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 Driving-Riding Games - Full Machines
last update, January 27, 2020. 


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R-Tuned Ultimate Street Racing Machine R-TUNED ULTIMATE STREET RACING MACHINE Price
Designed to run on the sega lindberg system, this version including integrated nitro buttons on the steering wheel. That enable top speed as you drift around the tokyo streets and highways.

  Location: Japan   Available: 7~14 days
$2570.00 USD

r.p.m RED R.P.M RED Price
A racing game where players use the memory card system to keep track of their info and how much they have tuned up their car.

Race On SD RACE ON SD Price
A driving game with a great variety of tracks and scenery, including off road, underground, suburban, race tracks. Players race each other, AI controlled cars, the clock and the track itself.

  Location: Japan   Available: 10~18 days
$2570.00 USD

Racing Jam Chapter 2 Twin RACING JAM CHAPTER 2 TWIN Price
Konami continues their full-fledged foray into the racing game world with this followup to the original Racing Jam.

  Location: Japan   Available: TBA
$4892.00 USD

The SDX stands for Super Deluxe, due to the unusually large 70"(inch) screen. The screen is Parabolic(curved) to immerse the players in the experience.

  Location: Hong Kong   Available: Stock
$3092.00 USD

Racing Jam Twin RACING JAM TWIN Price
A driving game by Konami which is one of the early games to offer the player customisation of their ride. Including Manufacturer, Model, Suspension, Stabliser, LSD, Engine Power and Tires.

  Location: Hong Kong   Available: 2~4 weeks
$2426.00 USD

Rave Racer (DX) RAVE RACER (DX) Price
Another in the series of fast paced driving games, this version features a number of courses.

  Location: Japan   Available: 7~14 days
$1858.00 USD

Rave Racer (SD) RAVE RACER (SD) Price
A driving game from Namco features cool 3D graphic.

  Location: Japan   Available: 3~7 days
$675.70 USD

Rave Racer (Twin) RAVE RACER (TWIN) Price
A racing game featuring 4 different tracks including a short and long version of the Ridge Racer track, as with a City and Mountain courses.

  Location: Japan   Available: 7~14 days
$1640.00 USD

Revolt DX Driving Machine REVOLT DX DRIVING MACHINE Price
A driving game build to take players into some of the strangest tracks ever from hurtling down the neighbourhood streets, to zipping down the aisles at the supermarket.
$11995.00 USD

Rhythm Music Video Driving Game Machine RHYTHM MUSIC VIDEO DRIVING GAME MACHINE Price
Rhythm Music Video Driving Game Machine is a funny game which happily combine music rhythm, driving game and learning English words. The monitor is tilted for player interact with the game, player controls the car by the steering wheel, try to drive the car following the music step, and happy learning English words by playing games. Top of machine deign with cartoon monkey, and feature with a comfortable seats, vivid and light colors, get everyone's attention.

  Location: China (ex factory)   Available: 2~4 weeks

Ridge Racer 2 (Twin) RIDGE RACER 2 (TWIN) Price
A driving game from Namco.

  Location: Europe   Available: 3~7 days
$1499.70 USD

Ridge Racer 5 (Twin) RIDGE RACER 5 (TWIN) Price
The game includes 4 normal courses + a bonus course and a new grandprix mode is introduced.

  Location: Japan   Available: 3~7 days
$3295.00 USD

Road Fighters 3D Racing Game ROAD FIGHTERS 3D RACING GAME Price
Road Fighters is a 3D theme racing game machine released from Konami, features with a non-contact 3D glasses fasten on the overhead of seat, can play single individual game or linked up 2 to 4 machines for challenged a variety of racing missions game.

  Location: Japan   Available: 2~4 weeks

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