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 Warlord 32 inch Arcade Cabinet
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last update, August 18, 2019. 

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Bowling Master Regular Bowling Machine Home Version BOWLING MASTER REGULAR BOWLING MACHINE HOME VERSION Bowling Machine
Bowling Master Regular Bowling Machine Home Version is a bowling-themed family entertainment machine. This is a home version of the product, small size, small weight, can be quickly and easily installed, and can be shipped by express.
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Lane Master PRO Bowling Ticket Redemption Machine LANE MASTER PRO BOWLING TICKET REDEMPTION MACHINE Bowling Machine
Lane Master PRO Bowling Ticket Redemption Machine is the newest extensive and varied product. The innovative game combines a physical alley game with a video display that translates the action to the on-screen graphics.
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Soccer Party Football Shooting Redemption Machine SOCCER PARTY FOOTBALL SHOOTING REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Soccer Party Football Shooting Redemption Machine is a football shooting arcade game which has 3 different game scenes. With fan-shaped outlooking design, colourful shinning LED lights and few bands in front of the machine to avoid the bounce back balls hurt the players. Its 55" high definition LCD monitor brings players clearer vision, and more interactive.

The game combined with entertainment and sport, very simple but quite funny, loved by all ages.
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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY ALL-STAR CARNIVAL Music-Dance Machines
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival is an arcade rhythm video game and the successor to the Theatrhythm series of rhythm games that were originally released on the Nintendo 3DS. The game features revamped arcade controls, improved graphics, cooperative play, and songs and characters that were not featured in previous versions. As with many modern arcade games, All-Star Carnival is network-enabled and is continuously being updated with new content.
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Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Arcade Machine Twin TEKKEN 7: FATED RETRIBUTION ARCADE MACHINE TWIN Arcade Cabinets Only
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Arcade Machine Twin is is an update to Tekken 7 arcade version. The console version simply known as Tekken 7 is based on this update.
$5495.00 USD

Taiko No Tatsujin 13 Arcade Machine TAIKO NO TATSUJIN 13 ARCADE MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
Taiko No Tatsujin 13 Arcade Machine is the thirteen version in this series of drum music games for the arcade, which requires players to play the drums with rhythm when symbols appear on the screen.
$3495.00 USD

Synchronica Arcade Game SYNCHRONICA ARCADE GAME Music-Dance Machines
Synchronica is a new arcade rhythm game using a touch screen from Bandai Namco. This is a 2 player game, the partners must be synchronized to complete game missions.
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Crazy Rush Ball Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine CRAZY RUSH BALL TICKET REDEMPTION ARCADE MACHINE Redemption Machines
Crazy Rush Ball Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine is a ball bouncing machine. This is an exciting and interesting game, player bounce fine balls into the grooves for the ball in limited time by the elastic rod, and get one opportunity to lucky draw, win the tickets. The lucky draw design "BONUS" grand prize, make the rewards more rich, also make the game full of surprises. Machine gorgouse lights and colorful outlooking easy to get the attention from both adult and child, especially with gameplay simple and bonus rewarding easy.
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DuDu Car Kiddie Rides DUDU CAR KIDDIE RIDES Kiddie Rides
DuDu Car Kiddie Rides is a funny children's kiddie ride with interactive video game display and music. In the game, machine moves forward-backward, up-and-down, player control the steering wheel to drive the car in the video game, enjoy great enjoyment of driving. The game design with three game levels for player option, make game richer and more attractive. Machine comes in mix red and white colors appearance, a fantasy speed car for kiddies to ride.
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Spin Fever 3 Medal Machine SPIN FEVER 3 MEDAL MACHINE Medal Games
Spin Fever 3 Medal Machine is a coin pusher medal machine made by Konami, it is the the third installment in the Spin Fever series. It has a fantasy based orchestra theme, with the machine itself being decorated elaborately with gold high lights, on a white backing.
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Monster Village 2 Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine MONSTER VILLAGE 2 TICKET REDEMPTION ARCADE MACHINE Water Games
Monster Village 2 Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine is a funny water shooting game machine with 42" LCD monitor and passed the CE certification. It is suitable for both adult and child. Colorful and cute outlooking, makes it more attractive.
With the induction of water gun and monitor combination, the pleasure of killing and shooting the monster by water gun is prefectly presents.
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Break and Run Out Ticket Redemption Machine BREAK AND RUN OUT TICKET REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Break and Run Out Skill Test Ticket Redemption Machine is a unique simulated billiard-types games, combine innovative pull rod design with classic billiard theme. Special design elastic telescopic pull rod which can move left and right to change direction, and design five holes corresponding to five LED score displays. Player pull the rod and adjust direction, release the main ball to shooting the white ball into the hole to get the corresponding scores. Featuring the JP reward design, attract more players to challenge the game.
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Silent Scope: Bone Eater Shooting Gun Machine SILENT SCOPE: BONE EATER SHOOTING GUN MACHINE Shooting Games
Silent Scope: Bone Eater Shooting Gun Machine is an shooting arcade game which puts the player in the shoes of a sniper during a series of terrorist incidents game release by Konami, the cabinet features a transparent liquid crystal screen, headphones, a 3D sound system and a ventilation system. Konami’s sniper series Silent Scope is heading back to arcades with Silent Scope: Bone Eater. The upcoming game has anime style protagonists and is set in the near future, but it’s the game is just like the 90s shooter where you can zoom in to take out targets.
$2995.00 USD

Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition SAILOR ZOMBIE: AKB48 ARCADE EDITION Shooting Games
Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition is a shooting game which out of the minds of Bandai Namco Games comes the idols from the Jpop band AKB48 to the arcade, it’s a light gun shooter, where players have to take on hoards of these Zombie Schoolgirls to save them from a fate worse than death. The game features seven members, including Yuko Oshima, Mayu Watanabe and Yuki Kashiwagi, instead of killing the girls though players save them by shooting vaccine bullets to rescue the zombified AKB48 members. All of the zombie faces for the character models were made by scanning facial data from the AKB48 members so players get the fun of saving all the members of AKB48, these zombies are super cute and full of spunk!
$1950.00 USD

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade Machine HATSUNE MIKU PROJECT DIVA ARCADE MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade Machine is a rhythm game in arcade version released from Sega, featuring Hatsune Miku and other VOCALOID theme, includes four large buttons for game play, fun with IC card to record game score and get module with VOCALOID POINT.
$4495.00 USD

Pop'n Music 17 The Movie Machine POP'N MUSIC 17 THE MOVIE MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
Pop'n Music 17 The Movie Machine,the Movie is a new version of Pop'n Music. Machine with lovely color and user friendly system.
$1595.00 USD

Outrun 2 SP Special Super DX OUTRUN 2 SP SPECIAL SUPER DX Driving-Riding Games
Outrun 2 SP Special Super DX,the latest sequel to the classic OutRun series, OutRun 2 SP Special Deluxe is a virtual driving experience combining the exhilaration of OutRun 2 SP with a thrilling big screen, simulated cabinet and amazing Lindbergh graphics.
$34950.00 USD

Noir Namco Arcade cabinet NOIR NAMCO ARCADE CABINET Arcade Cabinets Only
Noir Namco Arcade cabinet is a HD terminal cool black cabinet, in compact size and with a 32 inch high definition LCD wide screen, high quality made released by Namco, usually for set up with Tekken 6 and Tekken 5 game kit.
$1195.00 USD

MUSECA Arcade Music Video Game MUSECA ARCADE MUSIC VIDEO GAME Music-Dance Machines
MUSECA Arcade Music Video Game is an arcade music video game released by Konami in 2015. The main concept of MUSECA is music game crossed with illustration.
$3495.00 USD

Sharpshooter Gemini Basketball Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine SHARPSHOOTER GEMINI BASKETBALL TICKET REDEMPTION ARCADE MACHINE Basketball Machines
Sharpshooter Gemini Basketball Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine is a parent-child interactive basketball game which desing with design with two baskets of different heights. The game design 3 stages for players chanllenge, during the game, accumulated scores of two players and display on one LED display, players try the best to shoot the basketballs into the hoop within the limited time to win the scores to enter next stage, win more tickets. Machine take the colorful sea world as the appearance design theme, decorated by much colorful LED lighting, smooth and cheerful game background music, make the machine become the focus of public attention.
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Initial D Arcade Stage Version 8 Infinity 2 players with server INITIAL D ARCADE STAGE VERSION 8 INFINITY 2 PLAYERS WITH SERVER Driving-Riding Games
Initial D Arcade Stage Version 8 Infinity 2 players with server is the version 8 driving arcade games from Sega Initial series and features in played as a single machine or linked up to 2 machines with a server.
$4495.00 USD

Initial D3 Arcade Driving Machine INITIAL D3 ARCADE DRIVING MACHINE Driving-Riding Games
Initial D3 Arcade Driving Machine,based the popular mania Initial D, comes another installation of this battle racing game. 2 new courses have been added to the game to make a total of 8 with 52inch screen.
$1495.00 USD

Hopping Road Arcade Game Twin HOPPING ROAD ARCADE GAME TWIN Sport Games
Hopping Road Arcade Game Twin is Taito's newest arcade game. Player act as a rabbit and jump up and down on a pogo stick controller to advance in inter-rabbit racing championships.
Hopping Road has a function for cabinets to be linked together, that is 4 players whom can go for hopping races, jumping frantically in the arcade and have lots of fun.
$2950.00 USD

GTI Club Mini Festa Arcade Game Twin GTI CLUB MINI FESTA ARCADE GAME TWIN Driving-Riding Games
GTI Club Mini Festa Arcade Game Twin, a return of a classic racing game, that cut away from the usual racing cars for Volkswagons and alike. Also instead of the go as fast as possible, it's more about prefect driving skills to navigate around the tough tracks.
$2250.00 USD

Groove Coaster Arcade Machine GROOVE COASTER ARCADE MACHINE Music-Dance Machines
Groove Coaster Arcade Machine is an arcade cabinet version of music game released at the end of 2013 from Taito. It features with a vertical 55-inch LCD screen, mounted with two brilliant flat-topped " booster" with a giant button on top of each playing originally a fantastic rhythm iOS game instead of using a touch screen.
$1950.00 USD

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