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Wanted Item Manufacturers Category Preferred Location Qty Needed
DDR - Hello Kitty  Konami     
Terminator 2 The Judgment Day  Midway     
HANSOL TTS410L Spare Parts  Daeseng Intercom     
Sega Pod Racer PCB  Sega     
Mainboard for Q-Bowling Machine       
Sega Sports Fishing 2(Sega Fishing Club) full kit  Sega     
MEXICO 86 (OR KICK'N'RUN)       
Punching Machine Mother Board       
F-zero AX software       
World Kick Rom Board and Naomi PCB  Namco     
Recovery DVD for Target Terror Gold       
Top Gunner       
Pot O Silver - Pusher       
source machines       
Slap shot mini hockey  Takara  Air Hockey   
Space Invaders Cocktail Cabinet  Taito  Arcade Cabinets Only   
Megalo Chassis 15Khz/24Khz  Sega  Arcade Cabinets Only   
Taito Egret II Cabinet  Taito  Arcade Cabinets Only   
Sammy (Taito) Atomiswave Egret Cabinet  Taito  Arcade Cabinets Only   
Parts for Sega Astro City Cabinet  Sega  Arcade Cabinets Only   
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Turtles in Time  Konami  Artwork   
Sideart for Lost World standup  Sega  Artwork   
Street fighter 2 champion edition PCB    Capcom CPS I   
Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II PCB  Capcom  Capcom CPS II   
Virtua Cop 3 Kit  Sega  Chihiro   
Crazy Taxi 3 Upgrade Kit  Sega  Chihiro   
Lethal Enforcers 2 - Parts  Konami  Coin Counter   
I/O Board for Desert Tank, Part Number : 839-10539  Sega  Coin Counter   
Coaster Rider Express spare parts    Coin Counter   
Punch Mania 2 spare parts  Konami  Coin Counter   
Konami ROM board and Flash card  Konami  Coin Counter   
Konami winning eleven cards  Konami  Coin Counter    1000 
omron cn5 male plug for cn5 socket  Omron  Coin Counter   
Planet Harriers Program & Communication boards  Sega  Coin Counter   
VGA Chips for Hikoro Board    Coin Counter   
Time Crisis DX - Spare Parts  Namco  Coin Counter   
The Lost World DX - Spare Parts  Sega  Coin Counter   
Megalo 410 - Spare Parts  Sega  Coin Counter   
Gals Panic 2 - Spare Parts  Kaneko  Coin Counter    100 
Pump it Up Exceed 2 - Spare Parts  Andamiro  Coin Counter   
Para Para Dancing Korean Version machine - IO Board    Coin Counter   
Sega Model 3 Jamma Convertor    Coin Counter   
IC for Pro Evolution Soccer  Konami  Coin Counter   
Vexta Stepping Motor    Coin Counter   
Parts for a SEGA Super GT PCB  Sega  Coin Counter   
The small monitor inside the gun for Silent Scope EX  Konami  Coin Counter   
main board for Awesome Tossem redemption machine  Lazertron  Coin Counter   
Disc for Virtua Cop 3  Sega  Coin Counter   
PCB and Hard Drive for Pop'n Stage EX  Konami  Coin Counter   
Artwork overlay marquee for Turkey Hunting USA    Coin Counter   
Kenya Shilling coin counter    Coin Counter   
Funcy Lifter - Main pc board  Kato  Crane Machines   
SNK Neo Mini's crane machine  SNK Playmore  Crane Machines   
DDR platform  Konami  Dance / Music Machine Parts   
DDR Solo 2000 CD (USA Version)  Konami  Dance / Music Machine Parts   
Dance Freaks (Dance Mania) Spare Parts  Konami  Dance / Music Machine Parts   
DDR Digital I/O Board  Konami  Dance / Music Machine Parts   
Valley-Dynamo Dartboard Senser  Valley-Dynamo  Dartboard   
Lucky & Wild  Namco  Dedicated Machines   
Asteroids Deluxe  Atari  Dedicated Machines   
Killer Instinct  SNK Playmore  Dedicated Machines   
Killer Instinct 2    Dedicated Machines   
T-Mek arcade unit  Atari  Dedicated Machines   
Mocap Boxing  Konami  Dedicated Machines   
Pump It Up main box assy with hard drive  Andamiro  Dedicated Machines   
XD Theater Virtual Reality Cinema    Dedicated Machines   
Rockman EXE Battle Chip Stadium  Capcom  Dedicated Machines   
Pokemon Battrio  Takara  Dedicated Machines   
PCB for Panic Park Namco  Namco  Dedicated Machines   
Outrun Steering Wheel Bolts (Top)  Sega  Driving Parts   
Tokyo Cop Video PCB  Gaelco  Driving Parts   
Race On spare parts  Namco  Driving Parts   
Gear Motor    Driving Parts    800 
Gaelco - Spare Parts    Driving Parts   
GTI Club PCB for Konami  Konami  Driving Parts   
TAITO JVS PCB FOR BATTLE GEAR 3  Taito  Driving Parts   
Seat and decals for Namco Lucky and Wild  Namco  Driving Parts   
Ridge Racer 2 (Single Player)  Namco  Driving-Riding Games   
Need For Speed  Global  Driving-Riding Games   
Sega Ferrari Challenge 2 DX  Sega  Driving-Riding Games   
JVS P.C.B.  Taito  Driving-Riding Games   
Over Rev (DX)  Jaleco  Driving-Riding Games   
Chase H.Q. Full Machine  Taito  Driving-Riding Games   
Final Furlong Game Board  Namco  Driving-Riding Games   
Crusi'n Exotica PCB board  Midway  Driving-Riding Games   
Club Kart  Sega  Driving-Riding Games   
Atari Championship Sprint  Atari  Driving-Riding Games   
Sega Rally  Sega  Driving-Riding Games   
Satellite Bingo Party Multicard PCB    Gambling   
Fighting Mania (Punch Mania) / Punch Mania 2  Konami  Hammer & Punch machines   
Road Edge (Round Trip RV)  SNK Playmore  Hyper Neo 64   
Sega Bass Fishing Spare Parts  Sega  Joysticks   
Chili Pepper Kiddie Ride for Adults     Kiddie Rides   
sanfrancisco rush or heat  Atari  Kit   
Initial D'3 upgrade kit  Sega  Kit   
fast&furious drift full conversion kit    Kit   
Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix Upgrade Kit  Konami  Kit   
Game board for Konami Code One Dispatch  Konami  Konami GX   
Konami Code One Dispatch main board  Konami  Konami GX   
Crazy typhoon  Namco  Medal Games   
Gauntlet Legends  Atari  Miscellaneous   
Naomi Universal Cabinet Spare Parts    Monitors, Chassis   
Sega 200-5058 21inch CRT Monitor  Sega  Monitors, Chassis   
Sega Roulette Club Spare Parts  Sega  Monitors, Chassis   
Tokyo Cop Spare Parts  Gaelco  Monitors, Chassis   
Dancing Stage Featuring Disney's Rave  Konami  Music-Dance Machines   
EZ2MJ    Music-Dance Machines   
Soulcalibur 1 kit parts  Namco  Namco System 12   
Melty Blood : Act Cadenza    Naomi I / II GD Rom   
WWF Royal Rumble upgrade kit  Sega  Naomi I / II GD Rom   
Crazy Taxi ROM Board Naomi I  Sega  Naomi I / II Rom Board   
Crazy Taxi and 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker ROM Board    Naomi I / II Rom Board   
Crackin' DJ Part 2 Upgrade Kit  Sega  Naomi I / II Rom Board   
Sega Route 66 Rom Board  Sega  Naomi I / II Rom Board   
Crazy Taxi Naomi I Cart  Sega  Naomi I / II Rom Board   
Namco card reader pcb board  Namco  Other   
Title Fight (SEGA) game board  Sega  Other   
VIRTUA RACING-DX (SEGA) game board  Sega  Other   
SWEET LAND COVER (doom)  Namco  Other   
Sega Naomi Universal Cabinet Marquee Holder  Sega  Other   
Sega megalo 410 hitachi remote control for screen  Sega  Other   
Reel motor for Cranky Condor    Other   
Macy continental reel assymotor aruze pachislo  Aruze  Other   
luna park amusement rides    Park Rides & Attractions   
Rainbow Islands - The Story Of Bubble Bobble 2  Taito  PCB   
Jungle King  Taito  PCB   
Rise Of The Robots PCB    PCB   
Midnight Mutants    PCB   
Pac-Man  Namco  PCB   
Crusin World PCB  Midway  PCB   
Return of Jedi PCB  Atari  PCB   
Charlie Ninja  Mitchell Corp  PCB   
Twin Bee  Konami  PCB   
WARZAID Game Board  Konami  PCB   
Guwange  Atlus  PCB   
San Francisco Rush The Rock - PCB    PCB   
Cruisin Exotica upgrade kit  Midway  PCB   
cruisn world  Williams  PCB   
New UFO Catcher PCB  Sega  PCB   
Stadium Cross PCB  Sega  PCB   
JEDEC file for CHIP  Sega  PCB   
Ez 2 DJ IO Board - PCB  Amuse World  PCB   
Xain'd Sleena - PCB  Technos  PCB   
Polystars - PCB  Konami  PCB   
Battle Gear PCB  Taito  PCB   
Manx TT Super Bike PCB  Sega  PCB   
Area 51 (original or Area 51/max force) PCB  Atari  PCB   
Ketsui - Kizuna Jigoku Tachi PCB  Cave  PCB   
Taito Side by Side Twin PCB  Taito  PCB   
Main board for Arctic Thunder snowmobile  Midway  PCB   
Terra Cresta original pcb and original PCB Splatterhouse    PCB   
Ferrari 355 challeger PCB    PCB   
Dirt Dash machine pcb  Namco  PCB   
Egg Venture PCB  Innovative Creations in Entertainment (ICE)  PCB   
Mortal Kombat 4 PCB boards    PCB   
Nascar Arcade Twin pcb  Sega  PCB   
Godzilla PCB  Banpresto  PCB   
Rygar PCB  Tecmo  PCB   
Out Run PCB  Sega  PCB   
Neo print  SNK Playmore  Photo - Stickers Game   
Assorted Pinball machine    Pinball Machine    70 
Backglass for Kenney Poker Face pinball machine    Pinball Machine   
NEO 29 Candy Cabinet - Parts  SNK Playmore  Power Supplies   
Power supply for Daytona 2 and Ridge Racer 2    Power Supplies   
Superstar Draw Poker  Merit Industries  Prize Machines   
Boong-ga Boong-ga    Prize Machines   
Phase 2 LED Series 2 Manual Switch    Push Button    20 
Honda S2000 Engine - Spare Parts    Push Button   
Punch - Out    Redemption Machines   
Rad Mobile - Motherboard  Sega  Redemption Machines   
Castle Coaster  Sega  Redemption Machines   
The Grapper - Full Machine    Redemption Machines   
Arlington Horse Racing Coin Operated video game  Strata  Redemption Machines   
Wiring Diagram Manual for the Konami Trio de Bingo (Wheel of Fortune)  Konami  Redemption Machines   
Crow for Cash    Redemption Machines   
Key for Dance Dance Revolution Machine    Security   
Virtua Racing pcbs  Sega  Sega Model I   
Nascar boards  Sega  Sega Model I / II   
Virtual On 2 Upgrade PCB  Sega  Sega Model III   
Dirt Devil PCB  Sega  Sega Model III   
F335 Challenge 3 Screen Game Board  Sega  Sega Model III   
Spike Out Final Edition PCB  Sega  Sega Model III   
Spike Out Final Edition PCB  Sega  Sega Model III   
Spikers Battle/SpikeOut pcb/SpikeOut Final Edition pcb    Sega Model III   
Under Fire: Lock and Load  Taito  Shooting Games   
Half Life Arcade Game Machine  Taito  Shooting Games   
Motor of Let's Go Jungle    Shooting Games   
Laser Games    Shooting Games   
Time Crisis 2 graphics card  Namco  Shooting Games   
Gun Sensor Board  Konami  Shooting Games   
Optical Fibre for Cool Gunman  Namco  Shooting Games   
Lethal Enforcers 3 main board (right side)  Konami  Shooting Games   
Brave Fire Fighters Spare Parts  Sega  Shooting Parts   
Gears of the gun of "Operation Wolf" by TAITO  Taito  Shooting Parts   
Jurassic Park III's projector  Konami  Shooting Parts   
Mocap Boxing  Konami  Sport Games   
Bowlingo  Valley-Dynamo  Sport Games   
Football Power    Sport Games   
Sega STV Mother Board Spare Parts  Sega  STV Titan   
Print Club 2 - PCB  Sega  STV Titan   
Time Crisis 3 Kit  Namco  System 246   
Namco 256 Rev A system for Wangan Midnight Twin Arcade  Namco  System 246   
Tekken 6 PCB  Namco  System 357   
Water Ski - PCB  Taito  Taito F3   
Battle Gear 4 Twin Kit  Taito  Taito Type X   
Half-Life 2: Survivor Kit    Taito Type X   
F-Zero AX  Sega  Triforce   
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Federation vs. Z.A.F.T.  Banpresto / Namco  Triforce   
Wiring Harness for Ridge Racer V / Wangan Midnight / Wangan Midnight R  Namco  Wiring   

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