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Various Latest models Ticket Redemption Machine- New Year Arcade Game Big Sale!
05 Jan, 2019

Happy New year and best wish to you! We are pleased to offer you a lot of innovation new and exciting new attraction coin-operated ticket redemption machine and prize game machines released, all are in simple game play, high quality made, including Lipstick prize machine, Happy Bowling, Magic Pyramid Prize Machine ( 4 players)......
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Crane Machines Clearance Price!
24 Dec, 2018

We hope all of you have a Merry Christmas! Our latest 2 layers crane machine- Happy Family Crane Game machine is an unique claw type machine with 2 layers upper and down cabinet, two control panels and two claws in one machine, is with great specials offer on remaining stock- do not miss, now save 50% off price or more, come to us for more details.
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Various Ticket Redemption Machines at Hot Sell- New models available and Special Offer!
06 Dec, 2018

We are pleased to introduce different type fun and exhilarating ticket redemption game and driving game machines to you, design with very adorable character, colorful cabinet, can be attractive and suitable for all location, all are in deeply discounted, including Sail Fish Wheel game, Candy Fall Skill Test game, Barrel of laughs Air Gun, etc......
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Ferrari F355 Challenge Deluxe Arcade Driving Game for Special Sale!
11 May, 2018

Ferrari F355 Challenge Deluxe Arcade Driving Game is world famous ferrari video arcade game released by Sega, it is a 3 screen cabinet for special sale, with driving made to replicate as close as possible the real F355, down to the stick shift, the game features six tracks and also a practice mode, now there are 2 units machines stock available for shipment immediately, come to us for more details.
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A series of replacement parts for various arcade game machine-Special price offer now!
13 Nov, 2018

One Asia game center is closing and we collect all machines back, we are now separate most of parts from each machine for sales and each come with standard pieces, all parts in clearance sell now, all are good working condition and can be as replacement part for your original game machine, including Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX Plus Mother Board Kit, Mario Kart 2 game board, spare parts for Ghost Squad machine, Initial D 8 PCB, etc......
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Original Amusement arcade machines - October 2018 clearance offer!
28 Oct, 2018

One of our customer has a lots of used famous Japan or US arcade machine series for sale now, available for immediate shipment, for selling with good quality and well functional, including Triple Catcher ICE machine, Mario Kart Arcade GP, Kick Through Racers Sport Game, Terminator, etc.......
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Skilled Challenge Fish Hunting Video Arcade Upgrade Game PCBs Available- with Attractive the Lowest Price!
23 Oct, 2018

A series of skilled fish hunting video arcade upgrade game pcbs are available now, all feature in fish hunter plus type, in 3D graphic sea creatures and each game with special ocean king characters, all with new game play and amazing fish hunting fun, all in stock and immediately shipment, including Ocean King 3 Plus: Crab Avengers Game, Ocean King 3 Plus: Poseidon's Realm Game, Ocean King 3 Plus: Blackbeard’s Fury Game, Ocean king 3 plus: Legend of the Phoenix Game, Ocean King 3 Plus: Mermaid Legends Fish Game Board kit, etc......
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Toy Crane Arcade Machine with Cute Fox feature ONLY $1,480usd per unit
18 Oct, 2018

We are pleased to introduce one crane machine to you, Toy crane arcade machine with Cute Fox feature, it is a hot sell product. Today, one of our customer is wanting to clearance sale with a best price, the price is just $1,480usd per unit.
The machines are 2-3 months old and not suitable for the customer's billiard shop location and want to sell out quickly. 2 units stock for immediately shipment.
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A wide variety of Coin Operated Ticket Redemption machines for sale!
13 Oct, 2018

We have a great range of stock clearance products, including Whacker Games, skill challenged ticket redemption game machine, wheel games, crane fun machines and air hockey machines are in clearance sales now, all are in stock with good material made, in cost effective, can be suit any marketplace. welcome to contact us for more details.
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Ocean King 3 Plus Crab Avengers Game board kit (China release)-Special price offer now!
05 Oct, 2018

* brand new Ocean King fish hunting game,with attractive price offer, with new features: Crab Monsters;
* very popular complete fish type arcade table game board kit,suitable for 6, 8 players fish arcade cabinet, including mainboard, IO board and power cables, etc......
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Houdini American Pinball and Thunderbirds Pinball Arcade Game Machine -Special price offer now!
01 Sep, 2018

These two modern pinball game machine will be shipping soon. Houdini Pinball - delivery on early September and Thunderbirds Pinball can be delivery in October, they are new machine and come with special LOWEST promotion price for quantity order - stock for immediate shipment.
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Brand Machine Clearances- Bulk Arcade Game Special Sale!
28 Jul, 2018

We are pleased to introduce a great selection of our latest Ticket redemption products for a big sales and most of them drop down at amazing price save up to 20% clearance, all game machines are innovative and attractive models in the market, stock for immediately shipment, including SpongeBob Soccer Stars Arcade, Lane Master Alley bowling ball game, Top world 4 players air hockey, Deep Sea Story Fishing game, etc.......
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Various Perfect Spin a Wheel Game Ticket Redemption Machine for hot sale!
05 Jul, 2018

A series of coin-operated different types and new with modern design Wheel Game Ticket Redemption Machine are available now, pull the handle up to give it a big push down to spin the wheel to win a big rewards back to player, comes with simply game play, attractive for every player, all wheel game are in bright and colorful novelty design, in the lowest price offer with great profit for operator, including Sail Fish Wheel, King Of The Big Wheel, Fishing Wheel with 32" monitor, Route 66 Wheel with 42" monitor, Big Bass Wheel......
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A wide variety of Coin Operated Ticket Redemption Game machine for sale!
23 May, 2018

It is our honor to note that a lot of coin-operated redemption machines made for easy to play and easy to win, they are the most attractive gaming currently available to the arcade market, with new design, low maintenance, and great profit for every arcade center, including Deep Sea Adventure Water Shooter, Fantasy Forest Video Bowling, SpongeBob Soccer Stars, SpongeBob Pineapple ticket game, Pacman Swirl Ball Drop game, etc......
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Capsules and Candy New Vending Machine Available - very low price offer now!
26 Apr, 2018

We have some novelty Toy Capsule Vending game machine available, lowest price available in different stylish and colors, they are in really great condition, start your own high profit Gumball Vending Machines or Candy Vending Machines or Spiral Capsule Vending Machine,Toy Capsule Machines business, attracts to every arcade center, come and built them for your own place;
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Air Hockey Pushers Table For Adults with Attractive Price Offer!
30 Mar, 2018

The latest full size Ticket Redemption Air Hockey Table for adults are new available now, 2 persons or 4 person models for option, built for fast puck sport fun and coin operated, features with easier assemble, unique smooth playing surface, it must be the most interesting indoor arcade gaming for kids and adults alike will have a blast playing games on these air hockey arcade table at your arcade center, including air hockey -Football Frenzy 4 players, Turbo Hoki 2 players, cute Happy Fries 2 players hockey table, Top World 2 players or Top World 4 players, etc.......
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Various Redemption Ticket Machines Hot Sell- New models available and really low price!!
23 Mar, 2018

Most of new arrival amusement machines are available now, really lowest price and brand new redemption ticket game machines, efficiently new design and with attractive mini games for option, including Virtual Grabbing a prize game, Compact Feeding Fish Redemption Game (4 players), Shooting Fun Ticket game, Video Bowling ball throwing game, etc......
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Crazy Bowling - a real bowling game for kids and adults on Special Sale!
19 Mar, 2018

Crazy Bowling game machine is a skill challenged bowling game machine, with amazing 32 inch LCD scoring monitor to show great graphics and with a real bowling alley, with 10 pins each lane, come and play a real bowling fun, today it is in a discount sell and in stock for immediately shipment, come and contact us for more details.......
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Dragon Slayer English Version Fish Hunter Game with Perfect Earning and VERY Attractive Price!
07 Mar, 2018

Dragon Slayer fish hunter game is a successful fishing and hunting video fish arcade game available now, plenty of interesting and extremely fun to play by deep sea fish hunting, enjoy skill challenge fish and characters to catch, full game board kit available for immediately shipment, come and get the cheapest price to upgrade your fish game machine first;
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A lots of Newly Released Amusement machines available- New Year Arcade Game Sale!
24 Feb, 2018

We return to work from the China Lunar New Year holiday, best wishes for this New year!! We have most of upcoming Projection Redemption Ticket game machine, Driving Game, and Video Arcade Shooting Game new arrival now, all are in top quality made and with attractive lowest price for new year sale, come to us for more detail, including Night Hunter 4D Shooting game, Injustice Arcade Card Game, Golden Salon Holographic Projection Game, etc.......
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2018 Chinese Lunar New Year holiday notice!
12 Feb, 2018

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year for 2018 Of Dog! We are closing for lunar new year holiday start on date 14th February, 2018 to 22nd February, 2018 , we are sorry if any inconvenience caused, we will be back to work at date 23rd February, 2018.
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Bulk Pinball Machines for Sale
31 Jan, 2018

Our customer who is operating pinball machines in Italy and France market has 32 pinball machines, and wants to clear as bulk pinball machine sale.
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Thunderbirds Pinball Arcade Game Machine -Special price offer! Preorder now!
24 Jan, 2018

Thunderbirds pinball machine is a great pinball tables new available now, is a real mechanical pinball action game, with excellent pinball playfield, brand new pinball table with incredible features and modern technologies made, attracts any pinball fans to play in ultimate pinball experience, now if you can confirm the order on/before 12th Feb, we can offer special price ONLY $1,500usd as deposit to confirm the order, first come, first server......
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Enchanted Dragon and Mystic Dragon 2 Video Fish Hunter Game Board kit- Stock for immediately shipment!
23 Jan, 2018

Our new English fishing hunter arcade game are available now, they are brand new with famous ocean fishing video game system and are perfect for you to upgrade the old gaming for 6, 8, 10 players cabinet, game features with beautiful fish characters and different weapons that players must try and catch, these new fishing game should be a top of the range fish game product with guaranteed income and return investment for owners and operators, including Mystic dragon 2 Video Redemption Fish Game software, Enchanted Dragon fish hunter game PCB board kit.
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Skill Claw Machine Arcade Games- New Year Crane Claw Arcade Game machine for Sale!
12 Jan, 2018

We are pleased to introduce different type newly released Claw Arcade Game Machines and Skill Test Crane Game Machines for stock offer, with great construction, high security cabinet, super locking wheels, tempered safety glass, highly recognizable toys, 1 player, 2 players, 4 players, 6 players, 8 players claw crane machines are available.
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