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last update, March 23, 2017. 

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Dolphin Blue software DOLPHIN BLUE SOFTWARE Atomiswave System
A side scrolling shoot them up, where players take of the role as either a male or female freedom fighter. Weapons are plentiful and range from gatling guns to missile launchers and more.
$311.99 USD

EZ 2 Dancer EZ 2 DANCER Music-Dance Machines
A dancing platform game where players get to show off their stuff in time with the music.
$1995.00 USD

Samurai Spirits: Tenka Ichi Kenkakuden (Samurai Shodown 6) full kit SAMURAI SPIRITS: TENKA ICHI KENKAKUDEN (SAMURAI SHODOWN 6) FULL KIT Atomiswave System
This version featuring of massive casting of regulars, returning favourites and new characters. Bumping the roster up to 40 characters.
$311.03 USD

Fist of the North Star (Hokutou no Ken) full kit FIST OF THE NORTH STAR (HOKUTOU NO KEN) FULL KIT Atomiswave System
A fighting game based around "Hokutou no Ken", or "Fist of the North Star" as it is known in the english speaking world.
$174.18 USD

Soul Calibur 2 kit SOUL CALIBUR 2 KIT System 246
Soul Calibur 2 is the new version of game. In this sequel many characters return including Mitsurugi, Sophitia and Ivy. They fight against both new and old fighters.
$360.00 USD

Virtua Cop 3 Kit VIRTUA COP 3 KIT Kit
Re-enter a deadly world of the quick and the dead. The version expands to a whole new level that rival the big hollywood action movie.

Pump It Up PRIME 2 2017 Arcade Edition Software Upgrade Kit PUMP IT UP PRIME 2 2017 ARCADE EDITION SOFTWARE UPGRADE KIT PCB
Pump It Up PRIME 2 2017 Arcade Edition Software Upgrade Kit is the 15th chapter of the international dance game of Pump it up series from Andamiro, features with the new Prime 2 software, it is the MK9 full upgrade Kit, can be used to upgrade Pump It Up DX, GX and SX cabinets.

Royal Seal Navy Kiddie Ride ROYAL SEAL NAVY KIDDIE RIDE Kiddie Rides
A majestic royal seal with a seat on it's back.

Funny Waterwheel Skill Test Redemption Machine FUNNY WATERWHEEL SKILL TEST REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Funny Waterwheel Skill Test Redemption Machine is a fetch water by the water pump and reward tickets game, with the ancient fetch water from the water wheel as the design concept. This machine feature with the big wheel which install eight water storage tanks, the big wheel rotation in the game play and the player fetch water into the water storage tanks as much as possible. The game combination of entertainment and sports, not only experience the pleasure of games, but also get some exercise for the players. The appearance of game machine is fresh and shining, and the game play is very simple only by seesawing the handle, loved by the players.

Panic Park (SD) PANIC PARK (SD) Dedicated Machines
A game featuring a series of mini game for one or 2 players. The players main controls is a lever that's move left and right as well out. The are 3 courses easy, normal and hard.
$2499.98 USD

Dolls Magic Cube DX DOLLS MAGIC CUBE DX Crane Machines
Dolls Magic Cube DX is a deluxe prize machine in unique horizontal design, the cabinet is in cool black color, and rich back settings make players enjoy more exciting game experience.
$1408.97 USD

Pump It Up Dance Floor Sensor PUMP IT UP DANCE FLOOR SENSOR Dance / Music Machine Parts
Dance floor sensor is used under each Pump It Up machine platform arrows.
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Walking Robocop Electric Rides WALKING ROBOCOP ELECTRIC RIDES Battery Car
Walking Robocop Electric Rides is a battery operated battle in iron man chair design with fighting mode, like walking robot, easier by joystick operation, players can simply control the direction of walking, can move forward, backward, place a 360-degree rotation.
$3494.84 USD

Golden Gear Skill Test Redemption Machine GOLDEN GEAR SKILL TEST REDEMPTION MACHINE Redemption Machines
Golden Gear Skill Test Redemption Machine is a sliding ball from gear playfield ticket machine. The play field designs with the gears at different levels, the obstacles area at different locations, different scores designs at the bottom, the JACKPOT set in particular at the score partition. Player try to guide the ball to drop at high score place at bottom by the gearwheel to win the scores. That machine physical design is unique, and gameplay is novel and simple, will attract every player.
$4049.95 USD

BoBo Jeep Video Kiddie Ride (2 players) BOBO JEEP VIDEO KIDDIE RIDE (2 PLAYERS) Kiddie Rides
BoBo Jeep Video Kiddie Ride (2 players) is a interactive video game machine, with a 32" LCD screen for the interact with the game. The game is rich and colorful, design with 6 roles and different cars for the player option, player turning steering wheel to choose and press the button to confirm. This machine feature with combined with the racing game and shooting game at the same time, the race play is in accordance with the lines turn the steering wheel, and the shooting play is shooting the flying little monster and ultimate monster by the gun, if shot in the treasure box, will receive rewards. The game is exciting and interactive, suitable for older than 2 years old children and adults.
$3449.97 USD

Machine Family Prize Machine  - Happy Crane and Excavator MACHINE FAMILY PRIZE MACHINE - HAPPY CRANE AND EXCAVATOR Prize Machines
Machine Family Prize Machine is a four players skill test to grab prizes game machine, available in Happy Crane or Excavator for option, is an advanced crane machine from traditional, plays with mini excavator or unique crane to grab prizes, the cabinet feature with a large clear dome, clearly show all exquisite and all kinds of prizes in the middle rotation playfiled.
$4094.80 USD

Prize Rolling Mini Wheel Game Prize Machine PRIZE ROLLING MINI WHEEL GAME PRIZE MACHINE Prize Machines
Prize Rolling Mini Wheel Game Prize Machine is a combined with unique joystick and scroll wheel prize game, unique and innovative. The appearance of the machine design inspiration from the “WALLE” which the protagonist of WALL-E movie, and combination with yellow color as the theme design, modelling is exquisite and perfect. The game play is simple and easy to operate, pull the joystick to rolling the scroll wheel to win related scores for different prizes output, suitable for players of different ages.
$2094.94 USD

Lollipops Candy Vending Game Prize machine LOLLIPOPS CANDY VENDING GAME PRIZE MACHINE Prize Machines
Lollipops Candy Vending Game Prize machine is a turntable rolling reward lollipops prize machine, the machine with the random selection function, enables not just simple buying, but also provides exciting game experience, features with built-in the turntable installation more interesting for player. This machine is with the lollipop as the design theme, and reward the lollipop is loved by children. Appearance design of game machine is bright and colorful, light flowery will attract the attention of every child. And the game play is very simple only by the push button, suitable for everyone.
$994.93 USD

Happy Ocean Magic Coloring Paint Game Machine HAPPY OCEAN MAGIC COLORING PAINT GAME MACHINE Medal Games
Happy Ocean Coloring Game Machine is a color on the marine organism game, design stemmed from the children curiosity and love for the marine animals, cultivate identify the fishs and perceive colors in the kids. Feature with the machine with a 188 inch extra large high definition interactive screen which display the completed work from players, and this machine with four control panels for the players independent play the game. The appearance of the machine design with the underwater world as the theme, fresh and strange for the players.
$19948.50 USD

Candy House Prize Machine CANDY HOUSE PRIZE MACHINE Prize Machines
Candy House Prize machine is a turntable rolling reward lollipops prize machine, feature with coin selector and bill acceptor installed available onto the game machine. With the children's favorite lollipop as the design theme, gorgeous color appearance attract the attention of children. This machine is small and exquisite, suitable place on a variety of venues. And the game play is a surprising and the operation is as simple as pressing button, suitable for everyone.
$1449.97 USD

Astro City ASTRO CITY Cabinets Only
A compact design cabinet with easily access to change buttons and routine maintenance. Also the monitor adjustments are located in front of the monitor for ease of use.
$694.98 USD

Taiko No Tatsujin Matsuri de FEVER ( 4 players arcade) TAIKO NO TATSUJIN MATSURI DE FEVER ( 4 PLAYERS ARCADE) Music-Dance Machines
Taiko No Tatsujin-Matsuri de FEVER ( 4 players arcade) is a 4 players video arcade ticket redemption with music rhythm from Konami, featuring on a table type with four drums around, the middle with 42 inch high definition LCD screen display, players pick up the drum stick to beats a drum face in time with the rhythm rewards, to match the corresponding role of the screen corner of the props, which will jump up or random display, players will win related tickets output.

The Walking Dead Crossbow Controller Shooting game THE WALKING DEAD CROSSBOW CONTROLLER SHOOTING GAME Shooting Games
The Walking Dead Crossbow Controller Shooting game is an arcade video crossbow gun shooter game developed by Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix, features with a theater sit-down cabinet, a 55 inch high definition LCD screen, with bench seating, RGB lighting effects and Raw Thrills patented Thrill-D sound system, featuring two crossbow-styled controller as its main weapon, along with the ability to use a hammer, pipes, dynamite and other items found as you progress through the story.

Digital Ticket Dispenser for Ticket Redemption Games machine DIGITAL TICKET DISPENSER FOR TICKET REDEMPTION GAMES MACHINE Ticket Accessories
Digital Ticket Dispenser for Ticket Redemption Games machine is a digital display ticket outlet, features with six digital tube counter and comes with digital display on front panel, to display current surplus tickets and surplus points, it will display and point out during jamming tickets and no tickets;
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EZ2 AC Night Traveller Game Machine- Arcade Version 13 EZ2 AC NIGHT TRAVELLER GAME MACHINE- ARCADE VERSION 13 Music-Dance Machines
EZ2 AC Night Traveller Game Machine is the 13th version rhythm Game software from EZ2 AC series new released on year 2016, which features for a player to use the pedal and turntable to DJ a song and earn points. This arcade game features with night cityscapes background graphics, comes with four new courses: 5 key course, 7K, 10K, 14K and add some new songs, difficulty of some songs changed, sound balance of some songs has been modified.
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