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 Hammer & Punch machines - Full Machines
last update, January 24, 2020. 


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Captain Zodiac CAPTAIN ZODIAC Price
There are different levels for this game. Player needs to wear a boxing glove that provide from the machine and hit the hitting pad as hard as they can.

The bigger impact to the machine, the more score player can get. Tickets will come out according to player's score.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2449.00 USD

Capy Hama Hammer Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine CAPY HAMA HAMMER TICKET REDEMPTION ARCADE MACHINE Price
Capy Hama Hammer Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine is the third version of hitting master type ticket redemption video game machine released by IGS, installed with two screens for two players competition game. The game is with 10 kinds of new level, test the player's brain and analyze the game's ability. This Hit The Jackpot game machine is with new design cabinet made, with bright and colorful light effect, and the game play is easy and simple, player only hit the targets by hammer/mallet to win the scores. When the score breaks a certain record, the player can enter the name and ranking by the system. Supports all age group interaction, suitable for parent-child, couples and teenager.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 7~14 days

Catch Cat Hammer Machine CATCH CAT HAMMER MACHINE Price
Catch Cat is one of the newest hammer games.
Players insert coins to start the machine, with the fantasy music, the cat will try to hold out or draw back its paws randomly, players hit the paws with a hammer, hit more paws, more scores.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2080.00 USD

Cats & Mice Hammer Game CATS & MICE HAMMER GAME Price
When game start, the cats and mices will pop up their head randomly and player needs to use a fur hammer to hit their head.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2388.40 USD

Citrus Crusher Hammer Redemption Game machine CITRUS CRUSHER HAMMER REDEMPTION GAME MACHINE Price
Citrus Crusher Hammer Redemption Game machine is an unique new hammer ticket redemption game that combines the traditional arcade mallet play with BOUNE of light effect device, designed in the 'Whack-a-Mole' style game, the front area shows three glass pattern of orange juice, the light of glass pattern will rises corresponding to the cartoon fruits on the console. Game play is very simple, players simply grab their mallet and whack the fruits that pop up, hit more fruits that pop up, win more tickets. Players watch the light rise as they after hitting the fruits.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2750.00 USD

Crab Panic CRAB PANIC Price
4 rows of Crabs come out from their holes, player need to hit the crabs as much as they can.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2655.00 USD

Cracky Crab Redemption Machine CRACKY CRAB REDEMPTION MACHINE Price
It usually use to be redemption machine. The player need to hits the crabs which runnung very fast from the tunnel as they can to get high score.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 3~7 days
$2350.00 USD

Crocodile Panic CROCODILE PANIC Price
Try your best to hit the crocodile's heads as much as you can when they come out.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2268.85 USD

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