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last update, June 21, 2019. 
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Chase Duck II water shooter
Chase Duck II water shooter
$2595.00 USD
Save 3.7%

Extreme Shot Basketball Machine $2595.00 USD
Tubin Twist Redemption Machine $2895.00 USD
Taiko No Tatsujin 13 Arcade Machine $3495.00 USD
Silent Scope: Bone Eater Shooting Gun Machine $2995.00 USD

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Arcade game Latest News & Updates

Buy some Second Hand Arcade Spare Parts and Accessories!  

All of our recycled arcade spare parts are on sale now, all parts are quickly and easily to replace for original arcade game machine, it is the great deal to buy some second hand spare parts saving money to get your current machine to work, including shooting gun parts, mainboard, Gun set, IO board for original Namco Time Crisis 2, Time Crisis 3, Time Crisis 4; Or card reader, video card, IO board, software hard disk for Namco Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 dx PLUS, etc.......
Other News Stories
* Newly Released Mechanical Centipede Fishing Arcade Game Full Game Board Kit USA Edition in STOCK for sale! 19 Apr, 2019
* I/O Board for Fish Games Available!! 13 Apr, 2019
* Ocean King Features Fish Hunter game kit on sales! 01 Apr, 2019
* Happy Snake Ticket Redemption Special offer! 28 Mar, 2019
* Various Arcade Cabinet NEW models available and low price offer!! 13 Mar, 2019
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Arcade Game Latest Offers

Legend Of Dinosaurs 2 Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine
Legend Of Dinosaurs 2 Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine is a shooting dinosours to win tickets game, take the dinosaur elements as the theme of machine appearance and game content. Machine built-in a large screen and high-quality graphics, and design 4 independent consoles for multiple players play the game at the same time, increase the interactivity and entertainment of the game. Each console equip with the joystick to control the direction of the launcher, and two buttons to launch the bomb and choose the explosion range. The game is popular with players for the fun of shooting dinosaurs and winning tickets.

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Dragon Slayer I/O Board for Fish Game
Dragon Slayer I/O Board for Fish Game is suitable for Dragon Slayer Video Fish Game board kit which is an extremely exciting shooting fish video game redemption arcade game kit, features with special boss, which are hard to kill and can even attack the players, the boss includes: Crabs overlord, Prehistory Crocodile, Deep-Sea Monstre, Dragon Overlord, Phoenix, Tiger and Monkey King. This game board kit can be upgrade for your 2 players cabinet, 4 players cabinet, 6 players cabinet, 8 player cabinet and 10 player cabinet.

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Lovers Frog Plush Toy 8 inch
Lovers Frog Plush Toy 8 inch, a cute sitting frog with big eyes and smile face. Made in 100% polyester cloth, fiber, cotton and fill in PP plastic.

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Sega Disk with Security Chip for Ghost Squad
Sega Disk with Security Chip for Ghost Squad is suitable for Ghost Squad Arcade Machine,a 2004 light gun arcade game developed by Sega AM2 for the Sega Chihiro arcade board.

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