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last update, May 22, 2019. 

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Sega LED BD GUN SENSE HOD 838-13145R02 SEGA LED BD GUN SENSE HOD 838-13145R02 Shooting Parts
Sega LED BD GUN SENSE HOD,parts number 838-13145R02 is situable for Sega Primeval Hunt Arcade Machine.
$24.00 USD

Sega IR Cover JPT-1082X SEGA IR COVER JPT-1082X Other
Sega IR Cover JPT-1082X is original part from Sega and situable for Primeval Hunt Arcade Machine.
$1.00 USD

62MM Mushroom Light 62MM MUSHROOM LIGHT Lighting
A replacement 62mm mushroom light used to replace the light on park rides & attractions full machines . These types of mushroom light comes with a 220VDC@8 watts lamp, standard colours are green, blue, red, yellow.
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Memory Card for HA Sangokushi Taisen 1.1 MEMORY CARD FOR HA SANGOKUSHI TAISEN 1.1 Data Card
Memory Card for HA Sangokushi Taisen 1.1 is the strategy cards for The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms famous game, mixed up with monarch card and general card, each with different military power or special tactics and place them strategically.
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DDR Title Panel DDR TITLE PANEL Dance / Music Machine Parts
A panel which is made of acrylic film for DDR machine title.
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DDR floor sensor metal cover DDR FLOOR SENSOR METAL COVER Dance / Music Machine Parts
DDR floor sensor metal cover made by high quality stainess steel and, strong and durable, suitable for any version's Dance Dance Revolution twin play machines.
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Dance Dance Revolution Dance Floor Arrows DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION DANCE FLOOR ARROWS Dance / Music Machine Parts
A replacement dance floor arrow for DDR machine.
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6 Digit Meter 6 DIGIT METER Coin Counter
A digit counter that has 6 digits white displaying numbers on black background.
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100mm DJ Push Button with LED Light 100MM DJ PUSH BUTTON WITH LED LIGHT Push Button
DJ push button with 12V LED light that is not only saving power but also durability. Each button constructed in ABS plastic, it also special in shock and vibration resistant whenever instant ON/OFF press. High quality made microswitch included.
$6.90 USD

Bounty Ranger Arcade Machine BOUNTY RANGER ARCADE MACHINE Shooting Games
Bounty Ranger Arcade Machine is a video shooting game machine that players will play two armed bounty rangers which leopards and catwoman. Build into the 55" LCD screen to show the play interface and equip two luxury laser guns for player interact with the shooting game. The game follows the typical pattern of co-op mounted shooters, players capture wanted criminals in different game scenarios in exchange for a bounty. Bounty Ranger is suitable for younger and parent-child player.

Token TOKEN Coin Accessories
Ready made or Custom designed Tokens. It can be free up cash and reduce theft.
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Small Coin Entry SMALL COIN ENTRY Coin Accessories
Heavy-duty chrome-plated die cast Small Coin Entry.
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Game Token GAME TOKEN Coin Accessories
Ready made token for different amusement machines. It can be free up cash and reduce theft.
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WEIYA multi coin selector HI-11FCSG (Front Insertion) WEIYA MULTI COIN SELECTOR HI-11FCSG (FRONT INSERTION) Cash Handling
WEIYA multi coin selector HI-11FCSG is a front inserting type coin acceptor, supports with 8 channels, can be programmed for a variety of settings, advanced with recognition coinage for added security and with fast continuous inserting performance, perfect for commercial use with inserting 6 coins per second.
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WEIYA multi coin selector HI-09UCS WEIYA MULTI COIN SELECTOR HI-09UCS Cash Handling
WEIYA multi coin selector HI-09UCS is a drop inserting type coin selector can support 8 channels self-programming without PC, and with an inhibit line for game machine.
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Ring Toss Redemption Machine RING TOSS REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Ring Toss Redemption Machine is a ring toss game which toss the rings onto The bottles and win tickets. Attractive circus theme image, designed spacious playfield featuring 46 target bottles, and built into the 27" high-definition LCD screen on the back of the playfield to show current scoring information. Flashing LED lights surround the machine, and mesmerizing RGB LED lighting effects channel through the translucent bottles, will attract people's attention.

Vertical Token Acceptor VERTICAL TOKEN ACCEPTOR Cash Handling
A drop style mechanical coin acceptor that can be setup to work with your Arcade game machine
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Intelligent Multi Function Coin Mechanism (1 coin 1 signal) INTELLIGENT MULTI FUNCTION COIN MECHANISM (1 COIN 1 SIGNAL) Cash Handling
A front type multi-function CPU coin acceptor can accept 1 kind coin or token but only output 1 signal to read the value what coin or token is inserted.

It is not only good for your Amusement Machine but also Vending Machines.
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Hoopla Bee Redemption Machine HOOPLA BEE REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Hoopla Bee Redemption Machine is a hoopla game ticket redemption machine, which players toss hoops onto pegs to win the scores. Features with bright and attractive cabinet printing with exquisite bee patterns, intuitive seven pegs and control panel design, accurate and fluent scoring system. Hoopla Bee is a perfect game that can be enjoyed by the family, use the hoops to hook the LED light pegs get the fun and reward.

Zippyy Joystick (short actuator) ZIPPYY JOYSTICK (SHORT ACTUATOR) Joysticks
Zippyy joystick (short actuator) is China made brand new joystick used mostly in metal or wooden cabinet machine which working in good condition.
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Yenox Joystick YENOX JOYSTICK Joysticks
Yenox joystick designs in high quality nylon construction which is perfect for your arcade machine.
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Bird Streak Video Kiddie Ride BIRD STREAK VIDEO KIDDIE RIDE Kiddie Rides
Bird Streak Video Kiddie Ride is a coin-operated children's kiddie ride machine that play the mini game in the video by the steering wheel. The capacity design two seats for players, supports two players enjoy entertainment at the same time, the game designs multiple mini games for option, players play the mini video games by the steering wheel, while enjoy the kiddie ride game. Machine appearance is the style of great bird design, decorated with bright flashing LED lights, the color is gorgeous, the modelling is lovely, will catch everyone's eye.

Police Car Video Kiddie Ride POLICE CAR VIDEO KIDDIE RIDE Kiddie Rides
Police Car Video Kiddie Ride is a funny children's kiddie ride which combined with the police catch thief mini game. Shape design of the cartoon police car, it is very cute and funny. Feature with the 19" high-definition LCD screen and steering wheel for player interact with the mini game. During the game, player controls the police car to advance and catches the thief in the video game by the steering wheel, buttons and the accelerator, while enjoy the kiddie ride game.

Superior Joystick (45mm bubble top) SUPERIOR JOYSTICK (45MM BUBBLE TOP) Joysticks
Superior joystick (45mm bubble top) is the one of best sellers in mainland which offer in market price. It designs in same construction of super joystick but in a bigger size.
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CPU Recognize Coin Acceptor (5 coins, 5 signals) CPU RECOGNIZE COIN ACCEPTOR (5 COINS, 5 SIGNALS) Cash Handling
An intelligent multi-coin selector can memorize and recognize 5 type coins with different signals from 1 pulse to 99 pulses.
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