namco original Ace Angler Fishing Simulation Game Machine. It's used, but in excellent condition.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$295.00 USD
HDD with Software for Let's Go Jungle HDD WITH SOFTWARE FOR LET'S GO JUNGLE Sega Parts
HDD with Software for Let's Go Jungle is an original HDD with software program, English version, used but in excellent condition. It is suitable for installation or replacement to the original Let's Go Jungle arcade machine developed by the SEGA.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$220.00 USD
Illuminated Superior Joystick for Arcade Machine 37.28mm Diamond Ball Top ILLUMINATED SUPERIOR JOYSTICK FOR ARCADE MACHINE 37.28MM DIAMOND BALL TOP Joysticks
Illuminated Superior Joystick for Arcade Machine 37.28mm Diamond Bubble Ball Top is with a latest design coming with a diamond type crystal ball top, features with different special restrict plate option, which installed with hold for 2 or 4 or 8 way restrict required, each bottom restrict plate is with simple solid construction for easier assembly required, connects the 5-pin connector to the machine 5-pin signal harness and connect 2-pin light cable with DC12V power, standard mounting and easy to set up on your arcade game machine. It will be an elegant product in the market.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: Stock
$8.95 USD
Gun Sensor PCB for Terminator Salvation Shooting Arcade Machine (clone) GUN SENSOR PCB FOR TERMINATOR SALVATION SHOOTING ARCADE MACHINE (CLONE) Shooting Parts
Gun Sensor PCB for Terminator Salvation Shooting Arcade Machine (clone) is a brand new gun accessory made in China for the gun of the original Terminator Salvation Shooting Arcade Machine. It is suitable for installation or replacement on the Raw Thrills original 42" / 55" / 100" Terminator Salvation Shooting Arcade Machines. As a substitute component made in China, the gun sensor PCB fits well with the gun and works properly.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: Stock
$225.00 USD
Vewlix Machine Chewlix Cabinet Plastic Set VEWLIX MACHINE CHEWLIX CABINET PLASTIC SET Other
Game Wizard Xtreme Vewlix Chewlix Cabinet Plastic Set is a set of plastic components for Game Wizard Xtreme which composed of 7pcs plastic, also suitable for Taito Vewlix and China made Chewlix arcade cabinets. There are 10 colors for option, making your cabinets present a different visual feast. Made of strong and durable plastic, it will be your best choice.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: Stock
$158.00 USD

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