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Up and Down Double Fun Crane machine ( 2 players)
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last update, March 30, 2017. 


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Sega Model I / II
Product Name Price Qty Type Condition Manufacturer Year Location Availability
Dead or Alive PCBTBA
Please Ask
Die Hard 2 (Dynamite Cop) PCB$386.40 USD5Fighting ActionUsedSega1998Japan5~10 days
Dynamite Baseball 97TBA1BaseballUsedSega1997Hong Kong3~7 days
Fighting Vipers PCBTBA1FightingUsedSega1995Japan5~10 days
House of Dead$795.00 USD1Gun ShootingUsedSega1997Hong Kong1~2 days
Last Bronx PCB$230.39 USD1FightingUsedSega1996Japan5~10 days
Pilot KidsTBA
Please Ask
ShooterUsedPsikyo1999Hong Kong1~2 days
Virtua Cop 2TBA
Please Ask
Gun ShootingUsedSega1995Hong Kong3~7 days
Virtua Fighter 2 PCBTBA
Please Ask
FightingUsedSega1995Japan5~10 days
Virtua Striker PCB$288.00 USD1SoccerUsedSega1995Japan5~10 days
Virtual On$182.39 USD2UsedSega1996Hong Kong3~7 days
Zero Gunner PCBTBA1Scrolling shooterUsedPsikyo1997Japan5~10 days
Sega Model III
Product Name Price Qty Type Condition Manufacturer Year Location Availability
Fighting Vipers 2 PCBTBA
Please Ask
Get Bass PCB$634.63 USD1ShooterUsedSega1998Hong Kong1~2 days
Ocean Hunter$671.96 USD5ShooterUsedSega1998Hong Kong1~2 days
Spike Out final edition PCB$864.00 USD1Fighting ActionUsedSega1997Japan5~10 days
Virtua Fighter 3 PCB$216.00 USD1FightingUsedSega1996Japan5~10 days
Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle PCB$192.00 USD1FightingUsedSega1997Japan5~10 days
Virtua Striker 2$306.21 USD2SoccerUsedSega1997Hong Kong3~7 days
Virtua Striker 2, Version 98$384.86 USD1SoccerUsedSega1998Japan5~10 days
Virtua Striker 2, version 99'$437.76 USD2SoccerUsedSega1999Japan5~10 days
Virtual On 2 : Oratorio Tangram PCB$540.00 USD1ShooterUsedSega1998Hong Kong3~7 days

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