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 Motion Theatre - Full Machines
last update, April 07, 2020. 


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Interactive 5D motion simulator: TransForce (5 seats) INTERACTIVE 5D MOTION SIMULATOR: TRANSFORCE (5 SEATS) Price
Trans Force is a 5 players interactive motion simulator, featuring in exciting experience with 5D motion theaters, full motion platform with 6 degrees of freedom, a super large 180 degree panoramic stereoscopic 3D screen, and much attractive action games.

  Location: Europe   Available: 2~4 weeks

Mini Rider 2 - motion theater MINI RIDER 2 - MOTION THEATER Price
2 seater motion ride simulator features 42 inch super wide screen. 4 dynamic shows to choose from, with the latest patented inverted motion system, it will gives player the maximum impact while watching the movie.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 14~20 days
$43500.00 USD

Monster Eye 2 5D Motion Theatre Arcade Machine MONSTER EYE 2 5D MOTION THEATRE ARCADE MACHINE Price
Monster Eye 2 Motion Theatre Arcade Machine is a 5D Dynamic Theater shooting game machine released from IGS, the game cabinet isn’t a drastic change from the first one, still incorporating a motion base and now has LED lights on the back for that extra flash. 1-2 players work to blast the various on-screen enemies in a style that is similar to games like Deadstorm Pirates and Jurassic Park. Which players use light-gun to shooting targets that with featuring motion capture and cinematic game play. Designs a 55" high-definition LCD screen for show the HD 1080P game picture, this theater cabinet a lot of individual design, the air blow and 5.1CH surround sound gives player a feeling of actually being there, shaking seat, atmosphere lighting and motion capture design make the game more realistic, exciting and interesting, make players enjoy the unexpected adventures.

  Location: Asia   Available: Stock
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Monster Eye 5D Motion Theatre MONSTER EYE 5D MOTION THEATRE Price
Monster Eye 5D Motion Theatre is a theater cabinet with shooting game released from IGS, the same genre of light-gun games like Let’s Go Jungle/Island, Deadstorm Pirates or Dark Escape 4D, brings with new element for player's motion capture to match the character's moving and 5D dynamic theaters function, such as shaking seat and the 4th dimension-blowing air.......

  Location: China   Available: 2~4 weeks
$14995.00 USD

Motion Theater 6 riders MOTION THEATER 6 RIDERS Price
Six rider is a 6 players 3D screen simulator with exciting roller coaster theme. It features in vivid 3D stereo graphic, awesome sound effect and multi-direction move chair which provide realistic roller coaster riding experience to players.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$42500.00 USD

Power Storm: Interactive 3D motion simulator (2 seats in 1) POWER STORM: INTERACTIVE 3D MOTION SIMULATOR (2 SEATS IN 1) Price
Power Storm is a 3D motion simulating machine in compact design for 2 players only, combines with 3D adventure in mini cinemas feeling and with two motion seats for excited movement experience to players.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
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Star Wars: Battle Pod Arcade Machine STAR WARS: BATTLE POD ARCADE MACHINE Price
Star Wars: Battle Pod Arcade Machine is a 3D virtual reality arcade feature shooting game was released by Bandai Namco in year 2015, uses a 180-degree panoramic dome projection screen that completely encompasses your field of vision when you're seated inside it, features a giant booth that lets you sit in the cockpit of an X-Wing, snowspeeder, speeder bike, or the Millennium Falcon and fly through Star Wars's most famous battles.

  Location: China   Available: 2~4 weeks
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Trans Force Orion 5D motion simulator (4 seats) TRANS FORCE ORION 5D MOTION SIMULATOR (4 SEATS) Price
Trans Force Orion 5D motion simulator (4 seats) is a 4 players revolutionary interactive audience experience motion rider, features in a 4 seats cabinet with a space ship theme, with a variety of different games play in 180 degree panoramic stereoscopic 3D screen, full motion platform and online business monitoring software.

  Location: Europe   Available: 2~4 weeks

X Rider - motion theater (4 players) X RIDER - MOTION THEATER (4 PLAYERS) Price
X Rider is a 4 movable seaters mini motion theater which is funny and magic to watch 3D movies with 4D amazing effects - wind, snow, bubble.

  Location: China   Available: 7~14 days

XD Theater Virtual Reality Cinema XD THEATER VIRTUAL REALITY CINEMA Price
A theatre that gives customers a virtual reality movie. Customers wear special glasses and seat on motion based seating with 2G of acceleration.

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