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Deluxe Bumper Cars in hot sale!
22 Sep, 2012

Bumper Car (Deluxe series - 8 Cars Full Set)
* very low price offer on Deluxe bumper car
* colorful sparkle cars: red, yellow, blue, green and purple for optional
* full set offer, includes all accessaries, welcome customize floor plan
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Jockey Horse Riding MOTION simulators for HOT sale!
04 Aug, 2012

The latest real racing horses arcade game are in popular sale! The attractive lifelike horse is ridded in a variety of interactive 3D visual graphic sporting competitions video game, riding with the gallop running fairly quickly in moving up and down and realistic thrilling motion feeling, including full-sized horse for adults and a miniature horse for kids.
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Arcade Video Game CLEARANCE OFFER!
18 Jul, 2012

Various arcade machines made by Japan Sega, Taito, Konami, Namco in closeout offer, include: Guitar Freaks V8, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 dx PLUS, Initial D' Arcade Stage Version 3 (SD) and Rambo DX shooting machine, etc......
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Mini Tracks riders, Kids battery car, Carousel- new design offer!
05 Jul, 2012

Great coin-operated amusement ride-on types of new models are available, in life-like quality, safety and spacing saving of the latest attractive designs, make more fun and would be the first choice for any kids, including rotate around series, motion battery-powered car series, mini carousel.......
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Great and Fun Game machines- June 2012 special promotion stock offer!
29 Jun, 2012

* ex work China, hottest and running in economically priced brand new machines
* brings the vivid game play and wide range of playing in amusement parks, arcades, malls.
* Time 2 Win Ticket Machine--only US$2,919.00, Shopping Baby Touch Game machine --only US$3,159.00, Happy Forest (New 2)--only $1,349, etc......
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Redemption machines, June new models promotion offer!
08 Jun, 2012

We are pleased to providing you with the most latest and efficiently redemption series products, in new design and expected lowest price offer, including sport theme, video water shooter, Ferris wheel effect, wristwatch motion wheel game, valuable turntable in multiple prize game, etc......
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New Shooting Machines special promotion offer - really low price!!
23 May, 2012

An economy choice about variety of realistic gun shooters are available, ensure that shooting machines all are in greatest attractive price offer, some equipped with tickets output function, and from most competitive targets, including war theme video shooting game, silhouette targets shooter, bullseye targets shooter, monster targets shooter--only US$1,210.00, etc......
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Impressive Driving, Shooting, DJ Video Game Machines Worldwide In HOT sales!
17 May, 2012

Our latest new products are full of excitement will make great profit and are in stock and available for immediate shipment! Very popular models are setup with famous video game play, includes motion series water-boat racing game, realistic tank fighting game, excellent Jubeat DJ machine, etc.......
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Amusement arcade machines - May 2012 clearance offer!
12 May, 2012

In stock promotion of famous Japan or US arcade machine series, come in original brand new machines, in great working condition, and our clearance offer is available for immediate shipment, including Namco Tekken TAG 2, Raw Thrills Dirty Drivin, Sega Initial D' 6 AA single, etc......
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Various Music-Dance Machines - brand new machine offer!
02 May, 2012

* ex work China, really lowest price brand new machines
* full set machine in high quality made and superb sound effect
* including Live Jazz drum set series, Finger Dance DJ game, Entire body dance game, etc......
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Coin-operated Redemption machines NEW available in lowest price!
19 Apr, 2012

We are pleased to introduce 4 unique redemption machines with interactive video game, most popular game play, multiple bright colors design, that awards players with tickets, and 1 attractive wheel with gaps ticket machine, in actively revolving wheel fun, attracts any kids or adults.
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Amusement Machine new models introduction for April 2012!
01 Apr, 2012

We brings a wide range new released of children's entertainment machines for optional, are in professional high quality made, more new advance of technology features, combined with excellent kids' attractive elements, including: Skate Air Hockey, Fruit Splash, Smash Fun Battle Royale, Mini Ferris Wheel, 2 lanes train bowling, etc......
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New Skill Challenged prize and ticket machines on HOT sale!
14 Mar, 2012

A newest innovation game play of prize and ticket machine series brings great advantage, charming designs, perfect experience to win a player's desire prize or tickets, interesting enjoyments for kids or adults, includes in amazing skill challenged series - Mr Vacuum Powered, in interactive video game play series - Soccer Maniac, in huge scale prize cabinet series - Point Pusher and Cutter Machine (2 in 1), etc.....
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Mini Rocking Tug promotion offer for March 2012!
03 Feb, 2012

- Mini Rocking Tug creates exciting rocking up or down, whirling around, and feel weightless fantastic swinging experience and the lowest price offer must be the best favor families’ pleaser park ride.
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Multi Games Upright Arcade machine on HOT sale!
29 Feb, 2012

* standard track ball, joysticks, start buttons and game play push buttons assembled
* mounted with 19 inch or 25 inch CRT monitor or LCD screens for optional, and multi game board setup, including Upright Arcades 60 multi games, Upright Arcades 1505 multi games, etc……
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Amusement Flying Rides new design for 8 kids!
10 Feb, 2012

Hottest & popular self-control flying kiddie rides plays to rise and fall during the rotation carousel, with compact size design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor amusement parks, attracts any children by flying bees, traditional flying helicopter, and flying ship vehicles.
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Combination soft play center for small children, sliders, climber!
04 Feb, 2012

Series of indoor playground equipments are in modern design and all in durable material made, can built up in customized / personalized sections, this indoor facility soft play center creates fun and physical activity to any kids, including 339 SQUARE FEET, 861 SQUARE FEET, 1141 SQUARE FEET.
[' more information ']

February special promotion offer - very low price new made machine!
30 Jan, 2012

Innovative and quality made prize and skill test machines, reproduce specially for children, lowest promotion price offer, welcome custom graphics / decals design, including Mini Skill Crane Kid, IQ Test for Kids (6 in 1), Drink Prize Machine, etc......
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2012 Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday Notice!
22 Jan, 2012

We will be closed for Lunar New Year holiday from 20th January to 30th January. We will back to work on 31th January 2012. Wishing you and your family for a happy and prosperous Dragon year!
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Taiwan Prize and Crane Machine promotion offer
03 Jan, 2012

A series high quality metal solid cabinet, 100% Taiwan made prize and crane machines, lowest price for promotion order is effective for 30 days, including 22 inch candy catcher, 22 inch octopus catcher, 25 inch kids crane, 30 inch kids crane ... etc
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NBA pinball machine special offer
14 Dec, 2011

Stern NBA pinball new made machine available for Asian countries customer, special LOWEST promotion price for quantity order - stock for immediate shipment.
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Children Carousels in PROMOTIONAL!
02 Dec, 2011

Carousel design for children by rotating circular platform with three seats setup, they take small floor area, attractive outlook and loving music, suitable for indoor plays. Many models in promotion, including Robot Dogs Carousel, Toy Bricks Cars Carousel ...
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Walking Animals new model available!
29 Nov, 2011

- these walking animal design to carry kids or adults walking around
- it can be setup for Free Play or Coin Operated for business
- every animal include 2 set batteries and 1 set charger
- $100usd discount offer for container base order
- buy 11 get 1 free - order within year 2011 :)
[' more information ']

Blazblue Continuum Shift II ver.1.1 on sale!
24 Nov, 2011

- new Blazblue arcade game just released to the market : BBCS II 1.1
- very limited quantity, stock for immediate shipment
- promotion price : only $1999usd -
[' more information ']

Street Basketball series introduction!
18 Nov, 2011

Street Basketball /
Street Basketball for children /
Street Basketball twin machine with server /
Junior Street Basketball
-- brand new made with attractive low price, stock for immediate shipment --
[' more information ']

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