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last update, October 02, 2022. 


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Automatic Induction Alcohol Spray Sterilizer AUTOMATIC INDUCTION ALCOHOL SPRAY STERILIZER Price
Automatic Induction Alcohol Spray Sterilizer which is a avoid hand contact to prevent cross infection product.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$43.99 USD

Automatic Induction Hand Sterilizer AUTOMATIC INDUCTION HAND STERILIZER Price
The automatic induction hand sterilizer automatically senses the disinfectant, infrared sense eagle way, completely contact-free, safe and convenient, it is one of the ideal alcohol sterilizers for sensing hands today. It uses advanced digital circuit controller, infrared sensor automatic spray, even spray; the product is powered by dry batteries, the battery can be used for 3-6 months, easy to use, completely avoid secondary pollution before and after disinfection.

This sterilizer simplifies daily disinfection procedures and improves work efficiency. The palm of the hand, the back of the hand, and the arm can be quickly sterilized. The hand is stretched and sprayed, and the hand is stopped when it is away. When there are objects in the sensing area for a long time, the sterilizer will automatically stop after three consecutive inductions to prevent unnecessary waste and effectively save disinfectant and extension Battery life is a highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.

Application areas:
Hospitals, GMP pharmaceutical companies, packaging plants, food manufacturing companies, precision electronic equipment manufacturing, biological products factories, cosmetics factories, banks, schools, hotels, restaurants, property buildings, biochemical laboratories, sterile rooms, clean rooms and other related personnel Hand disinfection and purification treatment.

- Pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited: to avoid fire, causing fire or burns;
- Do not add dangerous substances (strong acids or alkalis, poisons) and other liquid medicines;
- Do not close the spray nozzle to the face: so as not to drive the sensor to cause the disinfectant to enter the eyes;
- Avoid mixing foreign materials such as sand, water, mud, etc. into the medicine tank, so as not to block the spray nozzle and affect the sanitation.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
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Automatic Induction Hand Sterilizer Set With Rechargable Mobile Stainless Steel Stand AUTOMATIC INDUCTION HAND STERILIZER SET WITH RECHARGABLE MOBILE STAINLESS STEEL STAND Price
The automatic induction hand sterilizer set with rechargable mobile stainless steel stand is full same function as our product of the separate automatic induction hand sterilizer. Only added the stainless steel stand. If you do not have suitable positions for installing the hand sterilizer, then the hand sterilizer set model with stand can give you better help. And its delicate design allows you to place it flexibly.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$86.70 USD

Automatic Infrared Sensor Hand Sterilizer For Alcohol Mist-Spraying AUTOMATIC INFRARED SENSOR HAND STERILIZER FOR ALCOHOL MIST-SPRAYING Price
The automatic infrared sensor hand sterilizer for alcohol mist-spraying,which can be hung on the wall.

It is suitable for alcohol and non-thick disinfectant.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
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Automatic temperature measuring gate  (CE Certificate) AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE MEASURING GATE (CE CERTIFICATE) Price
Automatic temperature measuring gate is a body temperature checking machine that with real CE certificate. It is suitable for stations, hospitals, schools, banks, office buildings, military and local service halls, residential areas, large factories, vegetable markets and other traffic intensive places.

  Location: China   Available: Stock
$1150.00 USD

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